Rules are Meant to be Broken

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HARJEET SINGH THAKUR said:   1 decade ago
I would like to introduce myself as harjeet singh and my brief views about the topic is given below:-.

Rule is necessary in every field of life. It is made to fallow not to break. Not even a single organization can work proparlly without rule and regulation. Let us take few eg of some field.

1. Army-if soldier not fallow rule and regulation then how will they fight to gather in a war.

2. School-if student not fallow rule & do activities like making noise in class room, flee from during exm, stand against teacher. Then how it will possible to make them a good citizen of a country.

3. Sports-if a sports man don't fallow the rule then how it will possible to play a good game.

4. A general eg you went to a govt office for making your domicile certificate, you stood at no 10 then certainly some boys come and stood up at first position one after another. Then what will rest of do?

These are the very few eg that I explained here. But all these thing matter in our life more then enough. Rule are made for maintaining law and order in a vill. , town, city, state, country, world and any organisation.

Rule give peace full life to each and every indivisual. And doing best by fallowing the set of rule is a matter of diginity and proud. Lastly I want to say that "rule are meant to fallow not to break".


Sheru said:   1 decade ago
Its a good thing to follow the rules. Going by the book creates discipline and prevents chaos in the society. But sometime there are certain circumstances where its not wrong to break the rule. Take for example, a person is heavily injured in an accident, its mandatory to lodge an FIR before doctor can proceed. Now here is a case where time is very important. This patient can die in absence f instant medical attention. Doctor can work on his own discretion by breaking the rules by starting the medication first and legal procedure later. Another case, your traffic rule asks you to keep your vehicle speed within 55km/hour. Your house is on fire and your only kid is trapped in it.

You need to get there as soon as possible. You might just ignore the red signal and cross the speed limit. If you can save your child this will be a decision you won't regret for rest of your life. These examples though very specific in nature reveals one very important point unexpected circumstances demand unexpected actions.

Now some people find it fashionable and very cool to break the rules. They believe that as James Bond has "licence to kill" they have "licence to break the rule". They might be doing to this to look different from ordinary people. But they don't realize that they are disrupting the balance of the system and sooner or later the system is going to punish them.

Another case which needs working beyond boundaries is when we are developing new projects, new ideas. Sometimes innovation demands breaking the rules then only we can explore the unexplored territories. In that case again breaking rule is not bad. So whenever we are going to break a rule there should be a well justified reason and not any nonsensical excuse.

Sachin angel choudhary ,meerut said:   1 decade ago
Just like a coin is having two sides same rules are having two sides.

According to my point of views.

1. It helps in attaining success.

2. It helps in achieving your target or goal in a proper manner.

3. Rules help in going right direction because they are meant for providing right direction.

FOR EXAMPLE: SCHOOL -taking permission for going outside class, come on time in class.

So rules are meant to follows not too broken.

But on the second side sometimes if you are getting benefited with broken rules then you should break the rules.

FOR EXAMPLES: TRAFFIC SIGNALS-if you are in emergency then you should break the rules rather stick with rules blindly because you are going to save the life of someone.

So my conclusion is like that.

Rules should be broken for the creation of new rules like SATI DAHA which was for hindu but now replaced THE RULE.

Suraj rizal said:   10 years ago
Rules are meant to be broken right :- this thinking has lead our country in such a adverse condition that we are lacking behind from the country like china. Does anyone has ever wonder the populous country like china has developed in a pace of rabbit. Just go a couple of decades before and compare India with china they were almost stand equal. But could you just imagine where the India is and china is at this moment. We all know the cause of it right we call it corruption. Have you ever tried to inculcate why is this corruption, yeah its the thought of Indian that rule are meant to be broken, here the one who create the rule brakes the rule. Rules binds you to a certain area you cannot exceed that constrain. Rules inculcate discipline, punctuality and sense of responsibilities in you. Which ultimately makes you perfect and keeps dignity of country. Country will prosper if and only if the inhabitants bind himself and work with integrity. If we won't follow the rules and there would not be any penalties, just imagine what will be the situation. Just relate it to daily life if there would not be the norms and regulation do you ever think any girls could ever walk safely to the road. Even though there is rules and penalties then also there is not even a single day you won't find the report of molest and rapes. Now you could just examine if there would not be any rules than what could be the world as a whole.

But still talking about rules yeah I am completely concur that to make your life joyful its necessary to break the rules but those breaking rules should not harm any body feeling or relationship. Breaking rules for fun can be consider till it won't do great impact or effect someone severely. And also there are some rules which can be broken under some circumstances like if someone met with severe accident and he has to admit in the ICU then I think first comes life then rules. So at that situation we need to break rules.

So ultimately my conclusion is that break rules and decorum but not at the cost of life, relationship, feeling and dignity.

