Is our Political System Reason for our Backwardness?

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Manisha said:   8 years ago

This is Manisha from Indore,

According to me we people can't blame a politician party for the backwardness because the political parties come through we people. We are selecting them so we are the people for the backwardness.

Their should be a proper management system for a politician parties too because we often see that an uneducated or not highly qualified person is a member of that party so this is the point to be noticed in our country.

And obviously the corruption causes the major negativity in India because backwardness is not always about an uneducated person but by the educated and greedy people too.

Kundan said:   8 years ago
Hi friends,

According to me, unfortunately our political system is somewhat responsible behind backwardness of our country. We have some politicians who working in our system are corrupted. Lots of criminal cases are there on some politicians in our country. Actually it seems very shameful.

But somewhat we people are also behind of it. Because we had selected them. Because of their corruption and illegal things our country could not progress in good as much we expect. So while electing the person we must check record of that politician so that he/she will run our country in well approach.

Thasin said:   8 years ago
I will say political system was actually not a reason behind our backwardness. We can't deny the fact that the previously existed political systems after independence have done a great duty for the growth of our country.

It is the voters who gave their votes to less eligible persons and made the democracy weaker one and so the political system became a reason for backwardness. If we want to change this it actually requires a great effort to bring out the massive change.

I think by including political systems in children's education, we can bring this change in India. And so making the political systems as backbones.

Abhishek said:   8 years ago

We cannot blame our political system. They try their best to provide better services to the people. Now time has changed. Before corruption persisted every now and then, but now we have better mass media, press, who are capable of unleashing and reporting the truth to the people very quickly. We also have stronger opposition parties who are always ready to make noise and shout even if they get small hint of corruption. So we can say that every action and event by the government is transparent.

Himanshu said:   8 years ago
Hello friends,

In my opinion it's not only the political parties responsible for our backwardness yet they have a big hand in it. I think we ourself are responsible for what happens to us, as we are the ones who select the persons working in the political parties. I always ask myself a question, "If the politicians are corrupt am I the one serving for the country's development with full integrity". And the answer is not satisfactory.

So according to me corruption is the reason for our backwardness which exist within each one of us whether we are politician or common man cause we would have been doing the same if we were in place of the politicians.

Abhijeet Chopade said:   8 years ago
Hi everyone,

Happy Republic Day to all of you.

According to me, firstly we have need to come front and should have take responsibility to change the system. Our political leaders do development only in their region. They should understand their duty. We select them as our leader but many of them did not work well. Also, we are responsible for that because we never ask any questions them. We have to choose them by their work.

Takshak said:   8 years ago

This is me Takshak.

In my opinion political system is somewhere responsible for backwardness cause every political party first looks their own benefit after this they care about our country.

We choose them to make our country better but they use to blame each other.

If they find a corrupt candidate in their party then they try to protect that person.

Surya Tej said:   8 years ago
Hello Everyone,

Surya Tej here, from newly born 29th state Telangana.

We cannot blame our Political System as it is same as when it was there before 1947 and after with some little changes, but changes are only Political Leaders (who are executing) , their determination towards public service, intention behind their entrance to Politics. Because of such useless, corrupted leaders even highly educated and determined Govt employees also become lazy, corrupted. And more ever people also don't have attitude of demanding or questioning leaders/employees for their rights.

Prashant said:   8 years ago
According to my view of point the politics only this politics. We have to change our mindset and develop a skill of progressing every sphere of life without thinking this stupid politics. We should make an auto governing government. The system of doing will be change automatically.

Ashish Srivastav said:   8 years ago
Hello friends.

According to me we people responsible for our backwardness because we choose our government and during the election mostly people choose government according to their caste, religion because such people do not think for the growth of their country but they only think about their caste and religion growth and that is why government also do partiality between people every people should always think about our country.

If any government is not good for our country then tell them we don't need such government because if there is people there is government and if there is no people there is no government.


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