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Who is the author of the e-book 'Climate Change Explained - for one and all'?

A. Sumaira Abdulali
B. Kailash Satyarthi
C. Aakash Ranison
D. Disha Ravi

Answer: Option C


The climate activist-author Aakash Ranison, has come out with a new e-book titled "Climate Change Explained - for one and all", on the occasion of Earth Day.


April 23 is dedicated to celebrating which official language recognized by the United Nations?

A. Spanish and Chinese
B. English and French
C. English and Spanish
D. Russian and French

Answer: Option C


The UN English Language Day and UN Spanish Language Day is observed annually on 23 April.


What is the rank of India in the 2021 Global Energy Transition Index (ETI)?

A. 95
B. 87
C. 52
D. 76

Answer: Option B


The India is placed at the 87th position among 115 countries in the 2021 Energy Transition Index (ETI).


What is the name of the latest bat species discovered in India with disk-shaped sticky feet?

A. Eudiscopus denticulus
B. Indian flying fox
C. Andaman horseshoe bat
D. Cave nectar bat

Answer: Option A


A team of scientists have discovered India's first bat species, Eudiscopus denticulus, with disk-shaped sticky feet in Meghalaya.


The World Press Freedom Index is published annually by which organization?

A. Reporters Without Borders
B. Transparency International
C. World Economic Forum
D. Economist Intelligence Unit

Answer: Option A


The index is published every year by the international journalism not-for profit body, "Reporters Without Borders (RSF)", to evaluate the press freedom situation in 180 countries and territories.