Is the Consumer really the King in India?

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N K JAYARAMAN said:   10 years ago
Dear All,

Consumer is the real king in Indian market. If any person/firm or company wants to make profit for himself he has to satisfy the consumer's needs first, by providing quality goods and services. If only there is a win win situation for the seller and buyer, the quality of products or services improve. Consumers are conscious about their needs now and they get the best from the market because of the competition. For surviving in the market for longer duration, the sellers appease the consumers by giving quality products, services at competitive prices. Advertisements, publicity given through media, satisfied consumers etc only take the companies to newer peaks. Hence consumer is definitely the king. Corporates who have understood this funda satisfy consumer needs and also increase their kitty.

What is wrong in that. In the process economic activity also booms and the fittest survive. Informed consumers also get best of the world at the least exchange value.

Thank you all.

Bakul said:   10 years ago
Hello friends,

We are living in fools' paradise by saying customer is king. Cheating other person in business is to be considered as smart move. Income tax raid and declaring black money is a status symbol in our society. Grocery shop owner is giving us inferior products, outdated products, charging more than maximum retail price as normal /routine business transactions. He does not have fear of law enforcing agencies or even god.

Dear customer, you have to be very careful while buying any product and do not expect services as promised. The days are yet to come.

Thyagaraj said:   9 years ago
Customer is the king of market because any company depend upon the customer. All the success stories emphasize the fact that effectiveness of any marketing effort lies in the accurate identification of the consumer's needs and satisfaction through service delivery. The present statement arise a very important and common topic for group discussion "Is the consumer really the King in India?". Consumer is responsible for driving the market forces. For example, in sixties and seventies, there were two or three car manufacturers like Hindustan Motors & Fiat etc. Were ruling over the market. However, with the entry of new companies like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Honda and many more, those manufacturers are force to modified their products in accordance with the taste of the customers.

Maduri said:   9 years ago

In my opinion consumer is the king based on his tastes only the companies will get an idea of how to manufacture the products. Based on the nature of buying only the brands which are good can be known to other people. We can take network providers like airtel, vodafone, reliance their extent or quality of service can be determined by the people who are their customers. Not only in this case to do a good business in any field like cars (maruti, hyundai) etc, electronics, clothing etc. In any of these products consumers are necessary in order to know how to develop their business based on consumers thoughts and tastes only it is possible. Therefore consumer is the king. And also it is the consumer who immediately buys a product after seeing the ads given by the companies.

Niladri sarkar said:   9 years ago
Customer is the king, without this we have no existence. Every company design their product solely depend on customer choice, to fulfill customers expectations. Always company gives training their staffs to develop customer friendly attitude. Customer has a wide variety of choices he/she can switch to other product. Company invest in R&D for developing new products. It means always you have to show extra careness to your customer though you really not. So customer is king in any field, in any place.

Gandhi said:   9 years ago
Dear All.

I agree with that consumer having lots of option in product in case that product belongs to perfect competition or monopolistic market and I think any product which not belongs from monopoly market structure like Indian railway, OPEC etc consumer having no any option. And the word king means 'A person having power every where' so I can say that consumer is not a King.

Tushar said:   9 years ago
In today's world, consumer derives the market forces. Various companies firstly identifies the need of the customers then they produces the product or services which matches with the needs of customers or consumers.

Although, Traditional concept is bit different, it focuses on offering the same product to all consumers. Ex. Ford Model T(Car).

But, today we see highly customized services and products are being provided to people. There is a term called "Consumer is the king". i.e. produces what the consumer is required.

Today is the world of competition, every company is trying to satisfy their customers by offering what they want.

This competition is more in the private sector in India. But if talk about the Govt sector of India, it as same as it was 50 years back, Long waiting cues in banks, Govt Hospitals, etc.

But yes, today consumers is really the king in India.

Senthil said:   9 years ago
In my point of view, Consumer is the Fool. Because Producer, Marketing people are making them confused and picking up their money from their pockets by using their eyes ears and teeth. Finally the so called king always working for money as Slave.

Ankush said:   9 years ago
Hi all,

According to my opinion yes customer is the real "KING" of the market. Nowadays most of the companies have there R&D dept. To design there product as per customer requirements but if companies doesn't does so companies will have to bear loss in there business.

Like, Nokia: If you see last 10 years history of the company one of the highest mobile seller company in India but just because the didn't consider customer requirements. Now these company is take over by MS as well as we have another example of "MOTOROLA".

Before 7-8 years ago Motorola was the best brand in the market but again they didn't do R&D on there product and that's why now days very less people knows this brand in the market.

So yes that's right that customer is the "KING".

B Zaffer said:   9 years ago
Is the Consumer really the King in India?

Hi to all,

Without consumer there is no business. Directly or Indirectly everyone is a seller and buyer.

Earlier in history before money comes there was a system called Barter system which means exchanging goods against goods. At that time no one was king. But in this modern world taking money from consumers is not so easy why because nowadays consumers started analyzing the market, they also started researching on the products. Even from one rupee chocolate to million rupee product. Many of the products which has not satisfied the consumers became out of market.

If they are not satisfied the products will not be stable in the market. So consumers are real kings.

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