Is our Political System Reason for our Backwardness?

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Josh said: (May 2, 2021)  
In my opinion, India wouldn't become a developed country just because of our corrupt political administration and also because of the inequality among people. There are only a handful of people who are trying to make a difference but that doesn't help.

India needs young blood to move this country forward and not leaving this incredible country in the hands of old greedy, illiterate, and religious psychos People need freedom from this suffocating political atmosphere.

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Derik said: (May 1, 2021)  
I don't think India is going to be a developed country and it's really sad to think this way. The main problem I find in this country is the politicians. Just a question, how many politicians really want to develop or help this incredible country? I don't think there are too many. Maybe they are interested in self-growth and Indian politics is the best for that. Unless they change, India will never progress. I know it's easy to criticize politicians, but they are the frontline. India has a lot to offer to the world.

India has a lot to deal with internally to make the country progress. There are loopholes in whatever you do in India, corruption, bribery, etc. Our system must be transparent. When it comes to India there's lot of Cons rather than Pros.

Lagging developments are happening not to benefit people but to profit someone.

Basically, if we've got money, we can lead a good life or you have to suffer either this or that.

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MINALAN A S said: (Feb 28, 2021)  
In my opinion, The political system in India has some loopholes but so is other countries during the time of independence. Due to the Internet revolution, the world is constantly evolving every year. The one most thing we lack is the learning mindset among people as well as politics. We don't reform laws that can adapt to today's situation. Even if they do people oppose those laws for the example farm bill. Because they need stability in this highly unstable world. Change is scary for many, especially here. This mindset is not healthy and eventually bring us down.

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Anchal Sharma said: (Jan 26, 2021)  
No doubts, Politics comprises all the activities of co-operation, negotiation, and conflict within and between societies,

Parties make laws, take decisions and represent the country at an international level, plays important role in the development of any country.

But here I will mention my perspective regarding why Indian politics is not the reason behind the country's backwardness.

We got independence in 1947 at that time conditions were poverty-stricken but now we are the largest democracy and 6th largest economy. Yes, we are a developing country but we are developing well,

No political party is perfect neither any party will, India is the worlds 2nd largest country with a kaleidoscopic variety and rich cultural heritage, which leads to different opinions, mindsets, and beliefs within different groups.

-one of the main reason behind backward is population, lack of awareness regarding surroundings and education, equality.

The government makes laws but it is in our hand how to to follow. Like we take recent example of article 370, Citizenship amendment bill or farm bill. These decisions divide the country into 2 different options where half of the population is in favor and half against which affects the growth of any country.

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Anchal Sharma said: (Jan 14, 2021)  
No doubts, Politics comprises all the activities of co-operation, negotiation, and conflict within and between societies,

Parties make laws, take decisions and represent the country at an international level, plays important role in the development of any country.

But here I will mention my perspective regarding why Indian politics is not the reason behind the country's backwardness.

We got independence in 1947 at that time conditions were poverty-stricken but now we are the largest democracy and 6th largest economy. Yes, we are a developing country but we are developing well,

No political party is perfect neither any party will, India is the worlds 2nd largest country with a kaleidoscopic variety and rich cultural heritage, which leads to different opinions, mindsets, and beliefs within different groups.

-one of the main reason behind backward is population, lack of awareness regarding surroundings and education, equality.

The government makes laws but it is in our hand how to follow. Like we take the recent example of article 370, Citizenship amendment bill or farm bill. These decisions divide the country into 2 different options where half of the population is in favour and half against which affects the growth of any country.

Under article 326, every citizen has written to vote after 18, which means we choose the political party that runs the country, the government-imposed many bills regarding, education must for all, the standard of living, women security, household purpose but we lack in terms of awareness, mindset, and different opinions and believes.

Apart from this if we take examples of world leaders like Elon musk sir, Mukesh Ambani sir, bill gates sir, they are not country associated they serve their purpose to the world and contributes to development.

I want to conclude my views by sayings it's not only politics but mindset and purpose that serves the citizens of any country.


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Pratik Joshi said: (Sep 23, 2020)  
In my point of view, the system is responsible as they do not look after the peoples. They just want to rule the country by winning the elections in any way. Nowadays the poor become poorer and the rich become richer. This leads to an overall economy of the country in a negative manner.

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Dhananjay Singh said: (Jan 20, 2020)  
I ,Dhananjay Singh ,
According to me ,political system of our country is not the reason of backwardness.We are all responsible for that ,and there are many points by which I can support it-
(1)-In India, a person who cast vote, for electing the politicians, they are 18+ so at that time you should have to decide that what kind of persons can run our country very smoothly.
(2)-In India, in rural areas, the government has provided a governmental school for studying to the children but the parent does not want to send their children in that school ,why? .because the mentality has established in their mind that there will not be study there as well .
(3)-our system provides many policies but the persons do not take the advantage of that .
(4)-the reason of backwardness may also be the education, poverty ,population and lack of awareness.
So by stating these points we can not say that our political system is the reason of backwardness.

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Pawan Joshi said: (Dec 23, 2019)  
The way I see it I think that the political system is responsible for these all things just because of this India is still developing and other countries are on the stage of developed. Not want to believe only to the political system as it is also the responsibility of the common peoples and we are the people who are also responsible for this we choose these leaders and because of this the backwardness is going to happen.

Secondly, the reason is that the difference between the presidential and parliamentary make the backwardness as we see the presidential system in the US make it as a like G5 country and what we see that they are developed and because of the parliamentary system we are going to still developing country note on the political system so many other things but because of the political is the most of the backwardness season is going to happen that the political system make our country backward.

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Chaitanya Sreya said: (Nov 22, 2019)  
In my point of view, I think not only the political system, but the people are also responsible for the underdevelopment of our country.

Frankly speaking, let us assume an engineer or a doctor, who comes up from backward areas. He /she will be trying to improve their own standards of living. But, they least bother their village or area from where they came from!

When we, the people didn't bother about ourselves then why others will?

The political system is also responsible for our backwardness because it is in the hands of them, to take necessary actions and steps for the development of our country. Even they too least bother, because they only concentrate on the money which they get!

Finally, I conclude by saying that not only the political system but also we, the people are also responsible for our country's backwardness.

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Sai said: (Nov 3, 2019)  
Hi, Sai here.

In my way yes the political system is the reason for our backwardness, but it is not only the reason behind our backwardness, illiteracy, poverty, and the most probably our education system is also a reason for our backwardness then thank you, guys.

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RAVI KUMAR said: (Oct 3, 2019)  
Hi friends I am Ravi kumar.

I support the politics s reason for our backwardness of the country because backwardness is totally due to our politics. Our political system is the main reason for our backward. Our politics have to block the path of the development in the field of the country. Some politics have not know about there politics how to development and how open the path of success. They are the barriers in development. In India there politics have to divide into two parts one is Hindu and other is Muslim these community always popular in our politics. Some of the politics have tell the speech on the favour of Hindu and Muslim community have to about to support the Muslim community. Our politics also go to backward region due to nepotism the have the main reason to backwardness our country every politician have always enter to their daughter and son and also there family member. That's all.

Thanks you.

