Why should I hire you from the outside when I could promote someone from within?

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SHAAM said:   5 months ago
Actually, mam when You are hiring an employee from outside, you are also hiring new talent, new ideas & innovation.

SK TOUHID ALI said:   8 months ago

You are not only hiring an employee from outside, you are also hiring new talent, new ideas & innovation, which can improve companies status & keep it going to the next level.

NAVEEN SHARMA said:   9 months ago
Yes, you can but if you will hire employees from the outside of the organisation then you will get fresh talent and also get hard-working people and also get better skills and your organisation's goal is achieved on time.

Krishan Kumar said:   1 year ago
As new employee comes with lots of potential to do something, eager to express their skills and bring new ideas. While the old one has already showed their talent, you are well familiar with his creativity.

Poustina Manju Margaret said:   3 years ago
Your need is as such that you require someone from outside. If you could promote internally then there was no need for me to be called for an interview.

Moreover, when new people come into the company the energy of the environment turns upwards to be positive and more productive.

Suman Saha said:   3 years ago
Yes, you can promote anybody internally but, if you hire from the outside company will get new people, new people mean a new idea, new talent, new skills. Hiring outside it just like upgrading to new technology.

Also, my qualifications and skills match with your requirement so if you want you can hire me.

Mosin Khan said:   3 years ago
If you wanted to promote someone from inside. I would have not been giving this interview in the first place. There might be two reasons that you want to hire from outside. First: You don't think anyone from inside is capable of this position. Second: You want someone from outside with new ideas, fresh thinking etc.

Rehbar Ahmad Siddiqui said:   4 years ago
In my opinion, I am best suited for this Designation!

Because being simple that every organization is seeking for new ideologies to boost & uplift the organization in the competitive market.

Well, overall its good to hear that in this company employee's performance & promotions opportunity is monitored & evaluated throughly! And I think that's the reason why employees want to retire from this Organization. :-).

Willie said:   4 years ago
If the internal employees are good enough for this position, the company wouldn't be hiring from outside. I am having experience in, I believe I'm entitled to get this opportunity.

Aditya V S said:   4 years ago
Sir, old employees have established their position in organisation with hard work and dedication. But at the same time when you will be recruiting outsider they as a new person will do more hard work and will come with innovative and creative solutions which old employees may not be able to because of there familiarity with established norms and procedures.

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