Why should I hire you from the outside when I could promote someone from within?

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Andre said:   9 years ago
Inter departmental transfer or promote the existing employee to fill your vacancy is a good idea of which you are providing your existing employee with career development and this closest with your company objectives. Yet, I do believe since you have post this vacancy to be open for the outsiders candidates thus surely I knew that you are looking for a candidate that could bring something new and fresh towards to your company's goal,

You will see that there are some capable candidates that has an outstanding skills to perform the job very excellent thus I am here ready to serve you with my skills and knowledge together to achieve your company's goal and to add different mindset and freshly new plan.

Anju said:   9 years ago
I am a dedicated outstanding performer throughout my career and deliver best result which any Organization want from its employee and if you hire someone from outside Fresh/New ideas, Different working style and experience may results higher productivity in your organization.

Tina said:   9 years ago
Firstly you conduct this interview because you want to hire someone from outside with new ideas not from inside and secondly I have that much of qualities which will be helpful for both of us.

Sudarsan said:   9 years ago
Before answering to this question, I would like you to answer one question. What is the purpose of conducting interview?

Something Hr will reply like to judge your skills.

Ok the same way once you hired me I will come with certain question to the client whom I am working for during the project. Provide client with full satisfaction of work that results in client appreciation for team members, myself and also for company.

MRINMOYEE said:   9 years ago
It's a very valid question. As per me promoting existing staff will help to motivate them. But employees working in the same organization for a long time will monotonous in their approach to think creatively. Hiring from a different organization will help to a fresh and different approach to work. It surely helps by sharing new ideas and methods to work.

Rink said:   9 years ago
Sir, as I think,

Hiring a Fresher is, Hiring a Fresh Idea.

Which is required by the organisation, not may be at every point of time, but, definitely at certain Intervals.

I completely agree the people currently working are much more knowledgeable than the newcomers. But, One thing that I would like to bring to your notice is that the people who use technology the most is the young generation.

So, sir as I belong to them, I know what they want and expect from the upcoming technology, which definitely will be beneficial for the organisation.

Ashok said:   9 years ago
If you want to hire someone from within, then you didn't ask me this question. And I would not present here now to answer this question in front of you.

Vidya said:   9 years ago
The company might be thinking that Old broom knows the corners of the house but the new broom cleans the floor better. I'm sure you are looking for a combination of both and that why I'm getting interviewed today.

Ragesh said:   9 years ago
The fact that I am sitting before you for interview is a clear output of your wise brainstorming & homework done before the decision to recruit someone from outside. I believe that change is necessary & inevitable to stand ahead in the competitive world.

Harry said:   9 years ago
I have what it takes for this position and I have always dreamed of becoming a staff of this company. This I will wait all out move this company forward.

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