Rules are Meant to be Broken

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Naveen Reddy said:   9 months ago
Hello Everyone.

Rules and regulations are both sides of the coin.

If a person wants to live in a society peacefully, one should follow the rules and guidelines of our constitution. If there were no rules and regulations in a nation where we could not find security. Caste discrimination is the rule that should be abolished from our constitution.

Nigam Rawal said:   1 year ago
Good evening everyone,

My name is Nigam Rawal, I am very glad to speak on the topic rule are ment to be broken.

Now I would like to open gd.

Without rule life is boring and meaning less.

A person cannot achieve anything in his without rules. So rule are important. If we see a successful man we notice that he followed his own rules. For achieving our goal on time we follow our rules. Rule make a perfect personality. In every part of life rule are important. Some rule are made by government to give good and safe Live to us. Rule made by government in that way it provides stress free Life to all. At last want sum my topic that for living a good life rule are important.

Rupali said:   2 years ago
Hello to each and every who want's a change but not want to be changed.

In my opinion Rules are just a thoughts of that person who were approached to make the rules.

Some people made the rules according to their understanding and knowledge which were may be correct in that time and we are following them blindly without raising any doubt.

Suppose anyone wish to change the rule that women may stay with her parents even after marriage, people will start targeting that person by saying that they do not respect rituals but our society even know why this ritual was started, who made this rule and what was the reason behind making such rule. In name of rules and rituals there was also a rule called 'Sati pratha' to burry a women alive when her husband dies. If this thing can be changed then why not others. Such kind of rules are meant to be broken.

My point is if we can not raise our voice against impartial rules then I thing animals are living a good life then us.

Pheroseight said:   3 years ago
Rules are meant to be broken when needed.

When you can't do anything about a situation and the last option is to break the rules. Depending on the time and situation given. You do the crime you do the time. For example. If you had to come up with the money to save your family and time is not on your side the last thing you can do is to steal for the ones you love then if it saves their life wouldn't anyone risk their life for their family? When I say risk their life I mean freedom. We all know the consequences that follow and we will sacrifice our own self to save those we love especially our children/our loved ones people who mean everything to us. If we had no choice given and we tried our best to get help from everyone to anyone but no one was there to help what else can you/we do?

Now this isn't always the best thing to do in some scenarios but as long as breaking the rules don't involve hurting anyone or taking someone's life away I'm sure that if it saves a life or many lives then yes rules are meant to be broken. I would break it if needed just to save many or even just 1 life because 1 matters.

Anyways RULES should stay the way it is it has worked for so long but there are just some that need to be looked into that may need a little bit of tweaking. The rule-makers knows whats best for the people I'm sure they did not just get to where they are at without the knowledge and experience and I'm sure they also had to live the way others did in order to experience what others are experiencing they can even be beside us and we don't even know it. To know what rules are to be broken you must first experience the reasoning as to why they had to be broken. The reasonings vs the excuses. Which one outweighs is there's a will there's a can. You will do your hardest to succeed in life by obeying rules along the way. Rules are there not to keep us in line but to help us along the way. We have our own will our own rights and the knowledge to know what is wrong or right we also are given the feeling that we have felt in our journey and we know when something seems to be off or wrong like Spiderman we get these senses. A666nd it is up to us to follow it. Our intuition plays a big part you will sense things that makes eye doesn't see this is when your body mind and soul aligns and when it does you just know and feel that you must do what you believe is right even thou you know that it may break some rules but you just know that you need to it because you can see it by the experience you have encountered and the knowledge you have learned from it. And when you feel that something just isn't right or you just feel that it's needed you go with your feeling and what you believe. And because you believe you need to see for yourself that what you feel is right so you go blindness into the unknown and you hope that you are right and if you arnt well atleast you went with what you believe in and now you know. Atleast it was your own choice. So let me ask now thesame questions are rules meant to be broken? Yes they are but that's the test of life the questions we should ask is. What are you willing to sacrifice? Your freedom? Or the freedom of others? If you can make a difference and if you had to endure all the pain and suffering to change something wouldn't you sacrifice yourself if it helps all of us? If it can make a difference?

Sanvi chopra said:   3 years ago
Good evening to everyone.

Today our topic is "Rules are meant to be broken".

Let's begin with our topic.

As my opinion rules are for everyone and everyone should follow them. There are many rules that are made by governments but for our safety. There are some rules that are necessary for us like traffic signals, children can't give a vote until they are 18, and many more. There is a rule for a short time period to wear mask, social distances etc. And we should follow them. It's our safety.

Rakesh said:   3 years ago
Good evening to all.

I am glad to take the opportunity to talk in this topic.

So, first of all, rules mean the obeying discipline mode of our life that some created by us and some crated by the government so rule makes us more comfortable and a simple leading of life as the example is that he rule of traffic and in COVID 19 rule of sanitisation social distancing mask-wearing that crated by govt to feels us more protected but if we are moving against the rules that means we get short term satisfaction and relaxation but we don't know that how if provide an impact on other people so the rule doesn't mean to broken but sometimes our corruption feels us that our govt breaking the rule against the law so rules is everything physically and mentally.

Piyush said:   3 years ago
Good Evening,

In my opinion, the statement Rules are meant to be broken is partially correct. It depends upon the rules which are to be broken or not, for example, there are some traffic rules which are not meant to be broken and we should follow them properly, also there are some laws which were set by Britishers in India, but they harass some our peoples in many ways, that's why many Nationalists and Freedom Fighters gave up their life fighting the Britisher for our freedom and by breaking the laws. So it depends upon the Rules which affect the majority of the people. Rules are set by the government which are always in favour of the masses and when the masses do not agree with the rules or want some changes in it, they broke the rules. In football, you break the rules of the game you are out of the game.

So yes, Rules are meant to be broken but not always.

Thank you.

Navya said:   4 years ago
There are two sides for every coin. As the statement says 'rules are meant to be broken'.

It is not always the same scenario, we must act based upon the situation. If you always obey the rules and follow them blindly you will never be able to achieve your passion or dreams. If everyone follows the same rulers, everyone will land to the same destination.

It is only when you break the rules and come out of your comfort zone, work hard you'll be able to experience the taste of success.

Similarily in certain cases, it is imperative to follow the rules and act accordingly because we the people of India live in a democratic country that doesn't mean we can do whatever we want to.

Anjani said:   4 years ago
According to me "Rules are meant to follow and they can also be broken". For example, if we are not following the rule on-road then there is a chance for an accident. And nowadays due COVID 19, we should follow the rules given by the government like wearing a mask and sanitizing our hands or we are going to be affected by a coronavirus. Another example if we are no breaking the rules then we must be in ancient time. Were we use stones to produce fire but now we are using matchbox, litre etc. The is someone who broken the rules and found this latest technology.

Conclusion: I say that rules are there to follow as well as they are there to broken.

Rohan said:   4 years ago
According to me, Rules is like to habitual discipline to obey and follows the regulations with terms ad conditions. Rules are not for broken because every bad thing is punishable and harmful for others as well as society. Example of Dubai and gulf countries rules are stringent for any crime, so that's why those counties crime rates are reduced or equal to none & government stringent this little crime and people haven't any brave to do this crime and society is safe to follow this rules. If there are no rules in the world then every country, a person broke the rules and attack to others and graveyard. Lord Ram is a very nice attribute to peoples to follow the rules. Rules are made to keep silence and ecosystem are safe.

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