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  • August 5, 2023 Current Affairs
Which country is the source of the air-launched Spike Non-Line of Sight (NLOS) Anti-Tank Guided Missiles received by the Indian Air Force?
United States
Answer: Option
The Indian Air Force (IAF) has acquired air-launched Israeli Spike Non-Line of Sight (NLOS) Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (ATGM) from Israel. These missiles have the capability to strike targets up to 50 km from a helicopter and 32 km from the ground. These NLOS missiles are planned to be integrated into the fleet of Russian-origin Mi-17V5 helicopters, manufactured by Kazan Helicopters. Notably, the Spike NLOS ATGM utilizes a fire-and-forget system, featuring lock-on before launch and automatic self-guidance functionalities.

What's the primary goal of Kerala's 'Shubhayatra' scheme?
Positive migration facilitation
Boosting tourism
Financial assistance for return emigrants
Education support
Answer: Option
The 'Shubhayatra' scheme aims to support and facilitate positive migration for first-time overseas emigrants from Kerala. 'Shubhayatra' offers a 'foreign employability skilling' soft loan to cover preparatory migration expenses for first-time emigrants from Kerala.

Which of the following countries currently holds a AAA credit rating from S&P Global, Fitch, and Moody’s agencies?
United States
Answer: Option
The three major ratings agencies, S&P Global, Fitch, and Moody’s, use a similar letter-based system to rank credit ratings from AAA to D, with AAA being the highest and D indicating payment defaults. In recent news, Fitch, one of the top-three global ratings agencies, downgraded the United States’ credit rating from AAA to AA+. The nations currently holding the prestigious AAA rating from all three major agencies are Australia, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, and Switzerland.

Which statue holds the title of being the tallest statue in the world as of 2023?
Spring Temple Buddha
Statue of Unity
Laykyun Sekkya
Ushiku Daibutsu
Answer: Option
The Statue of Unity, located in Gujarat, India, is currently the tallest statue in the world, standing at 182 meters (597 feet) in height.

Which of the following is NOT among the recognized communities benefiting from the 'Naya Savera' scheme?
Answer: Option
The 'Naya Savera' scheme, also known as the 'Free Coaching and Allied' scheme, aims to provide specialized coaching to students from recognized minority communities for qualifying exams and competitive recruitment. The 'Naya Savera' scheme supports students from the Sikh, Jain, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, and Parsi minority communities.

Which country is the most populous in the world as of August 2023?
United States
Answer: Option
As of August 2023, India has become the most populous country in the world with a population of 1.42 billion people. India's population exceeds China's population by roughly 30 million, making India the most populous country in the world.

The collaboration between the Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) and the World Bank aims to develop a roadmap for:
Solar power generation in remote areas
Wind energy integration in the power grid
Hydrogen blending in natural gas
Carbon capture and storage technology
Answer: Option
The collaboration aims to develop a roadmap for integrating hydrogen blending in natural gas and establishing the infrastructure for their transmission through gas pipelines. Blended hydrogen can serve as a form of renewable energy storage, allowing for better grid management during peak demand periods.

Who has received a one-year extension as the Cabinet Secretary, becoming the longest-serving cabinet secretary in India's history?
Ajit Kumar Seth
Rajiv Gauba
K. M. Chandrasekhar
Pradeep Kumar Sinha
Answer: Option
Rajiv Gauba has been granted a one-year extension by the Central government, making him the longest-serving cabinet secretary in India's history. Rajiv Gauba's extension has been made possible by relaxing the All India Services (Death-Cum-Retirement Benefits) Rules, 1958, and Rule 56(d) of the Fundamental Rules.

What is the primary concern raised by environmentalists and opposition parties regarding the proposed expansion of Adani's Kattupalli Port?
Lack of economic benefits for the region
Potential impact on soil and water resources
Threat to livelihoods of local fishers and damage to the environment
Excessive cost of the expansion project
Answer: Option
Environmentalists and opposition parties are concerned about the threat to the livelihoods of local fishers and potential damage to the Ennore-Pulicat backwaters and Pulicat Lake due to the port expansion.

Which country's women's compound archery team made history by winning a gold medal at the World Archery Championships 2023 held in Berlin, Germany?
Chinese Taipei
Answer: Option
The Indian women's compound archery team secured a historic gold medal at the World Archery Championships held in Berlin, Germany. The triumphant team consisted of Jyothi Surekha Vennam, Parneet Kaur, and Aditi Gopichand Swami.

