Is the Consumer really the King in India?

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Bakul said:   10 years ago
Hello friends,

We are living in fools' paradise by saying customer is king. Cheating other person in business is to be considered as smart move. Income tax raid and declaring black money is a status symbol in our society. Grocery shop owner is giving us inferior products, outdated products, charging more than maximum retail price as normal /routine business transactions. He does not have fear of law enforcing agencies or even god.

Dear customer, you have to be very careful while buying any product and do not expect services as promised. The days are yet to come.

N K JAYARAMAN said:   10 years ago
Dear All,

Consumer is the real king in Indian market. If any person/firm or company wants to make profit for himself he has to satisfy the consumer's needs first, by providing quality goods and services. If only there is a win win situation for the seller and buyer, the quality of products or services improve. Consumers are conscious about their needs now and they get the best from the market because of the competition. For surviving in the market for longer duration, the sellers appease the consumers by giving quality products, services at competitive prices. Advertisements, publicity given through media, satisfied consumers etc only take the companies to newer peaks. Hence consumer is definitely the king. Corporates who have understood this funda satisfy consumer needs and also increase their kitty.

What is wrong in that. In the process economic activity also booms and the fittest survive. Informed consumers also get best of the world at the least exchange value.

Thank you all.

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