Rules are Meant to be Broken

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Aisha said:   1 decade ago
After reading all of yur comets, this is what i think. Most rules should be followed. E.G school uniforms prevent grouping all the people who can/can't afford the big brands. Traffic lights prevents people getting in accidents. Laws prevent people from doing the wrong thing, and more.

But if the rule needs to be broken for a good reason, it should.

Audun said:   1 decade ago
Rules are made to be broken. Rules are made to keep people in place. Rules are made by one man. One man have made these rules. It's wrong. The only rules that should exist is the difference between Right and Wrong. After that, nothing.

Ritesh Pratap Singh said:   1 decade ago
If there are no rules how can they be broken but if there are rules how can you stick to them?some rules are meant to be broken just for the sake that we need a little flare in our life. Also if police are to to good and the government why are they letting people in lebonon Die! it is likethey want them to just so they can chase a baddie or investigate!

But back on subjects rules: live by them break them just whatever you do think before you do Anything!

Vishwanath said:   1 decade ago
Hi every one. "rules are meant to be broken". First we should get to why rules have been made. And for whom these rules are. If being a responsible citizen, if you think a particular rule is not good for the welfare of the society or for the nation, don't hesitate to break it. But just thank once before breaking any rule, as they are set by some high authority who may be set these rule for a good purpose.

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