Rules are Meant to be Broken

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Samra Qureshi said:   3 years ago

My name is Samra Qureshi, I am really glad to speak on the topic-Rules are meant to be broken.

First and the foremost thing is thank-you for giving me the opportunity to speak and now lets get started.

Rules are the guidelines provided to individuals to follow for a better and peaceful living. Often people concluded the following rules as restriction and feel prisoned.

As per my opinion, the application of rules depends upon the circumstances and situation.

Killing someone is not accepted against the living while killing someone on borders is accepted.

I also believe that some rule-breaking in the daily schedule gives us the opportunity to learn and explore around.

EXAMPLE- I would like to share a very common example with you. A man goes to the gym for weight-loss, his instructor asks him to follow and adhere to the planned diet. Albeit he want to lose his pounds but can't go on days without deserts or pizza, In that a small cheat day is made for him so that he can enjoy exercising along with his regime. I shared this example just to tell you about how sometimes breaking a small rule gives us gratification.

I would like to share the example of the current ongoing situation around the world- COVID-19 virus.

The government is asking the citizens to remain quarantined if they have any travel history and also asking people to remain inside their dwellings until the curfew is closed.

This is the road that is beneficial for human health. As the virus is spread through contact, physical distancing is the only way to contain its spread.

Respected Prime Minister SHREE NARENDRA MODI appealing the citizens to follow the rules and guidelines to avoid the epidemic. He is asking citizens to contain accumulation to avoid spread and further deaths. This is a great example of following the rule for the welfare of society.

Along with it, I would like to ask you all a question. The breaking of rule for the wrong reason albeit giving pleasure should be allowed?

Of course not, we cannot do anything wrong just for gratification.

I would end the topic concluding that rules are great to make and follow as it helps in bringing discipline, peace, distinction, gratification in once's life, and someone breaking it if it brings peace without knowing it won't hurt others and you can explore more.

Thank you all for patiently listening to me.

Himika said:   3 years ago
Rules are meant to be broken.

In my opinion, rules which are oppressive or are against the goodness of society overall should be broken.

Rules are made to bring order in society, however, these rules are decided by mankind which means that they can always be wrong.

If rules are not broken people will never know what is beyond the limit.

Rules NEED To be broken to find new methods and creative solutions. Dreams only come true when we believe that our imagination can be something real and that is more than often against the rules.

However in more practical situations like criminal activity, if rules are broken it is incorrect.

Conclusion: the statement is not universally correct. It adversely depends on the situation.

Sangeet said:   4 years ago
I think rules shouldn't be broken because if we disobey or broke any rule, then we are in habit of disobeying again and again.

Take an example of sports like cricket, football etc. These games are possible because of rules. In cricket, there is a rule not to ball after a fixed line. If we broke this rule, then think what is fun of playing these games.

So, I respect rules and regulations.

Harish Karanam said:   4 years ago
Rules are Meant to be Broken!.

In my Opinion, the application of rule depends on the circumstances and Situations. Because killing of a person in society is Against to the rule of Living, whereas killing a person at Boarder or in the forest by our commandos or by the militants is well accepted.

In my opinion, there are no universal rules which are applicable to each and every situation. That's is the reason it is well said in the constitution courts to give a sense of the rule. The rule has to be modified to the Situation if it is giving adverse results for the prosperity of society then the rule has to be broken as per the constitution, not whomsoever wants to broke the law.

The thinking capacity and application our mind to a particular situation makes us different from the animals living in the forest.

I can tell one thing before doing anything apply our mind and common sense.

Thank You.

Leonard said:   4 years ago
No rules should not be broken. There is a certain Reason for each rule was created.

In other words, we can say that there are two kinds of people.

1. Would obey when the instruction is given.
2. They would physically get affected and then realize later.

For example:

Our childhood days our mom would have told not to go near candle but we would always be attracted by them and then we would get wounded in our hands.

In the young stage, government or police would ask us to wear helmets but we would think it's difficult to put on in sunny days and we would not use them.

But soon we would met with an accident then only we realize our mistake.

So there is a certain reason why rules are created especially when elder people advise us we should think and obey them. Because if they say there might be a reason for all the rules and regulations to be followed so if we broke our rules we would break our life timeline.

Pavan kumar bobbadi said:   4 years ago
Rules are to be followed only when you know the reason. And the reason should be perfect. Making no injustice to anyone.

If the rule is not correct then we have the damn power to violate it. No compromise at all.

Pujitha said:   4 years ago
Rules are meant to be broken' if this is true then no man on the Earth would be alive today. Just imagine for a minute that there are no rules and regulations in this world. Rivalry countries would have destroyed each other using their nuclear weapons. Druggist supplying drugs through country boundaries. People harming, killing and robbing each other according to their needs and moods. This is just a glimpse of the situation. When it will happen no one will remain alive to discuss on that issue. A world without rules is like a graveyard. We are living in a modern era where we have technologies to make our life easier, we have mobiles, trains, aeroplanes to cover thousands of miles in a very short time. These all are gifts of a systematic society embraced with rules and regulations. Talking about the situation of our country, girls are raped and people are murdered in day light and it is happening when we have a proper system of rules and laws. Imagine what would happen if no rules are there. Everything will be in chaos. And again with these modern technologies, humans have created enough weapons to destroy itself completely. So, the rules are becoming more and more important for our lives. These are the rules which are actually helping us in sustaining human existence on Earth.

Sandhya jha said:   4 years ago
Hi all.

This is Sandhya Jha.

I totally disagree to this point, because I personally feel that we must follow every rule because rule is made should be followed not broken, but sometimes I think rule should broken also, because I have seen especially in cast of Muslims they haven't idea what should do because, for them it's prohibited no one give a company of Muslims, only they think that it's not my culture and rule also, but I think those work for me to bad so I think it's must be broken of everybody, that's why friend it's my personal perception, thanks.

Sivani said:   5 years ago
Rules are meant to be broken.

The above statement can't apply to every rule. Let me discuss an example here. Courts enforce rules upon people for reducing crime and evil I'm the society. Without rules, ethics and morals, where would our society be turning into ? In this case, rules play a major role. On the other hand, there are few rules that we are following till date that need to be crossed. We used to have a rule that justified child marriage, if the same convention is being followed now, there's nothing wrong in crossing it. Children are meant t grow and develop into a brighter citizens by not being tied to marriages.

Hence, I conclude saying that, rules can be best as per the generation and their adaptability.

Hawale kishor said:   5 years ago
No, I don't think so because rules makes our life easy.

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