Is the Consumer really the King in India?

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Akansha Nigam said:   6 years ago
Hello Friends,

I believe that Consumers are really the king not only to India also to the whole world business. They give a value to the product and it becomes brand which increases the profit for Industries. Customer satisfaction is very important to grow a business. We can't take the customer for granted because they played a very important role. It's consumers who actually use the product. It gives the market value if the customer is using the same product again. To increase the brand value it's very important to satisfy the customers.

A businessman has to think about the customer if he is really interested to grow his business. We have alot of examples, Like Reliance Jio, IPhone, Google, Amazon, Flipkart. They know the importance of the customers need and what customers demand in that product hence they are the impeccable name in customers minds.

Thanks and Regards.

Robin Malik said:   7 years ago
Hello everyone,

According to my point of view, yes customer is really the king of the market. He is the key point for the success of any business. He can make or break the business besides other factors.

Let take an example of 'nano' car, this is India's very bigger project and this car is in the budget of everyone. But this project is failed the only customer not accept it, they are not satisfied with the product. Another example we say enactment of Consumer Protection Act, 1986, why this act was passed? Because to protect the interest of the consumer, that proves the customer is the king in the Indian market.


Harry said:   8 years ago
It is true that the customer is really the king in India.

We can take the example of Maggi.

Now the people have stopped consuming it due to the high quantity of msg and lead in it. And we can see that within few weeks only their sale as well as the share price has gone down drastically therefore this is all because of customers only.


Venkat said:   4 years ago
Hello friends.

In my opinion, the customer is the king because every product or service is innovated is completely based on customer needs. If a customer is not satisfied then the product or service will be shut down or out of the market. Even we do market research to know the customer requirement and promotional activities are also for grabbing the customer's attention. For eg the success of Patanjali as it grabbed the customers attention by knowing their requirement i.e., organic products and lower prices compared to other brands.

Twinkle said:   7 years ago
According to me, consumer are not the king of India because every consumer depends on each company and if the company make a good quality product so automatically consumers are attracted and buy the product and use it. A product is sell or not these things totally depends on company market example of Jio sim which gives fast speed in less amount so consumer automatically buy.

Verchas said:   4 years ago
In my opinion, yes customer is the real king of the market. Because for any startup one should focus on the customer need because it is a customer who will convert the business into a brand. If any businessman just focus on the money rather than the quality of products, his business will definately face downfall. We can't take the customer as a granted, because they are the one who raises the business by using their goods. There are a lot of examples like Amazon Flipkart Maruti Suzuki they all focus on the customer needs and they get success. There are some sectors like the food sector in which businessman can make fool of the customer because in this industry customer just focus on the taste rather than its quality.

Conclusion: Customer is the one who can rise the business as well as fall the business, So the customers are the real king of the market.

Amol Goel said:   8 years ago
The basic requirement in economics is supply and demand. Each is dependent on the other. However I believe it is the responsibility of the producer (supply) to create the demand by the consumers.

Consumer makes or breaks a product hence it is essential to keep their requirements in mind but having said that as steve jobs said "People don't know what they want until we tell them so".

Hence in my opinion, consumer isn't the king but rather the queen. She doesn't get a say in how kingdom (business) are run but without her, there would be no more "running of kingdom (business).

Ninad said:   8 years ago

I think due to industrialization, technological advancement, and globalization, a lot of variety of products are being offered to the consumers. Consumers have the flexibility of consuming products of their choice irrespective of their location (thanks to online shopping) and at a standard price. The consumers are the people who make or breaks the business. They are the reason companies flourish or fails. For example, consider coca-cola, now everyone knows that consumption of carbonated drinks causes health issues in the long run but as far as consumers are buying it, manufacturers are producing it. Another recent example would be Patanjali products. When they came into the business, not many people turned towards their products. But as the days passed by, people understood the benefits of their products and now Patanjali is a billion dollar enterprise. So, yes, I do feel that consumer is really the king in India and the driving force which can make an impact on company's future.

Bhagirath said:   6 years ago
Hello Friends, according to my opinion consumer are always king in the market each and every organisation work on its customers value and preference. Just think about if the particular company not provide proper product to customer they can stop to buy that company product again. So as result company cannot able to generate profit.

Even any businessman want to start the business he or she taking a first step is survey about actual customer need and want in the market. So they get an idea which type of product he or she have to provide in the market.

If company want to generate more profit it would be possible only when company maintain good customer relationship management by providing satisfactory of product to its customer.

So customer are the king in the market for any organisation without customer satisfaction there is a no business survive in the market. .

Rakesh Doley said:   6 years ago
Hellow everyone,

Yes, the consumer is really the king in India. Not only in India but also in lots of country consumer is the king. As we know that consumer is the king in a market since they can evaluate the product and they make a company brand. Ultimately the king consumer is the chooser of the brand.

And we everyone knows that our country has 1.3 billion people most of them are totally consumer than a producer. And our country is definitely a consumer country then a producer country. Which is the main problem of our country. We Indian think that we will become a BISWAGURU, but I am telling that by a consuming nation other than a producer, exporter we will not be able to become a BISWAGURU. We must have to change this trend.

We have to change from a consumer nation to a producer nation like China. China is also a great consumer nation but as well as they are a great producer too, due to which they are becoming a 2nd largest economy in the world.

Thank you.

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