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Pallavi Rajput said: (Jun 25, 2019)  
Yes, it is true according to me, Our political system is so much responsible for backwardness and people itself also. People is also very much responsible for their poor situation and also backwardness. Because in India, people are so greedy and we all know that greediness has no limits it increases day by day. Our politician knows this very well and taking advantage of this habit of people especially poor class. We can take an example as an election in India. In the election, many politicians distribute alcohol and cash among voters and want their votes for winning and people accept in greediness and some people in their difficult situations also. So according to me, our political system is so much responsible for backwardness and it should be improved. We heard many scams done by the politician because there is no transparency in our political system.

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Samyuktha said: (Jun 4, 2019)  
Hi this is samyuktha.

Thanks for giving a chance to me friends.

So in my point of view, that political system is one the reason for our backwardness. On the name of the political parties our party leaders make so much of corruption among the common people.

So, many political leaders form their parties on the base of their castism.

It ruins our students furture. They are taking 3/4th of the money from the people and they are spending the 1/4th money on the people.

At the time of elections they are attracting the people by giving money and funds to them for their votes.

They are not seeing at the agriculture system. It is the backbone to our country.

So, I conclude that as a citizen of India I want the democracy system in our country. Other wise if any politcal leader will nominated then their duty is to listen all the problems of the people and do true for the people. First of all, remove caste based system and the reservation system on education.

Then only our country moves on forward system.

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Naveena D said: (May 8, 2019)  
Good Evening Friends,

According to me, Our political system is truly backwardness for the democracy system. Because of political leaders are only focusing about providing the free sources not giving the peoples needed solution for the particular problems. Leaders only focus on collecting the votes for their side.

They are doesn't give the peoples common problem solutions for our society and social environment and peoples health problems and their solutions. So Election and political leaders is must be too useful for the common peoples. They should be giving common society solutions for common peoples. So, this is the only solution to move forward to the Political system.

Thanking You.

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Kapil said: (Jan 3, 2019)  
Political system as well as Indian voters are reason for our backwardness.

Political system is reason because;

1. If good rule, regulations or schme is launch by ruling government opposition will not want this because of political losses.

2. In our political system there is very less chance for youth who are not coming for political background. Means because of the nepotism Candidate are not eligible but beacuse of the power and money they comes in government.

3. Pressure groups are also created by the political leaders which are harrmfull for indians diversity.

4. Right to vote is for everyone so in India there are huge percentage which is not able to read aur write so they are not aware of any party or candidate so these types of votes buying is done by political parties.

Voteres are reason beacuse;

1. For our personal benifits voters give to vote wrong candidate.

2. Voters are not fully awared about the power of votes.

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Ann said: (Aug 6, 2018)  
The political system can never be the reason for our Backwardness.

As a Citizen who is above 18, We have the right to vote.

As the choice is in our hands to vote for the correct person. Never rely on any party. The person you think who can do good for our country should be chosen.

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Abhilasha H T said: (Jul 29, 2018)  
Hello guys,

Regarding the above matter, I would like to say that we are the responses to our backwardness because recently last time election will be gone regarding that how many youths give there vote? there is a problem we people need a facility and etc without effort then how cum politicians work for us. When we need something we learnt give something return to then always taking policy could not work. So please give your precious vote to an eligible candidate when Indians all gives there vote 100% then our India will be become developed country in all fields not only as economically. Remember there is a good result where is a good effort.

Thank You.

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Dhanashri said: (May 12, 2018)  
Hi friends.

I think so only politician is not responsible for backwardness, we are also responsible because if we do not do anything for our country then how the country will grow? As a youth now it's our responsibility to change the condition of our country. Because every country people and every politician think and they always say that youth power is nation power. So we have to decide that how to overcome the backwardness of our country. Don't blame on the only politician because we were select them by giving them vote. So I think that we are also part of backwardness. So from now, we can from our self to change the condition of the country.

Let's think about it.

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Santhosh said: (May 3, 2018)  
Hello everyone.

Political system is one of the reasons for our backwardness country in our country politician leaders are only thinking about how to save Thier party and how to buy the leaders like that but don't think about villages and former's and poor families and educated system is worst system in our country means what I'm saying that when our farmers can develop in our country then India is a developed country up to that time India is a backwardness country.

Peoples are also a reason for backwardness country why because peoples are used to looking for others mistakes and they blame others but never try to reform Thier mistakes. When we are looking to our mistake then automatically system changed.

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Chirag said: (Jan 28, 2018)  
Hello friends, It is Chirag.

In my point of view, politics is responsible for the backwardness of our country but not at all because we are a major responsibility for this. You know, in this era anybody become a politician with the help of money, it's not the matter that how many classes has he studied, but the matter is that how much money has he got. That's why today's politicians are not much literate. Assume that they nominated for the election, and in most of the probability is that they become a politician because of our unawareness towards a right vote to a individual honest candidate. Actually, most of the people are give their most precious vote to the unknown candidate at a cheap rate. Atlast I will only wanna convey my whole reason in just a few words -- Our politics is not bad but our own politician made it worst for their own benefit. That's why our country is going to the verge of backwardness bcuz of both -- the politician and we.

Thanks a lot. Jai Hind.

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Shraddha said: (Nov 21, 2017)  
According to me, we all are responsible for our backwardness. Politicians do corruption because we allow them to do so for some money or our own other advantages. Also if a politician is honest, then people do encourage them to be good but people think of their own advantages and search own advantages in his decisions taken by the honest politician. Every situation and law has its own pros and cons. So we have to accept them. For example in the middle. Elections in UP were being carried our and then some politicians had drawn the issue of no more reservation will be carried out if you vote for BJP. This was a politics. But at the same time, people thought that Modi will no longer keep the reservation. The disadvantage of the situation was causing harm to the BJP. So no action will be taken again reservation by BJP government So that they will not lose their votes. If they do this they will simply lose votes. So in simple language, we all are responsible for the backwardness. Our thinking, hunger behind money is backwardness.

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Mike said: (Nov 18, 2017)  
Just take our PM N Modi he blames congress for everything, congress ruled for a long Time and congress was a good governance, unfortunately all of his chief ministers were damn corrupts and that is the reason we are not able to get an stable and ethical government till now, so everybody is suffering no politicians and chief ministers want to work on small issues of civilians our PM N modi itself is not an man of commitment and an point of focus, they all play double game with the poor struggling civilians all the money and the sources goes waste into an wrong mans pockets so sad that there is no future for the young generations.

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Aiswaria said: (Jul 26, 2017)  
I agree but I am not supported politics is a reason for our backwardness because they have two sides, that are included good or bad. My opinion is we must develop our capacity and we firstly confirm who is real politicians, who have supported our country and responsible person. Actually choosing responsible must be people. We support and encourage for bad politicals because we want only money money money, our country is very week depend on others. That main reason for we are not considering important issues. More children's has not education, not good maintaining, different types of diseases, intelligent people were going to work foreign (doctors, scientist. ). Many waste products are sales only India because others have cheated easily in Indian people. This culture supports some politicians because they want money.

We have more good quality, Indian people are very cultured, respect to others, helping tendency, motivated, strongest and very talented person but this quality does not accept same people and some politics. Politics is not bad, but some politicians are bad.

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Shubh said: (Jul 26, 2017)  
Yes, we can say that political system is so corrupted so we are backward politician became business man they don't take care of people and another way we are always responsible for it we have no unity they are clever they distributed us in racism, religion and we are happy we have in unity then we can growth.

