Rules are Meant to be Broken

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Vishwanath said:   1 decade ago
Hi every one. "rules are meant to be broken". First we should get to why rules have been made. And for whom these rules are. If being a responsible citizen, if you think a particular rule is not good for the welfare of the society or for the nation, don't hesitate to break it. But just thank once before breaking any rule, as they are set by some high authority who may be set these rule for a good purpose.

Ritesh Pratap Singh said:   1 decade ago
If there are no rules how can they be broken but if there are rules how can you stick to them?some rules are meant to be broken just for the sake that we need a little flare in our life. Also if police are to to good and the government why are they letting people in lebonon Die! it is likethey want them to just so they can chase a baddie or investigate!

But back on subjects rules: live by them break them just whatever you do think before you do Anything!

Audun said:   1 decade ago
Rules are made to be broken. Rules are made to keep people in place. Rules are made by one man. One man have made these rules. It's wrong. The only rules that should exist is the difference between Right and Wrong. After that, nothing.

Aisha said:   1 decade ago
After reading all of yur comets, this is what i think. Most rules should be followed. E.G school uniforms prevent grouping all the people who can/can't afford the big brands. Traffic lights prevents people getting in accidents. Laws prevent people from doing the wrong thing, and more.

But if the rule needs to be broken for a good reason, it should.

Kunal sarkar said:   1 decade ago
I also believe it that rules are meant to be broken. Because in the all sector when any rule is made, then after some day that rules are broken by anyone, thats why new rules are come alternatr of previous rule, so if any rules is harmful of our human society then we should break the rule and we have to prove that rule is not good of us, and that will be the reason of bring a new alternating modifying rule, which will help our human societry.

Deep said:   1 decade ago
Yes rules which have no foundation are meant to be broken, but not all rules like breaking single on road. Drunk and drive. Etc, rules are meant to bring discipline but when a rules overrides peoples life then its better to break that, . When old rules are broken then only we can find new rules which brings discipline and happiness.

HARJEET SINGH THAKUR said:   1 decade ago
I would like to introduce myself as harjeet singh and my brief views about the topic is given below:-.

Rule is necessary in every field of life. It is made to fallow not to break. Not even a single organization can work proparlly without rule and regulation. Let us take few eg of some field.

1. Army-if soldier not fallow rule and regulation then how will they fight to gather in a war.

2. School-if student not fallow rule & do activities like making noise in class room, flee from during exm, stand against teacher. Then how it will possible to make them a good citizen of a country.

3. Sports-if a sports man don't fallow the rule then how it will possible to play a good game.

4. A general eg you went to a govt office for making your domicile certificate, you stood at no 10 then certainly some boys come and stood up at first position one after another. Then what will rest of do?

These are the very few eg that I explained here. But all these thing matter in our life more then enough. Rule are made for maintaining law and order in a vill. , town, city, state, country, world and any organisation.

Rule give peace full life to each and every indivisual. And doing best by fallowing the set of rule is a matter of diginity and proud. Lastly I want to say that "rule are meant to fallow not to break".


Monisha said:   1 decade ago
Rules are created to be followed. Everyone should follow the rules and regulation strictly. If the proper laws are followed than every thing will be in the well format way automatically. If you do anything against the rules, then you can also get punished. For eg, think, students who are paying fees manually, if they all directly rushes to the counter then they will get more time, and the one who has came first to pay fees might be at the end and the last one pushes and pay it first, this will be a wrong way and it will injustice for the one who came first so guys whats the big deal following the rules and maintain peace in the society.

Nikki said:   1 decade ago
Just like a coin having two sides the rules also having two sides.For attaining success in any field the rules play a key role. for proper arrangment ,discipline rules and regulation are necessary.No doubt rules make our life on the rules must be followed up by everyone to be regular one.But some rules which are of no meaning should be broken because until the old one rule broken up by us the new one will not be created .So the rules having no importance must be broken for the new one .

Mrinmoy Dutta said:   1 decade ago
Hellow my friends.

Well,I strongly believe that Rules are nothing but the systems related to our convenience. Every rule must have a valid reason or reasons behind it to follow. For instance, if an ambulance carrying a serious patient who needs immediate treatment, stops in a traffic point due to red signal, he could have died. So, there is no doubt that the traffic rule should be broken. According to me, in some situations some rules are meant to be broken, better than stick with it blindly. Because sometimes it can bring some good changes.

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