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Which IIT institute records initial success by fabricating a rechargeable iron ion battery?

A. IIT Roorkee
B. IIT Madras
C. IIT Kanpur
D. IIT Bhubaneswar

Answer: Option B


For the first time, a team of Researchers led by Ramaprabhu Sundara at Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) Madras has fabricated a rechargeable iron ion battery designed using mild steel as the anode. The rechargeable iron ion battery is cost-effective and it will store a high amount of energy in the battery & also displayed good stability with 54% capacity retention at the end of 50 cycles. Vanadium pentoxide is used as the cathode in Iron ion battery & it was chosen as it has a layered structure with very large spacing between the layers. Lithium ions are the charge carriers in lithium-ion battery, the Fe2+ ions perform that function in the case of iron ion battery. This is a significant achievement because lithium-ion batteries are widely in use as of now. But, the lithium reserves are limited when compared to iron reserves.


Along with which ministry, Ministry of Railways launched Commando for Railway Security (CORAS) of Indian Railways?

A. Ministry of Commerce and Industry
B. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
C. Ministry of Consumer Affairs
D. Ministry of Home Affairs

Answer: Option A


Ministry of Railways and Commerce & Industry launched Commando for Railway Security (CORAS) of Indian Railways. It was launched by Shri Piyush Goyal. He also launched a new establishment manual for Railway Protection Force (RPF). The induction of CORAS was planned in RPF. The Ministry also plans to install a new network of CCTV cameras at every station. It will be set up to enhance the security of Railway passengers.


Where was the World Education Summit (WES) held?

A. Delhi
B. Mumbai
C. Kolkata
D. Banglore

Answer: Option A


Since 2011, World Education Summits have witnessed the confluence of decision makers, influential experts and practitioners linked to education sector from across the world. The summit aims to explore groundbreaking innovations and encourage steps to ensure significant improvements in the global education sector.


__________ and NIT Jalandhar Researchers develop Bone Implant Materials From waste Eggshells.

A. IIT New Delhi
B. IIT Mumbai
C. IIT Chennai
D. IIT Hyderabad

Answer: Option D


Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad and Dr. B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology (NIT) Jalandhar (Punjab) researchers have developed a process by which bone implant materials can be synthesized from eggshells which are dumped as waste. The team synthesized nanopowder, which is a hundred thousand times smaller than the width of a single human hair, from the eggshells, which are made of largely calcium-containing minerals (95.1%) along with small amounts of proteins and water. This will help people, who are affected in using synthetic chemicals as bone replacement materials because of the presence of chemical residues. Plaster of Paris is commonly used by people to heal bone defects but it is highly toxic.


How many BSF Officials Conferred with Medals on 73rd Independence Day?

A. 42
B. 56
C. 38
D. 25

Answer: Option B


The Fifty Six Border Security Force (BSF)officials announced for conferring the Police Medals on the occasion of 73rd Independence Day, 2019. The five of them would confer with Police Medal for Gallantry for Distinguished Service.