Is the Consumer really the King in India?

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Sangeeta said:   7 years ago
Hi. My name is Sangeeta.

In my opinion, Consumer is the real king of the Indian market. As today, if any product is produced by a company the sole purpose of the company, is that is must be useful to the consumer otherwise it is of no use and hence there will be no significance of the product.

Also today consumers have also become much aware of their needs that what they should buy or not. So due to this, the manufacturers have also become more conscious as now they can not make fool of the customers. Also, companies need to take care of a complete package before serving any product to a consumer i.e. about its quality its cost its duration etc. Because they know that today consumers have a lot of alternatives with them so to attract a customer is not an easy task these days.

Also, these days consumers or customers are given much importance. In fact in some companies the employees are made to think the customers as their boss because at the end if they are satisfied with the product then only they are going to pay to the company from where the company will b e able to pay to its employees.

Also these days every company conducts a survey. That survey is conducted just to know that whether a customer is satisfied or not, or what kind of improvements are required in the product to make it the best suitable for the customer.

So we can see that it is the interest of the customer, its needs which are taken care by a company.

Jayant said:   4 years ago
Consumer is King, but not the only King. Once there was time in ancient India when relationship between consumer and merchant or manufacturer was that of family member. Since time, trade, techniques and sociological concept and tradition changed, now manufacturer mainly looks for profit. They get survey made by professional consultants to know the mood, purchasing pattern and psychology of consumers' mind. Then go for manufacturing the goods. Till this consumer is King. But real need of consumer is totally ignored. The age of mass scale production has changed the position of Consumer from that of King to Slave. Now, goods are manufactured in bulk and in advance and then strategies are made out how to sale it ? What misleading advertisement should be prepared and who can be pout as a role model to project such advertisement. I see that in market, consumer is ignored and cheated by manufacturer in terms of quality, price and endurance of goods. Why this is ?Because on one hand there is professional association, federation or confederation of traders, merchant and on other, consumer is alone, unorganized and even government listen less from consumer and more from such organised federation of traders/manufacturers such as ASCHOM, FICCI, Chamber of Commerce etc.

Conclusion : Consumer was King pin in Economy but Today he is not only King pin in Economy.

Yash said:   8 years ago
Hello all,

I am Yash. India, country having world's second largest population. Hence it is very logical to say that targeted market my companies will also be large. And we also know that there are many companies in a same genre to cater to such a huge population. With many companies to choose from market becomes the decision maker in terms of price. Hence we all can agree to a point that consumer has a significant role in deciding price levels.

I would like to state a recent example of Nestle Maggi, the total business of Nestle India was struck with the event of higher levels of MSG found in Maggi. Share prices dropped by nearly 20%, the stock from retail stores were called back. This have been possible because of the consumer support. The regulators in India are were strong because of democratic Indian consumers.

Consider an incident where a consumer is cheated by company. Let us see the situation from a consumer perspective, he can definitely go to consumer forum and lodge a complaint against retailer. He can use different social sites like Facebook, Twitter and show people the fraud made by retailer/company. With the advent of Right To Information and similar act consumer now has more power than before.

We all have heard the saying, "Boond Boond se ghada bharta hain", makes consumer the King in India.

Mustak ahmad,sahibabad said:   7 years ago
Hi, everyone.

As per my opinion, India is a second largest country in the world and 1.25 crore peoples are living with together with different cultures and religions. So India is the second biggest marketing hub throughout the country.

Exactly, in our country consumer is really a king.

Indian consumers are purchasing low-cost product and service as well as makes more bargaining. That's why,

All companies and organisations focusing consumer needs and demand.

It's a good and right examples of FMCG companies like HUL and ITC and also Nestle. These companies are very focused to their consumer demand.

In recent scenario, jio is also a big example.

We can also take an example of smartphone companies they focus consumer demand also.

Indian consumer when goes to buy any product they ask one project at different shops to save money. And also compare that product to each other. Ultimately after satisfaction they purchase.

In this scenario, all consumer have electronics device they utilise more to compare more on an E-commerce website.

So, finally, I can say that Indian consumer really a king.

