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What country has launched a new gold-backed currency called ZiG?
South Africa
Answer: Option
Zimbabwe's introduction of the ZiG currency, backed by gold, reflects efforts to stabilize its economy, particularly addressing the severe devaluation of the Zimbabwean dollar (RTGS). With an annual inflation rate of 55% in March, the country aims to restore confidence in its currency and economic stability under the leadership of Zimbabwe Central Bank Governor John Mushayavanhu.

Who is depicted on the first UK banknotes with his portrait?
King Charles III
Queen Elizabeth II
King George V
King Edward VIII
Answer: Option
King Charles III is the monarch depicted on the new UK banknotes, which will co-circulate with those featuring Queen Elizabeth II's portrait starting from June 5, 2024.

Which country declared a national emergency to combat the Zombie drug crisis?
Sierra Leone
Answer: Option
Sierra Leone declared a national emergency to address the Zombie drug crisis caused by 'Kush,' a narcotic made from human bones, leading to grave robbery and drug-induced fatalities.

In response to the recent terrorist attack in Moscow, which country did India convene with to enhance counter-terrorism cooperation?
United Kingdom
Answer: Option
Following the Moscow attacks, India collaborated with Kazakhstan to strengthen their efforts against terrorism, focusing on regional threats and strategies to combat cross-border terrorist activities.

According to the Hurun Global Unicorn Index 2024, in terms of unicorn creation, which position does India hold globally?
Answer: Option
India ranked third globally in unicorn creation with 67 unicorns, trailing behind the United States with 703 unicorns and China with 340, as per the Hurun Global Unicorn Index. This position reflects India's status in the global startup ecosystem, despite a decline in unicorn creation for the first time since 2017.