Is our Political System Reason for our Backwardness?

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Hardik Patel said:   8 years ago
Hello friends,

This is Hardik,

As per my point of view we should not blame to political parties for the backwardness I know most of them are corrupted but we have selected them or some of us were not go for voting also.

And if I talk about backwardness than if we change our attitude than I don't think that politicians can interrupt us. For ex. If we will not give bribe to any government officer then corruption will destroy from the root itself.

Ghanshyam Savaliya said:   8 years ago
Hello Everyone,

This is Ghanhsyam.

According to my point of view, lack of education in our country is the reason for our backwardness. But for this poor literacy ration our political system is responsible. Hence in a way our political system is responsible for our backwardness.

Priya said:   8 years ago
There are many uneducated politicians in our system who are working for the power and money but not for the development of the country. Not only politicians we are also the reason for our country backwardness because we are selecting these corrupt leaders. The funds released for the education of poor people are not reaching them.

Illiteracy is the main reason for our backwardness. There is a saying if a girl is educated then the whole family will be educated. So atleast if a single person of a family is educated then it surely helps in developing the country.

Sommyajit said:   8 years ago
It would be very naive if we blame our political system for our backwardness as a country. Neither can we blame the political leaders. It is us the common people of India who is to blame for our lack of exposure globally because we are the ones who elect our leaders.

Our political system gives us the right to elect the leader of our choice and more often than not we don't choose them wisely. Our mind sways from the actual motive and gets tangled is aspects like caste, religion etc when we finally choose our leaders. We often get caught in their mind games and end up making mistakes.

Let's us also not forget we've also chosen some great leaders in the past and hopefully will do in the near future. It is our responsibility to choose our leader and if anyone is to blame for our backwardness, unfortunately it's we the people of India.

Mrinalini lal said:   8 years ago
In my point of view political parties are also the main reason for our country backwardness because We the people of INDIA believes in others instead of their self confidence. This is the main reason the political parties are now being the main reason they only think about themselves, they don't think about the future of his country they are only receiving money in different ways and spoiling the future of INDIA.

So I think We should be united for improvement in our country. We should not believe any political parties.

Kapil mehta said:   8 years ago
Hello friends,

From my point of view, the politician is not only responsible for our backwardness because we use the our government. Some people vote for money, cast and religion and the choose candidate also works for the recovering money they spent during the election.

So change the altitude of people then automatically reduce our backwardness because development or backwardness firstly depend people's altitude not government.

Lannister said:   8 years ago
The political system alone should not be blamed for our backwardness. Maybe corrupt politicians somewhat bring about a backwardness but they are just a start towards the whole cycle. We are also to be blamed for the backwardness.

If we say that political system is the the reason for our backwardness, why don't we bring about a change to the system? If we are too lazy to bring about a change, then even we are contributing towards backwardness.

HIRONMOY DAS said:   8 years ago
Hi friends,

From my point of view backwardness of our country is to some extent because of our political parties because they are so much indulge in corruption to make money and look after their own benefits that they hardly care to look after the issues and problems of common people they just don't even care to understand it this is leading to ours backwardness in each and every sector whether it be economic, education, defence etc.

In one word they had forgotten their prime duties, this is just one part of the coin I think we common people are also responsible for it because we just say "there should be change in the system" but no one actually dares or rather takes any initiative to change it so in one our negligence is encouraging corruption day by day.

Ritu said:   8 years ago
"Being greedy leads to destruction", keeping this point in mind I would keep my words as, only the politicians are not the reason for backwardness its the whole mob that leads India to degradation.

It's a fact that politicians not all but many of them enter into such stream only for money but how do they get successful for their motive, by us, if we stop going to them to get our work done in return of a huge amount offered they won't snatch your money and by hook or by crook they will have to do their duty.

So if we are giving them chances to move forward for their greediness then they are not that stupid to refuse good offers. Your greediness can change your mind in a second and however good you may be you will surely think of going for the wrong option.

Because you don't know whether your work will be done or not but you will be sure for a handful of money and that is the reason why people offer money because they think by offering a heavy amount a politician would give his best to get the work done. No one in this huge globe is sitting for getting your work done and if you wish to get it done choose the right step and then expect the same from others.

Thank you.

Mayank said:   8 years ago
I think political system needs better people, we have to see who is doing write and who is doing wrong and who is going to create our better future.

Some people just sell their votes for money, they should know that they are selling their country. So in a way we have to include some rules in our politics that may open the gate for our future.

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