Shruti said:   9 years ago
Hey friends,

Lot of discussions are going on this topic 'Rules are meant to be broken'. It may be true may not be true. However, I feel that rues are meant to be broken but we need to specify which rules. All rules need not be broken, if some are oppressive then there are as some rules which are made for the betterment of the society.

Just imagine, what would have happened, if there were no rules to elect government, no traffic rules. Any one can do anything, ride anywhere, go anywhere. Ya it sounds good for sometime thinking 'aapni marzi ke malik' (to be the master's of ones own will) but what next, in long-run, it will become a torturous, no one there to guide. Life will be like a boat without a boatman.

On the other hand, there are some rules which should be broken example dowry, child-marriage and many more. Conclusively, I would like to say rules are not meant to be broken but yes they need to be changed with time, situation and fashion.

Abhishek arya said:   9 years ago
Yes. Rules are made to be broken. First we have to know that rules are made for us. If we are not feeling comfortable in that rule we can break it. One example is that before freedom British government has made some rules also. If we always used to follow those rules, then we can't think about the freedom that we got in 1947.

Our freedom fighter had broken those rules and that is why we are living in freedom. Like salt law was broken by Mahatma Gandhi like that we have so many examples. So we have to determine which rule is beneficial for us.

Ashish said:   8 years ago
I think its wrong that Rules are meant to be broken. All of us are living in a civilized society and are bound to follow rules from every minute activity, from the day we are born. While we were kids, we used to follow rules of our parents are being educated to follow rules. Rules of a nation, any sports we play, society we live in.

If we don't follow the rules, we are no way different to the animals. The impact of not following rules is obvious. If we don't follow the rules of a country or nation, we will be put behind the bars or would be fined.

Apart from this, it results in instability in the society and the results could be devastating. Suppose a person does not obey a traffic rule when the signal is red and keeps on moving, it could end up in an accident thereby resulting in loss of human life, property, etc.

We kept on cutting trees relentlessly for decades against the rules of nature and now the results are before everyone. Rising Global Warming, Polluted air above inhaling level, polluted water, etc.

Being in a rule means keeping our society in balance thereby maintain equilibrium. So, I am in view of Rules are not meant to be broken and everyone should abide by the rules set up.

Pujitha said:   5 years ago
Rules are meant to be broken' if this is true then no man on the Earth would be alive today. Just imagine for a minute that there are no rules and regulations in this world. Rivalry countries would have destroyed each other using their nuclear weapons. Druggist supplying drugs through country boundaries. People harming, killing and robbing each other according to their needs and moods. This is just a glimpse of the situation. When it will happen no one will remain alive to discuss on that issue. A world without rules is like a graveyard. We are living in a modern era where we have technologies to make our life easier, we have mobiles, trains, aeroplanes to cover thousands of miles in a very short time. These all are gifts of a systematic society embraced with rules and regulations. Talking about the situation of our country, girls are raped and people are murdered in day light and it is happening when we have a proper system of rules and laws. Imagine what would happen if no rules are there. Everything will be in chaos. And again with these modern technologies, humans have created enough weapons to destroy itself completely. So, the rules are becoming more and more important for our lives. These are the rules which are actually helping us in sustaining human existence on Earth.

Sheets kumar said:   1 decade ago
Well friends, according to me rules are made to follow, everywhere in the world we see a number of organizations performing successfully their duty because of rules and regulations. If there will be no rules in each sector of life it will be scattering.

Friends rules are made only to functioning any organization and any nation smoothly, not to hurting their people. As number of friends told mostly about traffic rules but I think, these rules are for our safety, if we don't follow them there could be mishap.

Rule should be apply in every field for its smoothly function, if there will be no rule in the college or school, it would be like a market where anyone can come at any time, which will be disturbing for both who are in time or who is late.

I also agree with the point that rules should be broken. Where it is necessary such as carrying any patients in vehicle, there should be not care of rules.

After All I would like to say that rules are a vital part of life in each sector such as sports, job, profession, and in daily family routine also. If anyone looks any change in the rule it should not be broken by individual but should be suggested with higher authority to reform it.

Raj A said:   1 decade ago
See basically we need to understand why there are rules. We have studied and we know that there were rules from long past. Why do people find it necessary to apply rules. The answer is to make our lives easier. Rules are just the guidelines to follow.

We must follow rules. Whenever any new rule is made or prepared, people think over it multiple times. They knew the consequences of not following any particular thing, or they do it because they don't want people to suffer from anything they knew that it will happen if we don't follow it.

So we all must follow rules. Accidents occur either because of not following rules or because of negligence of a person. So, we must keep in back of our mind that, this is for us only. We must respect it and follow it rather than waiting for someone else to do it. We should take initiative and carry things.

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