Is the Consumer really the King in India?

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Ankita said:   9 months ago
Yes, consumer is a king of market because without consumer no one buy the products manufacture by the producers.

Tanushka said:   2 years ago
Yes, according to me, the customer is the only who ruled over all market he/she is the real king because every producer or seller try to fulfil the demands of customer and also if we think we only satisfy the demand of whom the person who ruled over the market so same concept related to marketing.

Then, the customer is the other one who ruled over the market '.

Kamal kishor said:   2 years ago
No, the customer is not the king of the market because they are trapped by market tactics to purchase the items. We can take the example of the movie Rocket Singh, that a computer total manufacture cost is Rs. 22000, But they sell to RS 40000.

So they loot the only customer. By showing ads that we give 50%discount on that product is just their market tactics to trap customers. The big company makes huge profit by market tactics and fool the customer.

Venkat said:   3 years ago
Hello friends.

In my opinion, the customer is the king because every product or service is innovated is completely based on customer needs. If a customer is not satisfied then the product or service will be shut down or out of the market. Even we do market research to know the customer requirement and promotional activities are also for grabbing the customer's attention. For eg the success of Patanjali as it grabbed the customers attention by knowing their requirement i.e., organic products and lower prices compared to other brands.

Jayant said:   3 years ago
Consumer is King, but not the only King. Once there was time in ancient India when relationship between consumer and merchant or manufacturer was that of family member. Since time, trade, techniques and sociological concept and tradition changed, now manufacturer mainly looks for profit. They get survey made by professional consultants to know the mood, purchasing pattern and psychology of consumers' mind. Then go for manufacturing the goods. Till this consumer is King. But real need of consumer is totally ignored. The age of mass scale production has changed the position of Consumer from that of King to Slave. Now, goods are manufactured in bulk and in advance and then strategies are made out how to sale it ? What misleading advertisement should be prepared and who can be pout as a role model to project such advertisement. I see that in market, consumer is ignored and cheated by manufacturer in terms of quality, price and endurance of goods. Why this is ?Because on one hand there is professional association, federation or confederation of traders, merchant and on other, consumer is alone, unorganized and even government listen less from consumer and more from such organised federation of traders/manufacturers such as ASCHOM, FICCI, Chamber of Commerce etc.

Conclusion : Consumer was King pin in Economy but Today he is not only King pin in Economy.

Kashish Gupta said:   3 years ago
Yes, customer is the king not only in India but across the whole world. A customer is the one who hold the hand of a businessman towards the sky limit without a customer niether company can survive nor the economy. But there are also other facts that my fellow members also discussed about the different products that are being produced by the company not only on the basis of Customer but also on the basis of other factors like in an oil and natural gas companies they not only focus on the customer but also on the factors of environment.

Manisha said:   3 years ago
Most of the products are manufactured by keeping in mind the requirements of people living in India i.e. the demand of consumers. So yes we can say that comsumers are the real king in India.

Verchas said:   4 years ago
In my opinion, yes customer is the real king of the market. Because for any startup one should focus on the customer need because it is a customer who will convert the business into a brand. If any businessman just focus on the money rather than the quality of products, his business will definately face downfall. We can't take the customer as a granted, because they are the one who raises the business by using their goods. There are a lot of examples like Amazon Flipkart Maruti Suzuki they all focus on the customer needs and they get success. There are some sectors like the food sector in which businessman can make fool of the customer because in this industry customer just focus on the taste rather than its quality.

Conclusion: Customer is the one who can rise the business as well as fall the business, So the customers are the real king of the market.

Sudhanshu said:   4 years ago

Yes, the consumer is really the king in India because the whole market and businessman depend only on consumers. If consumers are buying their products they get profit more and more then they produce more and more product as consumer demand but if the consumer does not buy their product then how they get profit and their product value come down.

So, according to my opinion consumer is really the king in the market.

Chigumalla balaji said:   4 years ago
Yes, consumer is king because he full fill his needs by buying products which give a brand to the company that their product is started to sell ad they continue to produce more and more goods they think they are going to get much profit only if the customers are many then only there products value will increase when no one buys the product then it starts becoming loss then there will be no value for the product whose value has come down.

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