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Vishakha said: (Jul 22, 2017)  
Up to certain extent yes, it is responsible. We are in 21 century even after so many years of independence, still, politicians are working on the caste system and so corruption is one of the main examples. And our youth have lost their capacity to think, politicians are banning so may things like beef and all, that's ok, but what the hell dey are doing for rapes. Till now, till now the rapist of damning are not punished. This is what the politicians are doing, and so this is the result of backwardness.

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Soniya Choudhary said: (May 29, 2017)  
No we can't say that only political system is responsible for our backwardness. India is a democratic country. The Government is selected by the majority of people. We can't say that politicians are corrupted that's why our India is not developed. People are used to sell their precious vote during the election. So ultimately we all are corrupted. For doing any work, we try to find the easiest way and for this, we all are involved in bribery. We always try to escape from income taxes.

In India, people use to look for others faults. They blame others for everything but never try to reform their mistakes. When we will start to look upon our mistakes then everything would be fine.

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Abhilasha H T said: (May 24, 2017)  
Hai, good Evening everyone.

No, Not only our political parties responsible for our backwardness, we are the major reason of it why because we people not having the thinking capacity. We just sell our precious votes for some of cheap costs. And also we just need our safty reputation in this durty society. Now generation is too farward but still we think about caste region and all instead of all these we are just became dolls by corropted politicians. And in our country, most of the people are uneducated even they don't have the capacity to know the parties name for giving their vote. It illustrates also one of the integral reason of it. Finally, all our stupidity became investment for corrupted politicians.

Thank you one & all.

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Riya Gupta said: (May 7, 2017)  

As per as my concern 30% political system and 70% people of our nation are responsible for our backwardness.

Because as we are talking about the political system then there is no doubt most of the person are corrupted and not doing their work properly and all the political parties are just getting fear of losing election, they just wanted to be elected and set their government but then after election they are doing nothing and If someone want to do something for the country they other parties start controversies. No doubt if anyone wants to become a leader then it's their responsibility to dedicated themselves to the country and they all have to support other parties member too if they are doing something well for the nation.

But on the other hand as I already say there is much more involvement of people of India for the backwardness because if government launch some kind of scheme then it's our responsibility to use it but we all are corrupted too and we are very lazy, we do not use that scheme and the reality is most of us are even not aware of many of the schemes.

Sometime before I heard that in a country government starts a scheme that they decided to pay some amount of money to each family either they work or not but the response of the 97% people of that country is no we get money only when we work. As now I am talking about if such kind of thing is announced in our country then trust me most of us think that we get money without work then why should I do work whole day and we stop working because we get enough money that helps us to fulfill our basic need then why I have to choose work that's the reality.

I just want to say that we all are the part of our country so it's our responsibility to be aware and do something for our betterment thus our country also take a step towards growth.

Thank you.

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Aditya Vikram said: (Apr 5, 2017)  
In my point of view, we can say that some of our Political system, political party or political people is a reason for our Backwardness but only at an exent. We can't say that all political people are responsible for this. There are some political personalities who have taken "India to the world". There are some great leaders who India wants. These politicians give their best so that India have its own Image/status into the World especially in UN. Some of the examples are : Atal Bihari Vajpeyee, Rajiv Gandhi, Narendra Modi, Lal Bahadur Shashtri etc. But the main problem is these people are very less than corrupt Politicians or the people who is mainly responsible for our Backwardness. " OUR POLITICAL SYSTEM IS NOT BAD, OUR VERY OWN POLITICIANS HAD MADE IT WORST".

Everyone wants Chair on the cost of Anything. They want that people of India should always be Backwards. Then only they Able to make there Chappatis. They want that Indians use to fight in the name of Ram, Allah, mandirs, Mosque, Gurudwara, churches etc. People will fight & these our leaders able to secure their seats. Atlast, I can say people are changing. If we want to get develop then we have to stop begging & start earning. They want that we always use to get dependent on them. Many of the examples are here: a man said that he will give free water to the state for FREE. Then what we have done. ? We have given the whole state to him in an election. We have to earn, we should earn. Why always we attract towards free? At least for self-esteem, we have to earn & not run for Free things.

At last, I must say that awareness is coming in our people. Now people are understanding who wants to Take India to world & who to Darkness, backwardness etc. Live and current example is UP Elections.

Atlast, India is progressing and we are developing.


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Aditi said: (Mar 25, 2017)  
I think this is true that political system is the major cause of our backwardness. There is lots of politicians who are corrupted they just want to increase their wealth, their reputation that's all. They don't want to serve our society as they should, they just make promise and after winning the election they forget that what they had told before election.

- And most of the time we see that our more politician are uneducated, and also spend night in jail because of their crime, but instead of these they become a politician on behalf of their power and illegal sources.

- The question is this if the politician is not educated then how he could make good decision if they spend night in jail because of their crime then how he could save all people and be a leader of state or country.

- Our political system is also so corrupted which corrupts our society, which is making government so sluggish. These politicians are every where who is responsible making India backward.

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Arushi Negi said: (Mar 1, 2017)  
Hello everyone, I think that we are responsible for our backwardness because if we make our children responsible and make them free to make there Own choice for there life and also allow them to achieve there goal of everyone will be brilliant at there place. Everyone should have the right for education and there should no barriers for study from a small children to a old citizen by doing this there will be no backwardness in our country.

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Vikash Kumar said: (Jan 23, 2017)  
No, I don't think that political system is the reason for our backwardness,

There are several reasons for backwardness and none other then, we ourselves are responsible for it.

1. We can't blame political parties, in fact, political parties work for the benefit of people, they introduce new policies/bills and try their best to implement them as early as possible. For EX: take the case of GST bill, no doubt that the BJP is working at its best to pass it as soon as possible.

2. The thing is, we Indians don't want to work hard, it's our careless, lazy and sluggish attitude which is holding ourselves backwards.

3. I think it's our attitude towards women and minority committees, lack of education, our social system which are the main causes of our backwardness.

4. We as a youth are least concerned with who comes in power, we are so lazy to step outside of our houses to cast votes, and then we blame political parties.

5. In India, most of the people believe in the ideology of finding faults in the system rather than removing them. I think instead of blaming the political system for all this, we should work collectively to bring a change in the country and to make our country progressive.

Thanks a lot!

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Sanjay Rai said: (Jan 5, 2017)  
According to my point of view, political system is not responsible for backwardness of our country because we are the people who select illiterate, criminal and so it's our responsibility to choose the right person for the welfares and brightness of our country.

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Anand Khatri said: (Dec 4, 2016)  
Absolutely, the same things going on. If you see in most of the corruption situation there are politician only. We corrupt politicians, uneducated, they can't able to take prominent decisions. Some of the politicians make hype statement and then feel sorry. They don't respect either girl.

But at the same time, we do have top-notch leaders due to which we are important to foreign countries.

Our system is considered as most stable and largest political ground, government organize several schemes and make rules but we the people of India know one thing very well to criticize the government.

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Avijit Kundu said: (Nov 29, 2016)  
There is no doubt about our politicians, day by day who are pushing us to backward. But as well as we are also same responsible for this. Because we are making this type of politicians seeing everything. All of our politicians are always busy to take their advantages anyhow. Nobody want any progress together for our country. They can do defend only against any progress. Finally, I want to share that there should be tough criteria for being politicians. Maybe then the situation can be changed.

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Anurag said: (Nov 22, 2016)  
I agree with it, and also want to add that our Indian thought process is also an issue. We are a democratic country but in every stage in Family, business we follow anarchy. Our political system (previous) didn't support change. We had long path from the beginning of our freedom but still we didn't change India, part of the reason is our politicians didn't have a vision.

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Sinde said: (Nov 15, 2016)  
I don't know much about how the system works but I do feel the political system play a major role in implementing the policies. It is the will and decision making of our political leaders what can create that difference. Every single thing is co-related with each other from people's participation in the political parties in power. We only see the no. Of policy introduced by current government but is it good to only see that? why can't we look upon the implementation process, the system which will make that policy done so that common people get the benefits?

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Ankur said: (Sep 25, 2016)  
Hello, friends.

I do not completely agree with this.

I think we ourselves are responsible for our backwardness. If every person does his work, what ever it is honestly then there is no questions of backwardness. Our mentality draws us back. If we do not literate our children what is the fault of government? We do not recognize our skills and do what Sharma ji ka beta is doing. We beg vacancies from the government. How can they creat vacancies? So for escaping this backwardness we have to change our mentality instead of blaming others.

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Deepak Thakur said: (Sep 23, 2016)  
Hello myself Deepak Thakur, I completely agree with the topic since from long time our system are corrupt there should be remodeling should be take place since we are growing faster we should change some protocol and laws accordingly our system are responsible for educational backward of such a large number of students there should be an understanding between current and opposition party due to their lack of coordination we still lack in various ground because one person can't change the whole country.

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Sid@ra said: (Aug 26, 2016)  
Hello everyone,

India being the second fastest growing economy after China achieved 8% GDP growth in 2008 still it lacked behind in social factors such as illiteracy, unemployment, health facilities etc. Basically, these social problems arise die to policies mainly focus on GDP growth so there is a need of political system which develop Indian economy as well as social welfare of its citizen. It is responsibility of each citizen to help government to implement these policies then India would become a developed nation. As laws n policies would be written on paper but proper implementation is most essential. Entirely blaming political system is not justified although corrupt ones should not be allowed to be part of political system.

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Naveen Godara said: (Aug 15, 2016)  
Surely it is the main cause!

Politicians don't have to fight an exam nor they need to have any specified qualifications. So, political parties get the chance to select Candidates those who are a bit famous. Whether they have a criminal background.

How could such Politician make a role in taking the country on the path of development?

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Aakarshika said: (Aug 4, 2016)  
I believe that not only the political system is responsible for our country's backwardness but also we, the citizens are equally responsible. Religion, lack of education, population, backward minds (girls not moving out of houses or whatever) and so on is also responsible. Even if the government is trying hard to make our country successful, the people either oppose it or deny to accept it. Though some politicians are corrupt, but not all.

Lately, we also encourage the non-corrupt officials to become corrupt, by giving them money and bribing them.

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Avinash said: (Jul 31, 2016)  
The answer is yes. Why because the commitments that political parties give during elections never fulfilled to 100%. They just pretend us to vote for their party. Once the electronics are completed the development would be like a goods training waiting for signal. They just make money what they spent in elections. And the solution is that the commitments what they gave to the people should be legal. Once they failed to do that they should ban from elections. And even none of their family should take part in elections. And here I want to mention two "C'" s influencing our society to vote for any party. Caste and cash are very powerful screams influencing voters. After voting by taking money or seeing their caste. None of these politicians again do good for your constitution. I f you ask about the commitments what they gave. They just say that you took money during elections and you are again asking about development. It was enough to shut our mouths. If you want to see a change in politics then the change should be from you.

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Nagendra said: (Jul 7, 2016)  
I think the political system is fully corrupted in India. In our political system many of the people I mean politicians work for money for their purposes, not for society. 80 of the politicians how much of money they take from our government only he knows, 80 of that money used only for their purposes, not for society. I am not blaming our political system this is the fact everyone knows. Illiteracy is our main backwardness most of the who live in hilly areas they don't know about our political system. Whenever elections come leaders go only that time for begging of votes otherwise they don't know who is this. Our education system is one of the main problems for our backwardness since 10 years in corporate schools and colleges fees are increasing day to day year to year nowadays only rich people will go schools and other backward people they have no money for daily purposes how they will go to school. I saw many children on the roads they are begging for food how they will go to school they have no money to eat food this is our main backwardness. So voting is our right you elect right people in right time in the right situation in this country everyone has rights to consume your rights only for the good purpose, not for bad things.

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Dharma said: (Jul 4, 2016)  
First before elections we should make an agreement with what he do in the elections & also what he will do if he fails to do, so if he fails to do we can file a case in the court with pay of some amount that as mentioned in the agreement and also we should not encourage families in politics and each politician should only get 2-3 chances to participate in elections.

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Nikhil said: (Jun 20, 2016)  
Hi, friends.

I don't think that political system is the reason for backwardness in India it's the some of the corrupt politicians who joined politics only for their benefit. They rule for some years make their profit and leave our country from developing to developing status. I want to mention some.

Points by which we can reduce it.

1. We will have to very wise during elect our minister considering his background, education. Ultimately people have the ultimate power.

2. It is not the ministers only, we people have also the responsibility to our country, we should fulfill it.

Others reason I want to mention for backwardness are illiteracy, unemployment, population, economic unbalance.

Thank you.

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Sid said: (Jun 19, 2016)  
Yaa. I am with the political system. It is not a responsible for the backward.

We all left in one home. Sometimes our family decision goes wrong then we do not say, my family, my home is not good not take decision right same here also. Our country political system is not bad it's good every time but. Some leaders doing to dirty to the whole system.

If the political system works with the construction than our country move forward but in every community, some members some people are present to oldest things.

Having thinking capabilities very poor, not understanding. What is good and what bad.

The main reasons for responsible to backward is that.

Our thinking capabilities.

Lack of education.

Lack of self-confident.

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Christina Yuto said: (Jun 18, 2016)  
Well, according to my point view it is us who is responsible for the backwardness of our country. We lack to choose better leaders in our own area. Many of us just run behind the money and totally forget about the future of our own area. Forget about the nation we don't even think for the development of our own near n dear ones.

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Bon Ngullie said: (Jun 12, 2016)  
Hi friend, Bon Ngullie again.

Let me be very frank about this topic. In a democratic country like us, people fade wholly hang in politics. But so far the people of India found none to hang on. So the need of the hour is to raise Upright, honest, righteous, fearless, godly Indian to lead this great nation. Dishonest implementation of various schemes and projects means for our country developments is the worst example which our politicians are intentionally destroying our great nation in nexus with corrupt bureaucrats and local goons and mafias, Where is the accountability? If our people fairly utilized our resources, I think we would be ten times more developed than the United State of America.

May God Bless India. Amen.

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Dgupta said: (Jun 11, 2016)  
All right here is a thought when we say politicians so what are they for in this country and for that matter in any country they are to ensure well-being of society and infrastructure of a country but instead of taking a note on what is happening deep down under skin in country (say public education which is wrecked) they kept themselves mere in "politics" as you know they are both executive and legislative body of this country they wield immense power but the keen desire to work for the people is lacking at least in most of them.

Our mostly paralysed democracy has a lot to do with the mindset of our politicians.

Well, it's not that all blame should be on them. Our native population to choose popularity over superiority and that give away to rich and/or uneducated crooked and sometimes educated crooked politicians.

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Manish Kawat said: (Jun 10, 2016)  
No, I think it is 'corruption in political system' that is one of the reason but not the only one. We cannot put all the blame on the political system for all the problems. Our political system is one of the best in the best if remove corruption from it.

As far as backwardness is concerned there are many factors which are responsible for it like.

- Lack of basic education at lower economic level.

- Some of the old traditions in rural areas.

- The growing economic difference between lower and upper class.

- Unskilled youth.


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Akshay Mangal said: (Jun 9, 2016)  
Hello, everyone.

As the topic "is our political system is the reason for our backwardness?".

If we talk about the political system then let me tell you frankly that our system is totally motivated by our great constitution. And our system has given equal opportunity to all citizen of India, freedom of speech and liberty to all. So system can't be blamed for the backwardness of the Indian continent.

Now the point is then who are responsible for this,

What I believe,

There are two points:

1) Execution of system may not be as per the constitution.

2) Those who are executing I mean executors (some of them not all) also may not be good or with a good spirit.

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Jayshri said: (Jun 6, 2016)  
Our political system is the only system by which, at present we are in the queue of developing countries, we are touching the new heights in various field just because our government is making easy rules and regulations, making new laws to facilitate the procedures, creating opportunities for the backward communities, creates new awards to motivate people and in every field of education, medical facilities, and even in d direction to get rid off from unemployment our govt is making rules for easy Lones etc.

So now how we can say our political system is responsible for backwardness. ?

Our constitution rights and election commission and supreme court are the guards of the countries political system. And the other and most important thing are being the largest democracy it is our responsibility to choose the best and reliable candidate for making laws for us.

So for the backwardness of instead of political system individual is responsible who is unaware, don't verify the candidate before giving his/her vote, and just to escape from his duties and due to laziness gives the bribes and encourage the corruption.

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John_Gh said: (Jun 6, 2016)  
Of course, no good can be expected from an institution headed by a bad leader and Politicians are the perfect example of a bad leader. Due to corrupt nature of politicians, the subjects have now adopted "Life in the Jungle" or " Everybody for himself" attitude.

You either take that bribe or be good and not take it, but the politician at the top will definitely take it, depriving a worthy course of seeing the light of the day.

But, who is the politician ?

The Politician is your father, sister, mother uncle, friend and yourself. Hence, until the human mindset of the aspiring leader is renewed, everybody will grow into a bad Politician.

Backwardness is not the fault of the Politician.

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Aaaa said: (Jun 5, 2016)  
Whatever might be the issue, it will have positives as well as negatives. So we cannot solely put the whole blame on politicians. Maybe they are one of the reasons why we are still backward.

In support with the topic, I can say that money is the thing which makes political system worst. All the politicians just look for their status and hence this attitude leads to corruption by politicians.

In contradiction, people also play a major role i.e., in electing their leader. Before election politicians will be showering money on people and they believe that the help will be continued by them. But soon after that person get elected as a leader he stops caring about the poor. So people has to properly elect their leader.

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Sunil said: (Jun 5, 2016)  
I do agree that the bad political system does lead to backwardness up to some extent. BUT what we should focus on, is how to make it better. We make the political system and then we criticise our choice. Rather than discussing what had happened we should think about how it will be in the future. Let me take an example. Suppose a kid gets ill, then people starts discussing that what he had eaten, how did it happen, etc. Instead of immediately curing him. In the same sense, our political system is ill. And we are the one who can cure it. As "APJ" use to say-" where there is richness in the heart, there is beauty in the character, where there is beauty in the character, there is harmony in the home, where there is harmony in the home, there is order in the nation and where there is order in the nation there is PEACE IN THE WORLD. What I want to say is the change comes from yourself. And we as a citizen make the system, not the system make us.

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Sudhakara said: (Jun 4, 2016)  
Hi Everyone,

Good evening, I am Sudhakar, I am going to speak against the topic.

In my opinion, Indian political system is very strong, we can say that politicians are corrupted, but not the political system. We can't just blame the political system for the corruption, we all have the option to choose a right candidate in an election, if we didn't choose the right one for the reason of caste or money, then it is our fault. Each person in India responsible for our backwardness.

There are much other reasons for our backwardness.

People in India are not utilizing the opportunities available in their hand. They are just looking for the perfect job.

The education system is not well defined, students are just thinking to become the doctor or an engineer to earn money, they are not thinking about the nation.

Many people who have studied in IIT/IIM are going to foreign countries to the shuttle. They utilized the resource of India to study and going to work in foreign countries.

Many people are not paying the tax on time, Tax is the main revenue to the government to utilize it for the development works in India. We can see we are ourselves responsible for our backwardness, not the political system alone.

Conclusion: We can't just blame our political system because we people only elect them only thing that we need to do is to elect the right candidate during the election. We should also work with responsibilities, without fully depending on the government. On another side, a government should also take initiatives to increase the entrepreneurs in our country, and take action to mitigate the brain drain.

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Deva said: (Jun 4, 2016)  
Yes, the political system is one of the reasons for backwardness. I can give one example in our country there is a lot of black money some politicians has some black money. If politicians are good the country will lead to developing. If the leader is bad he is indirectly encouraging people having black money is good then people will follow same. Then it leads to the backwardness of the country.

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Ann said: (May 30, 2016)  
Hello, everyone present here.

As itself we can feel and experience the political system is now the way to corruption.

Which is totally eradicating the democratical lifestyle of our country, first of all the leaders are not of a loop character but just want to gain people support for a time being before elections they make rational stupid decisions and just want to sway away with peoples trust and respect, I don't support what some say that politics is for people, but the scenario now is it's just the way to make money and just kill each other by words or actions.

Guys, truly we are just loosing the politics which the word emboss on itself. It's a strong word with a lot of admiration.

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Sham Singh said: (May 29, 2016)  
Hello, Friends.

I realize that our political system not responsible for any backwardness, we all are the main reason for any system's backward and progressive. Because we all make the system, the system is does not make us. After the make system, we all forgot our personal responsibility and made the excuse I have not the time to analysis the system or say it's not mine work. Everyone want to get his work as soon as possible by hook or crook. We are discussing here political system but how many people from us took the initiative to improve this? We are always to blame for our failure with an excellent excuse. The system is only a chain for the smooth work. In nowadays we read, listen and watch so many media clips on the base of corruption and scam etc. But this is only our general knowledge topics who is responsible for this. The political system is very wide even we never took the initiative to check our daily basis system like if someone had to go for a driving licence you could see their so many people came with high profile reference and they got their work done easily rest ones still waiting for their turns. In the end, we made us for system not system for us.

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Ram Singh said: (May 26, 2016)  

My dear, friends.

We are talking about political system. Is it responsible ? Yes but not fully.

First of all we need to know from where political system begins.

1. We choose leader only seeing caste, religion as well as how much benefit for only individual.

Then what will happen what it is right choice for us absolutely NO.

Now these candidates work their constituencies and the main intention of these leaders is only pass such scheme which is more benefitted for corruption.

2 Second reason is "Reservation".

Because in this time but it is main reason backwardness only for general caste.

Political leader increases reservation for only political mileage for some communities by which others communities have been lagging because there is no more job.

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Aishwarya Shinde said: (May 21, 2016)  
According to me, our political system is little cause of backwardness.

I believe that if poverty will decrease then literacy will increase and ultimately unemployment will be decreased.

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Prem Sagar said: (May 18, 2016)  
Indian politics spoil our educational system and everything which require for the good society. In short.

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Alex said: (May 17, 2016)  
After reading many views.

I imagine what India would have been if British didn't step more than Two Centuries ago on Indian soil. They were the one against casteism and therefore abolishing it. They were ruling us without any bias. In addition preserving the lands of tribals against Rich. As long as British were in India, casteism was dormant, and India was safe.

But as we see now, it was still in the brains of people then.

But we threw them out of India, thinking them as an external threat to our nation. At the cost of GROWING CASTEISM in our SOCIETY. And this very threat has engulfed whole India and its Ruling system.

Caste OR Religion is two soft edges in our People's brain. If any political party (especially corrupt SORRY all are corrupt) keeps its root to a particular caste or religion then YIPEE. They win. They rule (today's leading political party).

POWER can turn any person into filthy corrupt. No doubt.

So I think it's our INDIA. It's our political system. And it's our moral education.

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Areetik said: (May 16, 2016)  
My opinion is that India is a very big country and its have many resources. Some people who have some political power they misuse this resources. So they are causing to be backwardness.

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Sunny said: (May 16, 2016)  
Is our political system reason for our economic downfall?

Obviously! YES. Our Indian constitution starts with a sentence "we the people of India" which is palpable that any good or bad must signifies us. Political system solely not responsible can be proven by the facts if we go through the election were we give precious votes to elect the person who not only govern us but country too.

Recent perspective.

In recent election we have seen that victorious party won by 35% of the capable strength of votes, then question arise, where are the rest votes? obviously, there are the person's who had didn't voted. This question needs to be answered. In Kerala, majority of the people not voted due to the non-availability of female candidates, possibly this is the reason for the upper question but is it for all states? This is vague in respect of other states regarding the same issues.

Our great pacifist leaders gave their whole life for good life, prepared a well stable constituency so that we live in an archaic environment still we seeing ourselves far lag behind of another country. This means we are not respecting their belongings. We clouding their beautiful constituency.

Our country is larger democracy in the world, even another country also thinks as a milestone.

Overall, we not need to copy them to how to bring growth in the economy but to make our own terms rule the world with our merits and the advantages which are absent in another country's.

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Neer Nandeha said: (May 14, 2016)  
I don't think it will be right to blame Indian Politics solely for our backwardness.

1. Politics involves the major formulation of policies and their legalisation in the Parliament houses.

2. Every system is made of subsystems and elements, Instead of blaming from top to bottom, we should see through this from bottom to top. The elements need to be strong to form a compact and effective system.

3. The citizens involve in the damaging morals of action. Bribing, corruption is done by the most significantly elected personnel of high educational qualifications are independent and are not affected by politics, mostly.

4. It is critical to improving at an elemental level before blaming the politics alone, whatsoever.

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Mohan said: (May 11, 2016)  
Our preamble starts with the lines of "We the people of India. " means we ourselves adopted the constitution by framing this existent political system. We built a beautiful house and if there is any vastu problem, will go for modification rather than demolishing. The same example applies here in Indian political system. Our political system is blend of 64 countries. We are following the principles of major developed nations like America, UK etc, but where we are lacking?

Poor coordination between ruling party and Opposition. Ruling party and opposition should go hand in hand in implementing the programmes whoever comes to rule.

Programmes which are launched by Govt are not reaching the targeted population.

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Guru said: (May 9, 2016)  
What I felt and understand the topic is already we know happened here but we don't know what to do.

If you will see meticulously watching the election. For example, majority party won major parts constituency in the states. But winning (majority) party got only 30% voters among 100% population remaining 70% population hate the won party but here majority party was ruled. This trick was used all elections go to backwardness India.

India has different cultures and languages and also huge population. So we won't follow developed countries rules and regulations.

We have to create own unique ideas based on our society. Then only clear corruptions and its solutions.

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Neeraj Vats said: (May 6, 2016)  
We can't blame politics for the backwardness. As everything has two ways positive or negative. We should be true with our part as a daily life routine we ignore the moral duties that one should perform as a vigil citizen of a democracy so that others can be saved as they are lacking in awareness. The government makes policies for our welfare there is no point of blaming them without implementation and only we can implement these rules. As for an example, we know that child labour is a bad and we still tolerate it every day in one or more points. At that of time, we don't follow the duty rules. The other example is that bribe id unethical and unjust but some of us just take it lightly and even pay to get our work done somehow so the only govt cannot be blamed for backwardness we too are responsible for that.

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UmeshKT said: (May 5, 2016)  
Hi, folks, this is a topic worth discussion as the state of country and quality of leadership in a country are both dependent on same building component which is the People of this country.

A building made of poor material will never stand tall, however meticulously it is planned. In a similar way, the country we live in will never develop till we, the basic fiber of the country are developed. Gone are the days when a king planned and ran entire nation in his own ways, good or bad. The present world is run by people and takes the path which majority of its people decide.

This political system was implemented by our leaders who brought this country into existence after a long period of slavery. They fought for good and passed on to us a very strong foundation of democracy. Facts reveal that we have lost ourselves to greed, malice, fear and lost our sense of vision. We forgot the quality of life and broke threads of society to build cocoon nest of our own. A population has grown ten folds and so have each vice in society. However, moral and social education have not grown at the same pace.

I agree that politicians in present day country are causing a lot of damage to the progress of the country. But, the question is who elected them to decide the fate of the country?

It's up to us to choose good leaders and bring our country among leading countries.

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Dipika said: (Apr 10, 2016)  
As per my point of view, just before all the things think that what we are doing. Everyone just thinks like I, me and myself. The government gives many of the facilities to us but we can't use them properly. We just do our work and then just forget.

We all know child labour is offensive for ex. If we are standing on any chat corner and eating something and if any child cleaning plates in front of us for that moment we just feel bad and then we just pay for our dish and then forget all whatever we see before some time. This is one of the most backwardnesses in us. If we are well educated and still we are behaving like this then we are responsible for our backwardness only.

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Deepak said: (Apr 10, 2016)  
Hello everyone,

I do not support that politics is the reason behind our backwardness if I say it, indirectly I am blaming on myself because these politicians come trough the same society where we live. They are a politician because we make them. So brothers tell me how can we say that they are and their system is a reason behind OUR backwardness.

If I blame someone for our backwardness then I want to say that, it is Racism. It is Illiteracy.

Thank you.

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RADHA MOHAn said: (Apr 9, 2016)  
Hi, friends. I am Radha Mohan.

Our topic is political system responsible for backwardness. In my point of view, they are the major part of this but not fully. Peoples are also responsible as child labor dowry are not allowed but some selfish person takes dowry and some people send their children to work instead of sending him to school to be educated and think wisely about him his family and country so that ha can take decision wisely. And most of the educated person try to avoid politics then how can wee blame uneducated politician. Many of people at time of election want to solve out their problem in favor of their vote. So we have to take responsibility and try to think beyond of our selfishness.

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Bon Ngullie said: (Apr 5, 2016)  
Hi friends, I'm Bon Ngullie from Nagaland.

Wel, our topic "Is our Political System Reason for our Backwardness" is worthy to be debated and awareness spread throughout India till we get a positive outcome. To my opinion, the answer to the topic is 100% Yes. Let us focus our attention once in our electioneering system. I think electioneering system in India is nothing but asking and giving money for the precious votes. The mindset we have all is not for development and progress in the real sense BUT money and money. Come election, check out yourself, what our people do when a fellow politician come to our village for campaigning, our people intention is to MEET THE CANDIDATE in secrecy, FOR WHAT? to soft whisper in the candidate's ear "if only you can solve my/our immediate needs now at this moment, my/our votes belongs to nobody" (deal completed). So, folks, this is our political system and whether you all agree with me or not, we are deeply rooted in money mindset "THE DANGER IS THIS FOR OUR PEOPLE NEVER TRY TO LOOK BEYOND THIS ARENA" Of course false promises and false assurances were given by every political party to do this or that if voted to power but which the really don't do even if elected to power is also another factor to blame for our political backwardness. Another great set back of our system is "cornered politics" - tribalism, clanism, communism, etc, etc. Yet another factor which is tearing our political system is - goondasim politics.

Wel, folks we have many more factors to be added but the best thing that we can do is, if we can say this - I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR INDIA'S BACKWARDNESS SO I WILL TAKE THE STAND TO REBUILD MY COUNTRY POLITICAL SYSTEM TO "FORWARDNESS".

God bless India. AMEN.

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Faizan Ahmad said: (Apr 3, 2016)  
Hello, friend.

A politician is not solely responsible for the backwardness of our country but it is on first which is responsible for backwardness. Today we are seeing politicians are implementing the laws and reform but we are not taking it seriously for Ex. Child labour is offensive but I know lots of people who send his child for work in cities. Are politicians responsible for this? Today no one educated people are interested in becoming politician then how we can blame to uneducated politicians.

On other side lots of politicians who are not taking responsibility of his post. They are doing wrong things like corruption, cast &religion based politics.

So there is need of awareness between both politicians as well as public to take responsibility for changing India from developing to developed.

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Sachin said: (Apr 3, 2016)  
Hello, everyone.

I would like to add some points to our discussion on "Is political system responsible for our backwardness".

According to me, we can not blame on political system rather we can say yes in some cases politicians are responsible for it but again I would like to say we are solely responsible for this because the citizens of India are not aware of choosing the right candidate among the nominated rather they prefer to give vote to the candidate of their caste.

There are many other reasons behind the backwardness of our country that I would like to list out:

1) Casteism.
2) Dowry system.
3) Sticking to our old culture and nonadaptation of globalization etc.

Thank you.

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Richa Bajpai said: (Apr 1, 2016)  
Hi Richa here,

I Believe that politics and people of the nation are hands in hand. Politics is responsible for the backwardness of the nation but on the other hand people are also responsible for the backwardness. For Example, Government is providing us metro services but it's us who making it dirty. There is a regular announcement in the metro not to throw papers in the metro or not to eat in the metro but still people are continuously are doing this, without thinking that they are making their own loss. In the same way, there are many example if we throw light in them which shows that Government is not fully responsible for the backwardness.

We can help to make our country more developed if we focus on Education, Laws and other factors.

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Ram Jaiswal said: (Apr 1, 2016)  
1st we think ourself that what I am do for our country to reduce the backwardness then we got a right to blame the politics or any other. I mean if public are motivated by a young educated person then backwardness can be reduced. Due to lack of motivation against the wrong term. Public is responsible for this not our politicians. It's easy to blame anyone but prove it by ourself is very hard.

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Pintu Kumar said: (Mar 27, 2016)  
I don't think that politics is only the reason for our backwardness. But yeah it plays an important role in the development. So we can discuss only the positive and negative impact of the politics.

The initiatives were taken by government surely help to build the nation.

The correct decision was taken by the govt. Influence the development.

Take for eg. Indira Gandhi gave to manage rupee against the dollar when there is a lot of food starvation in India to export the food products. But it could be managed by some other way.

While on another hand, some existing laws make it very difficult to cope up with this as.

There is no need of any qualification or education for a minister while you have to clear exams even for a post of peon.

Also, the caste based reservation system is one of the problems for our backwardness.

Also, if a minister wants to implement any law for our goodwill, the system is so complex that it got lost in somewhere within the system.

I want to add another point that we said our system is corrupt but my friend we are also equally responsible for this. So we have to equally come forward and take action against it.

So, a good decision maker, powerful, and have ability to keep his word strongly in front of others can only do something better for the nation.

Thanks to all!

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MALAY said: (Mar 25, 2016)  
Yes, our political system is responsible for our backwardness because of the following reasons.

1) Reservation of those communities which belongs to politicians community.

2) Corruption.

We are also responsible for our backwardness because we are unaware, lazy and have no knowledge towards the power of the political system.

To improve our political system, we must choose those politicians who are willing to develop INDIA, not an individual community.

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Neha said: (Mar 21, 2016)  
1) Corruption arises not because of the political leaders but because of us who agree to pay them to bribes to get our things done early. We are more responsible for it and we are the only one who can eradicate this vector-borne disease.

2) The need for getting a decision approved at every other stage brings transparency to the system.

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Mayuri said: (Mar 21, 2016)  
Our political system is the major cause of our backwardness:

1) Uneducated politicians, unable to take proper decisions.

2) Corrupted leaders.

3) With the change in the government after every election, the rules and decisions get changed. As a result, the decisions are taken but can never get implemented.

4) Need for the approval of the decision taken by a ruling party at every stage and constant opposition by the opposition parties creates a large amount of delay in implementing the action.

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Srishti said: (Mar 18, 2016)  
Political system is not only the single factor for the backwardness of our country, yes it is responsible in some fraction but other factors also matter like the illiteracy of our country people should know all the rights of their. But it is true that the major role is of our political system.

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Znas said: (Mar 17, 2016)  
Blaming the political system of India means you are blaming the constitutional democracy which the country follows. The backwardness is a relative term which should be carefully defined.

That being said system which is plagued with avarice of the politicians, blatant corruption, leg pulling, back and forth between parties in power, etc these do not contribute to the upliftment of the country. Some of these things happen because of the system. Some don't. Blaming the system doesn't get us anything. Each system has pro's and con's. We the people, have to work together to get as much good as possible out of the system.

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Maruti Talwar said: (Mar 16, 2016)  
Dear friends.

1) I think only politicians and literacy are not the reason for our country backwards, instead of telling like that we might say that we are responsible for our country backwards, because we are staying here not someone else. Instead of blaming or scolding politicians or someone, just think that, what I suppose to do for my nation, for my people. Till now our valuable vote is wasted for politicians now we are thinking about our nation. We have to think this before to vote a candidate.

2) how we can think that the person who is educated will do good things only for our nation even I can also think.

3) The first thing is that we are wasting our valuable vote. Instead of voting a right person who is fit to serve nation, we are voting our votes to cast candidates.

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Sachin Pasare said: (Mar 15, 2016)  
Hello Friends, first of all there is no literacy in our country, that's why these politicians use our people. When they know people are knowing about their corruption these politicians use people to divide and rule. That's why we Indians are not growing. The people of India chose those people to vote whose cast same as they're cast. And the main reason of this is reservation. People who acquire 98% is jobless and people who acquire only 60 % is officer in government.

So reservations should be for poor people not for any particular caste.

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Raju said: (Mar 15, 2016)  
Hello friends,

Backwardness is definitely due to the dirty political system. Even after 67 years of independence people are not fully aware about the systems of working. The politicians never think about this issue and due to the lack of awareness in people the politicians gets the full benefits of government policies as well as misuse their powers. The benefits of government policies should be utilized at the ground levels for which these framed and feedback must be given at every administrative levels honestly. If all the monetary benefits released by a government for the people are utilized utmost satisfaction the level of backwardness will removed from the country.

Thank you.

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Gopal Aggarwal said: (Mar 12, 2016)  
Hello friends,

I think there is lack of honest and educated people in our political system and to overcome from this problem if we teach to our children to make a good leader and make a part of our nation system and correct our country system and help the peoples of our nation. Then I think our children will start thinking about our nation and nation peoples. So finally backwardness will definitely reduce.

Thank you.

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Arindam Ganguly said: (Mar 11, 2016)  
We don't have any right to always blame our political system. Actually we people are just like a frog in a its own hole. We want to live here and die here and we are making our childs like that. After the birth we decide what he/she will be in the future. We always think our child will be doctor or engineer or service man and live his happy life with his family with a huge amount of salary.

Nobody thinks our child will be politician one day help our nation to grow up. And then in the morning we say that politics makes our life miserable. You don't have any right to say like that go and clean then you can say something. Politics is not always makes our nation backwards, its the system and other aspects we have to think about.

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Kunjal Gawande said: (Mar 10, 2016)  
Hi friends.

I think that there is no Political system reason affect our backwardness I just want simply say that its just effected by our lack of knowledge and lack of education, if you have knowledge of your rights and you are well educate then you will never go to backwardness.

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Shweta said: (Mar 8, 2016)  
Hello friends,

According to my point of view, we can't blame the political system and it would be quite unfair to mix the political system with the politicians, yes I know political system is made by the politicians itself but we can't ignore the good works done by the honest politicians for the country.

Secondly it is the attitude of youth which keep themselves deprive of voting and end up complaining about the system. In present scenario not a single person among us wants to join politics, everyone wants a secured job and a happy life ever after. So I am unable to understand the fact that how the system alone is responsible for backwardness. So I would like to conclude it by saying that its not only the politicians solely or the system alone which is responsible for backwardness but many other key factors that should be known.

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RATNESH GUPTA said: (Mar 5, 2016)  
Hi friends,

I don't think politics is the main reason for our backwardness. We are backward because of our fault. We are not utilizing our valuable vote effectively in election. Instead of giving vote to right candidate we give our vote to that candidate who belongs to our caste. The best example we could see in BIHAR that how again jungle razz come back in politics in 2015. Everyone knows that how jungle razz ruled over BIHAR for 15 years and almost throw BIHAR backward for 15 years. Same example we could see in central also i.e. congress ruled over INDIA around 60 years. I remember that when INDIA become independent that time 1 rupees=1 USD but now 68 rupees=1 USD.

Almost all countries have political system and the countries who are developed because the people from developed nations are educated and they aware from the background of all political leader and they utilize their vote the right candidate. That's why they are developed and we are developing nation.

One main reason for our backwardness is the quelling of casteism with one-another and other is during striking we destroy our government property. For example recently in HARYANA people burned many buses and destroyed many government properties.

So, we can't say that political system is the main reason for our backwardness.

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Saibaba said: (Mar 1, 2016)  
Hello friends,

1). It is true that India is backward because of politicians. See the qualifications of politicians across India. Expect for few like Arvind kejriwal, Manohar parrikar, SM krishna etc no politician is from any premier institution. Itself shows about the stands of politics in India.

2). In India first of all for peon job a required qualification is needed. But the highly valuable VOTE doesn't need any qualification. This is the main cause of all miseries. When constitution was drafted not than 5% of total population was educated, so to give everybody a right, the educational qualification was kept a side and vote was given to every body. Since after 66 years of Indian constitution in existence the same rule is implemented and every uneducated is given the right to vote which is been misused. A person who cannot have one square meal, how can he change the fate of nation by voting.

3). Corruption is the worst thing to happen to mankind and this is prevalent in India. So a corrupted nation cannot compete and it will be underdeveloped for another 1000 years.

4). In India every body is greedy and doesn't bother for others. Sometimes it is astonishing that in spite of we having so many gods and their sacrifices, the greediness in people is not going and this is another major backwardness.

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Dhananjai Pandey said: (Feb 29, 2016)  
Dear friends,

According to me, only politician does not cause of backwardness. I think the illiteracy is the main reason of backwardness. In my country we are voting to special religion who is not good for any country. If a politician will not educated then the backwardness will grow up in my country. Reservation also causes of backwardness. In my opinion in our country we do not concentrate on girls' education. That is very harmful to us. Please thought that that's where women will not educated there the condition of that country can no better in any condition. At many places politicians also causes of backwardness because a politician is rumering on the religion. And gets vote by Indian people. At least we can say that the politician is not 100% responsible for backwardness, but some are placed they are wrong.

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Rashmi said: (Feb 28, 2016)  

I agree that politicians are responsible for backwardness of our country because there are some people over there who after knowing their duties never look or gives importance to them. Rather criticize the other one. This is also applicable to us.

Together with politicians, some of citizens for their own benefits & greed elects the one who fulfill their short term needs & also some people support the only one who belongs to their caste.

There are also many politicians who gives us better advice & bring new laws but then ultimately it should equally be understood by us & followed accordingly but some of us think.

So blaming only politicians is not right but also changing our mind & doing our duty ourselves without any kind of corruption or greed can also help us in improving backwardness to certain extent. "Something is better than nothing!".

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Mohan said: (Feb 26, 2016)  
As per my opinion not only a politics is reason for backwardness there are we don't have awareness obout politics, so it's mistake done by us. We can't blame of our politicians because we know about his background even though, we are elected him for taking money and liquor or religion, I agree few people were vote for honest but they don't decide the result. Now tell to me who is the reason for our backward.

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Benazir said: (Feb 25, 2016)  
In my point of view, political system is not only a reason. Because every individual has right to vote. So we have to choose a right leader for our country. You don't realize who are all good and who are all bad. You can choose a NOTA option. The government should proceed the reelection. We select the good one to improve our country.

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Maran Sowthri said: (Feb 23, 2016)  
Yes I agree with you my friend Venkatesh as you said most of the politicians concentrating on their own growth and they attract the people by introducing some schemes which will not be useful in our country's growth.

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Amit S. said: (Feb 23, 2016)  
Of course, there is no doubt, they think only themselves.

In today, there is large scope to social development through political career but maximum leaders of our country compete to one to another that who will more earn during their term. It is simple example. You can think that how much property of representative before as the elected member of parliament and how much after completed his term?

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Is our Political System Reason for our Backwardness?

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