Is our Political System Reason for our Backwardness?

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RAVI KUMAR said:   4 years ago
Hi friends I am Ravi kumar.

I support the politics s reason for our backwardness of the country because backwardness is totally due to our politics. Our political system is the main reason for our backward. Our politics have to block the path of the development in the field of the country. Some politics have not know about there politics how to development and how open the path of success. They are the barriers in development. In India there politics have to divide into two parts one is Hindu and other is Muslim these community always popular in our politics. Some of the politics have tell the speech on the favour of Hindu and Muslim community have to about to support the Muslim community. Our politics also go to backward region due to nepotism the have the main reason to backwardness our country every politician have always enter to their daughter and son and also there family member. That's all.

Thanks you.

Pallavi Rajput said:   4 years ago
Yes, it is true according to me, Our political system is so much responsible for backwardness and people itself also. People is also very much responsible for their poor situation and also backwardness. Because in India, people are so greedy and we all know that greediness has no limits it increases day by day. Our politician knows this very well and taking advantage of this habit of people especially poor class. We can take an example as an election in India. In the election, many politicians distribute alcohol and cash among voters and want their votes for winning and people accept in greediness and some people in their difficult situations also. So according to me, our political system is so much responsible for backwardness and it should be improved. We heard many scams done by the politician because there is no transparency in our political system.

Samyuktha said:   4 years ago
Hi this is samyuktha.

Thanks for giving a chance to me friends.

So in my point of view, that political system is one the reason for our backwardness. On the name of the political parties our party leaders make so much of corruption among the common people.

So, many political leaders form their parties on the base of their castism.

It ruins our students furture. They are taking 3/4th of the money from the people and they are spending the 1/4th money on the people.

At the time of elections they are attracting the people by giving money and funds to them for their votes.

They are not seeing at the agriculture system. It is the backbone to our country.

So, I conclude that as a citizen of India I want the democracy system in our country. Other wise if any politcal leader will nominated then their duty is to listen all the problems of the people and do true for the people. First of all, remove caste based system and the reservation system on education.

Then only our country moves on forward system.

Naveena D said:   4 years ago
Good Evening Friends,

According to me, Our political system is truly backwardness for the democracy system. Because of political leaders are only focusing about providing the free sources not giving the peoples needed solution for the particular problems. Leaders only focus on collecting the votes for their side.

They are doesn't give the peoples common problem solutions for our society and social environment and peoples health problems and their solutions. So Election and political leaders is must be too useful for the common peoples. They should be giving common society solutions for common peoples. So, this is the only solution to move forward to the Political system.

Thanking You.

Kapil said:   4 years ago
Political system as well as Indian voters are reason for our backwardness.

Political system is reason because;

1. If good rule, regulations or schme is launch by ruling government opposition will not want this because of political losses.

2. In our political system there is very less chance for youth who are not coming for political background. Means because of the nepotism Candidate are not eligible but beacuse of the power and money they comes in government.

3. Pressure groups are also created by the political leaders which are harrmfull for indians diversity.

4. Right to vote is for everyone so in India there are huge percentage which is not able to read aur write so they are not aware of any party or candidate so these types of votes buying is done by political parties.

Voteres are reason beacuse;

1. For our personal benifits voters give to vote wrong candidate.

2. Voters are not fully awared about the power of votes.

Ann said:   5 years ago
The political system can never be the reason for our Backwardness.

As a Citizen who is above 18, We have the right to vote.

As the choice is in our hands to vote for the correct person. Never rely on any party. The person you think who can do good for our country should be chosen.

Abhilasha H T said:   5 years ago
Hello guys,

Regarding the above matter, I would like to say that we are the responses to our backwardness because recently last time election will be gone regarding that how many youths give there vote? there is a problem we people need a facility and etc without effort then how cum politicians work for us. When we need something we learnt give something return to then always taking policy could not work. So please give your precious vote to an eligible candidate when Indians all gives there vote 100% then our India will be become developed country in all fields not only as economically. Remember there is a good result where is a good effort.

Thank You.

Dhanashri said:   5 years ago
Hi friends.

I think so only politician is not responsible for backwardness, we are also responsible because if we do not do anything for our country then how the country will grow? As a youth now it's our responsibility to change the condition of our country. Because every country people and every politician think and they always say that youth power is nation power. So we have to decide that how to overcome the backwardness of our country. Don't blame on the only politician because we were select them by giving them vote. So I think that we are also part of backwardness. So from now, we can from our self to change the condition of the country.

Let's think about it.

Santhosh said:   5 years ago
Hello everyone.

Political system is one of the reasons for our backwardness country in our country politician leaders are only thinking about how to save Thier party and how to buy the leaders like that but don't think about villages and former's and poor families and educated system is worst system in our country means what I'm saying that when our farmers can develop in our country then India is a developed country up to that time India is a backwardness country.

Peoples are also a reason for backwardness country why because peoples are used to looking for others mistakes and they blame others but never try to reform Thier mistakes. When we are looking to our mistake then automatically system changed.

Chirag said:   5 years ago
Hello friends, It is Chirag.

In my point of view, politics is responsible for the backwardness of our country but not at all because we are a major responsibility for this. You know, in this era anybody become a politician with the help of money, it's not the matter that how many classes has he studied, but the matter is that how much money has he got. That's why today's politicians are not much literate. Assume that they nominated for the election, and in most of the probability is that they become a politician because of our unawareness towards a right vote to a individual honest candidate. Actually, most of the people are give their most precious vote to the unknown candidate at a cheap rate. Atlast I will only wanna convey my whole reason in just a few words -- Our politics is not bad but our own politician made it worst for their own benefit. That's why our country is going to the verge of backwardness bcuz of both -- the politician and we.

Thanks a lot. Jai Hind.

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