Neeraj said:   6 years ago
Hi Guys,

Actually, whenever any company thinks or manufactures anything so they do as per the consumer demands because consumer demands decide the scale of manufacturing in the factory. I mean companies always keep focus on consumers needs, wants, and demands so that they can fulfil that era. So having this kind of perception in all companies consumers are able to have multiples options in their hands not only in price but also in quantity and quality at a place. For an example suppose there is a consumer who wants to buy something from the market so that person is free to buy that particular thing from anywhere in the market. There is no exploitation of consumers in the market for any products.

But there is one condition in which Consumers don't sustain as a king and that is less supply and higher demand in this stage all consumers have to abdicate before the things. So over all, I'd say that consumer is a king but not at all stages.

If a consumer really wants to sustain as a king at all places so consumers should act in proper manners so that they don't face any such stage.


Anonymous said:   7 years ago
Yes, I support that consumer is king in India.

Consumer who has demands and producers are those who fulfill their demands by producing the demanding goods. But more the quantity of the commodity which a consumer uses more he starts to loose its utility and therefore he starts to seek for alternatives, therefore, producers have to modify their products at different time intervals and have to know different and changing tastes of consumers to make their sell stable and growing.

Earlier market was not so much competitive as it is today, there were only a few vendors in market and consumers had not many choices and alternatives but at present there are many producers for a single type of commodity and therefore every firm has a strong competition with others in making their product as the first choice to consumer, therefore, it makes the market dynamic and consumer oriented.

But in those markets where monopoly exists consumers lose their choices and have to rely on the producer.

So in concluding remark, it can be said that in India a consumer is the real king.

Ninad said:   8 years ago

I think due to industrialization, technological advancement, and globalization, a lot of variety of products are being offered to the consumers. Consumers have the flexibility of consuming products of their choice irrespective of their location (thanks to online shopping) and at a standard price. The consumers are the people who make or breaks the business. They are the reason companies flourish or fails. For example, consider coca-cola, now everyone knows that consumption of carbonated drinks causes health issues in the long run but as far as consumers are buying it, manufacturers are producing it. Another recent example would be Patanjali products. When they came into the business, not many people turned towards their products. But as the days passed by, people understood the benefits of their products and now Patanjali is a billion dollar enterprise. So, yes, I do feel that consumer is really the king in India and the driving force which can make an impact on company's future.

N K JAYARAMAN said:   10 years ago
Dear All,

Consumer is the real king in Indian market. If any person/firm or company wants to make profit for himself he has to satisfy the consumer's needs first, by providing quality goods and services. If only there is a win win situation for the seller and buyer, the quality of products or services improve. Consumers are conscious about their needs now and they get the best from the market because of the competition. For surviving in the market for longer duration, the sellers appease the consumers by giving quality products, services at competitive prices. Advertisements, publicity given through media, satisfied consumers etc only take the companies to newer peaks. Hence consumer is definitely the king. Corporates who have understood this funda satisfy consumer needs and also increase their kitty.

What is wrong in that. In the process economic activity also booms and the fittest survive. Informed consumers also get best of the world at the least exchange value.

Thank you all.

Rakesh Doley said:   6 years ago
Hellow everyone,

Yes, the consumer is really the king in India. Not only in India but also in lots of country consumer is the king. As we know that consumer is the king in a market since they can evaluate the product and they make a company brand. Ultimately the king consumer is the chooser of the brand.

And we everyone knows that our country has 1.3 billion people most of them are totally consumer than a producer. And our country is definitely a consumer country then a producer country. Which is the main problem of our country. We Indian think that we will become a BISWAGURU, but I am telling that by a consuming nation other than a producer, exporter we will not be able to become a BISWAGURU. We must have to change this trend.

We have to change from a consumer nation to a producer nation like China. China is also a great consumer nation but as well as they are a great producer too, due to which they are becoming a 2nd largest economy in the world.

Thank you.

Atanu said:   7 years ago
Yes, I do agree that customer is the real king of any product in India. Days became busier for each and every person in the world. So the company always try to make a product which are user friendly without focusing on maintaining quality to make market. Those company which are really making hefty turn over are also not making quality foods like NESTLE. Any company won't make a product which is NOT customer friendly but they are trying to make the product ready to use without maintaining quality and we people don't have time to judge, whether it is good or bad. In my opinion Government has responsibility as well as the company to check the quality at least for the sake of common people of any country. WE consumer are the real king and so we have the legacy to make product turn out of market which is making health hazard which we paople are not doing. But nevertheless consumer is making product survive on market but we are using the product just like anything.

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