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) has postponed the implementation of import restrictions on laptops, tablets, and personal computers in India until which date?
October 15, 2023
November 1, 2023
December 31, 2023
January 15, 2024
Answer: Option
The implementation of import restrictions has been deferred until November 1, 2023. The move aims to promote domestic manufacturing of these products and reduce inbound shipments from countries like China and Korea.

What was the reason for the State Bank of India (SBI) achieving its highest-ever quarterly profit in Q1 2023-24?
Increased digital acquisitions
Strong credit growth in the agricultural sector
Improved asset quality and higher interest income
Successful revival of the IPO plan
Answer: Option
SBI's highest-ever quarterly profit was attributed to improved asset quality and increased interest income. Despite SBI's remarkable results, its shares declined by nearly 3% due to some sequential indicators showing slight deterioration, including margins and net interest income.

Which iconic railway station has been allocated ₹1,813 crore for redevelopment under the Amrit Bharat Scheme?
Surat Station
Chennai Egmore Station
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja Terminus
Ernakulam Station
Answer: Option
Prime Minister Modi is set to virtually launch the redevelopment of 508 railway stations under the Amrit Bharat Scheme. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja Terminus, designated as a UNESCO world heritage site, has been allocated ₹1,813 crore for redevelopment under the scheme.

Which state is known as India's largest state in terms of area?
Madhya Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh
Answer: Option
Rajasthan is the largest state in terms of area (8th in terms of population), covering over 342,239 sq. km. The capital of Rajasthan is Jaipur, also known as the "Pink City." India’s largest state in terms of population is Uttar Pradesh with a population of 199,812,341 (4th in terms of area).

N Vittal, who recently passed away, was known for his contributions in which field?
Information Technology
Answer: Option
N Vittal, a Padma Bhushan awardee and IAS officer was known for his significant contributions to the growth of the information technology sector in India. N Vittal, as the Secretary of the Department of Electronics and Chairman of the Telecom Commission, played a key role in boosting the software industry, establishing software technology parks, and initiating liberalization in the telecom sector, which led to the growth of the information technology sector in India.

What role does the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) play in matters concerning children under the Juvenile Justice Act, 2015?
Enforcing child labour laws.
Handling adoption proceedings.
Conducting criminal investigations.
Promoting awareness about child nutrition.
Answer: Option
The Child Welfare Committee (CWC) addresses issues concerning abandoned, orphaned, voluntarily relinquished, or lost children, and plays a role in their growth, protection, treatment, development, and rehabilitation, including handling adoption proceedings.

What is the primary objective of the Monitoring App for Seamless Inspection (MASI) developed by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR)?
To enhance the communication between Child Care Institutions (CCIs) and the Juvenile Justice Boards (JJBs).
To automate the process of child welfare assessments.
To provide real-time monitoring and inspection of Child Care Institutions (CCIs) as per the Juvenile Justice Act, 2015.
To create a unified platform for communication between State Commissions for Protection of Child Rights (SCPCRs) and Child Welfare Committees (CWCs).
Answer: Option
The MASI application aims to ensure effective and efficient monitoring of Child Care Institutions (CCIs) and their inspection process under the Juvenile Justice Act, of 2015.

Why has the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare prohibited the manufacturing, sale, and distribution of Ketoprofen and Aceclofenac for animal use?
To prevent adverse effects on vultures and other raptor species.
To promote the use of alternative pain relief medications.
To control the production of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
To ensure compliance with the Drugs and Cosmetics Act.
Answer: Option
The ban on Ketoprofen and Aceclofenac for animal use aims to protect vultures and other raptor species from negative health impacts caused by consuming treated carcasses. The prohibition of Ketoprofen and Aceclofenac for animal use is implemented under section 26A of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, following the recommendation of the Drugs Technical Advisory Board (DTAB).

At what age has Alex Hales announced his retirement from international cricket?
Answer: Option
Alex Hales announced his retirement from international cricket at the age of 34. Alex Hales was a key figure in England's T20 World Cup victory in 2022, which is in the Twenty20 International (T20I) format.

Which organization developed the Nag ATGM and the Helina (Dhruvastra) missile?
Indian Army
Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL)
Indian Air Force (IAF)
Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)
Answer: Option
The Nag ATGM and Helina (Dhruvastra) missiles were developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and manufactured by Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL).