Is the Consumer really the King in India?

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Pallavi Rajput said:   4 years ago
Yes, Consumer is really the king in India. Companies make the product for the customer. Without the consumer, there is no existence of the product. The consumer has the power to move the product in grow phase or diminish phase. In India, people are price sensitive. The product life cycle is based on consumer's outlook because the consumer has many alternatives in the market they can choose one of them according to their prospective. At the moment of buying a product, consumer behaves very judgmental, aware and as a very sensitive person. Product branding also affects the buying decision of the consumer.

PRASANNA M said:   5 years ago
Yes, the consumer is a king of all business without consumer products can't be sold and business organization cannot survive.

Akshay shelke said:   5 years ago
Yes, I do believe that the consumer is the king or we can say that he is the most important factor in this business; Great marketing, communication, and service will increase the growth of the product.

If any firm or company fulfils the requirement of the consumer then he will surely go for that product again and again.

In the end, its all about the consumers!

Naveena D said:   5 years ago
Good Morning Friends,

According to me, Obviously Consumers are backbone of the economic development. Only if they buy the products, the economic growth will be increased. So they are helpful for economic growth. So it necessary to develop our country.

Thank You.

VIPUL said:   5 years ago
Yes, the consumer is the king in India because every businessman tries to satisfy the customer and fulfil their need & demand. The whole market depends upon the customer. The market grows by the customer. Every businessman should analyse the customer wants and need of which product, the successful businessman has the experience and they knew about the customer. i.e customer is the king of the market.

So, the Consumer really the King in India.

Rakesh Doley said:   6 years ago
Hellow everyone,

Yes, the consumer is really the king in India. Not only in India but also in lots of country consumer is the king. As we know that consumer is the king in a market since they can evaluate the product and they make a company brand. Ultimately the king consumer is the chooser of the brand.

And we everyone knows that our country has 1.3 billion people most of them are totally consumer than a producer. And our country is definitely a consumer country then a producer country. Which is the main problem of our country. We Indian think that we will become a BISWAGURU, but I am telling that by a consuming nation other than a producer, exporter we will not be able to become a BISWAGURU. We must have to change this trend.

We have to change from a consumer nation to a producer nation like China. China is also a great consumer nation but as well as they are a great producer too, due to which they are becoming a 2nd largest economy in the world.

Thank you.

Akansha Nigam said:   6 years ago
Hello Friends,

I believe that Consumers are really the king not only to India also to the whole world business. They give a value to the product and it becomes brand which increases the profit for Industries. Customer satisfaction is very important to grow a business. We can't take the customer for granted because they played a very important role. It's consumers who actually use the product. It gives the market value if the customer is using the same product again. To increase the brand value it's very important to satisfy the customers.

A businessman has to think about the customer if he is really interested to grow his business. We have alot of examples, Like Reliance Jio, IPhone, Google, Amazon, Flipkart. They know the importance of the customers need and what customers demand in that product hence they are the impeccable name in customers minds.

Thanks and Regards.

Rajat said:   6 years ago
I think it depends on the type of market or product(asset), like in case of market-related to technical things like mobiles, electronic gadgets, vehicles ..consumer could be the Kings cause there are many options in the same range of price with different specifications or needs. Contrast to this in case of the market like food industry the company or shops can easily fool the customers with the help of many adulteration options or using different chemicals to fulfill the needs. Of course, the consumer can demand the taste but if it is not sure the product is good for health or not, then how could we say the consumer is the king here.
Also, I completely agree the fact that the Consumer is the central point or is at the highest priority but companies can play themselves to plan/ correlate with each other to get profit for both of them y keeping the customer at equal priority.

Bhagirath said:   6 years ago
Hello Friends, according to my opinion consumer are always king in the market each and every organisation work on its customers value and preference. Just think about if the particular company not provide proper product to customer they can stop to buy that company product again. So as result company cannot able to generate profit.

Even any businessman want to start the business he or she taking a first step is survey about actual customer need and want in the market. So they get an idea which type of product he or she have to provide in the market.

If company want to generate more profit it would be possible only when company maintain good customer relationship management by providing satisfactory of product to its customer.

So customer are the king in the market for any organisation without customer satisfaction there is a no business survive in the market. .

ASP said:   6 years ago
A customer is not king. He/She is on highest priority but not king. Because then there are many kings and when they fight each other, the company gets destroyed. So treat each customer with equal priority. Don't make one customer king.

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