Is our Political System Reason for our Backwardness?

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Dhananjay Singh said:   3 years ago
I ,Dhananjay Singh ,
According to me ,political system of our country is not the reason of backwardness.We are all responsible for that ,and there are many points by which I can support it-
(1)-In India, a person who cast vote, for electing the politicians, they are 18+ so at that time you should have to decide that what kind of persons can run our country very smoothly.
(2)-In India, in rural areas, the government has provided a governmental school for studying to the children but the parent does not want to send their children in that school ,why? .because the mentality has established in their mind that there will not be study there as well .
(3)-our system provides many policies but the persons do not take the advantage of that .
(4)-the reason of backwardness may also be the education, poverty ,population and lack of awareness.
So by stating these points we can not say that our political system is the reason of backwardness.

Abhilasha H T said:   6 years ago
Hai, good Evening everyone.

No, Not only our political parties responsible for our backwardness, we are the major reason of it why because we people not having the thinking capacity. We just sell our precious votes for some of cheap costs. And also we just need our safty reputation in this durty society. Now generation is too farward but still we think about caste region and all instead of all these we are just became dolls by corropted politicians. And in our country, most of the people are uneducated even they don't have the capacity to know the parties name for giving their vote. It illustrates also one of the integral reason of it. Finally, all our stupidity became investment for corrupted politicians.

Thank you one & all.

Dipika said:   7 years ago
As per my point of view, just before all the things think that what we are doing. Everyone just thinks like I, me and myself. The government gives many of the facilities to us but we can't use them properly. We just do our work and then just forget.

We all know child labour is offensive for ex. If we are standing on any chat corner and eating something and if any child cleaning plates in front of us for that moment we just feel bad and then we just pay for our dish and then forget all whatever we see before some time. This is one of the most backwardnesses in us. If we are well educated and still we are behaving like this then we are responsible for our backwardness only.

Sunil said:   7 years ago
I do agree that the bad political system does lead to backwardness up to some extent. BUT what we should focus on, is how to make it better. We make the political system and then we criticise our choice. Rather than discussing what had happened we should think about how it will be in the future. Let me take an example. Suppose a kid gets ill, then people starts discussing that what he had eaten, how did it happen, etc. Instead of immediately curing him. In the same sense, our political system is ill. And we are the one who can cure it. As "APJ" use to say-" where there is richness in the heart, there is beauty in the character, where there is beauty in the character, there is harmony in the home, where there is harmony in the home, there is order in the nation and where there is order in the nation there is PEACE IN THE WORLD. What I want to say is the change comes from yourself. And we as a citizen make the system, not the system make us.

Vikash Kumar said:   6 years ago
No, I don't think that political system is the reason for our backwardness,

There are several reasons for backwardness and none other then, we ourselves are responsible for it.

1. We can't blame political parties, in fact, political parties work for the benefit of people, they introduce new policies/bills and try their best to implement them as early as possible. For EX: take the case of GST bill, no doubt that the BJP is working at its best to pass it as soon as possible.

2. The thing is, we Indians don't want to work hard, it's our careless, lazy and sluggish attitude which is holding ourselves backwards.

3. I think it's our attitude towards women and minority committees, lack of education, our social system which are the main causes of our backwardness.

4. We as a youth are least concerned with who comes in power, we are so lazy to step outside of our houses to cast votes, and then we blame political parties.

5. In India, most of the people believe in the ideology of finding faults in the system rather than removing them. I think instead of blaming the political system for all this, we should work collectively to bring a change in the country and to make our country progressive.

Thanks a lot!

Soniya Choudhary said:   6 years ago
No we can't say that only political system is responsible for our backwardness. India is a democratic country. The Government is selected by the majority of people. We can't say that politicians are corrupted that's why our India is not developed. People are used to sell their precious vote during the election. So ultimately we all are corrupted. For doing any work, we try to find the easiest way and for this, we all are involved in bribery. We always try to escape from income taxes.

In India, people use to look for others faults. They blame others for everything but never try to reform their mistakes. When we will start to look upon our mistakes then everything would be fine.

Santhosh said:   5 years ago
Hello everyone.

Political system is one of the reasons for our backwardness country in our country politician leaders are only thinking about how to save Thier party and how to buy the leaders like that but don't think about villages and former's and poor families and educated system is worst system in our country means what I'm saying that when our farmers can develop in our country then India is a developed country up to that time India is a backwardness country.

Peoples are also a reason for backwardness country why because peoples are used to looking for others mistakes and they blame others but never try to reform Thier mistakes. When we are looking to our mistake then automatically system changed.

Arun kumar said:   7 years ago
According to me every Indian is responsible for backwardness. If we look around world, many countries reached at very high level in terms of technology. From the starting our government didn't focus on education and I think this is one of the reason.

In India skills percentage is only 3.5% which is very low as compared to the world. On the other hand other countries like China, South korea, America they have really good percentage of skill rate. So for improving in terms of education or business we have to change ourself and government too.

Dhanashri said:   5 years ago
Hi friends.

I think so only politician is not responsible for backwardness, we are also responsible because if we do not do anything for our country then how the country will grow? As a youth now it's our responsibility to change the condition of our country. Because every country people and every politician think and they always say that youth power is nation power. So we have to decide that how to overcome the backwardness of our country. Don't blame on the only politician because we were select them by giving them vote. So I think that we are also part of backwardness. So from now, we can from our self to change the condition of the country.

Let's think about it.

Kapil said:   4 years ago
Political system as well as Indian voters are reason for our backwardness.

Political system is reason because;

1. If good rule, regulations or schme is launch by ruling government opposition will not want this because of political losses.

2. In our political system there is very less chance for youth who are not coming for political background. Means because of the nepotism Candidate are not eligible but beacuse of the power and money they comes in government.

3. Pressure groups are also created by the political leaders which are harrmfull for indians diversity.

4. Right to vote is for everyone so in India there are huge percentage which is not able to read aur write so they are not aware of any party or candidate so these types of votes buying is done by political parties.

Voteres are reason beacuse;

1. For our personal benifits voters give to vote wrong candidate.

2. Voters are not fully awared about the power of votes.

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