Is our Political System Reason for our Backwardness?

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Anchal Sharma said:   2 years ago
No doubts, Politics comprises all the activities of co-operation, negotiation, and conflict within and between societies,

Parties make laws, take decisions and represent the country at an international level, plays important role in the development of any country.

But here I will mention my perspective regarding why Indian politics is not the reason behind the country's backwardness.

We got independence in 1947 at that time conditions were poverty-stricken but now we are the largest democracy and 6th largest economy. Yes, we are a developing country but we are developing well,

No political party is perfect neither any party will, India is the worlds 2nd largest country with a kaleidoscopic variety and rich cultural heritage, which leads to different opinions, mindsets, and beliefs within different groups.

-one of the main reason behind backward is population, lack of awareness regarding surroundings and education, equality.

The government makes laws but it is in our hand how to follow. Like we take the recent example of article 370, Citizenship amendment bill or farm bill. These decisions divide the country into 2 different options where half of the population is in favour and half against which affects the growth of any country.

Under article 326, every citizen has written to vote after 18, which means we choose the political party that runs the country, the government-imposed many bills regarding, education must for all, the standard of living, women security, household purpose but we lack in terms of awareness, mindset, and different opinions and believes.

Apart from this if we take examples of world leaders like Elon musk sir, Mukesh Ambani sir, bill gates sir, they are not country associated they serve their purpose to the world and contributes to development.

I want to conclude my views by sayings it's not only politics but mindset and purpose that serves the citizens of any country.


Aditya Vikram said:   6 years ago
In my point of view, we can say that some of our Political system, political party or political people is a reason for our Backwardness but only at an exent. We can't say that all political people are responsible for this. There are some political personalities who have taken "India to the world". There are some great leaders who India wants. These politicians give their best so that India have its own Image/status into the World especially in UN. Some of the examples are : Atal Bihari Vajpeyee, Rajiv Gandhi, Narendra Modi, Lal Bahadur Shashtri etc. But the main problem is these people are very less than corrupt Politicians or the people who is mainly responsible for our Backwardness. " OUR POLITICAL SYSTEM IS NOT BAD, OUR VERY OWN POLITICIANS HAD MADE IT WORST".

Everyone wants Chair on the cost of Anything. They want that people of India should always be Backwards. Then only they Able to make there Chappatis. They want that Indians use to fight in the name of Ram, Allah, mandirs, Mosque, Gurudwara, churches etc. People will fight & these our leaders able to secure their seats. Atlast, I can say people are changing. If we want to get develop then we have to stop begging & start earning. They want that we always use to get dependent on them. Many of the examples are here: a man said that he will give free water to the state for FREE. Then what we have done. ? We have given the whole state to him in an election. We have to earn, we should earn. Why always we attract towards free? At least for self-esteem, we have to earn & not run for Free things.

At last, I must say that awareness is coming in our people. Now people are understanding who wants to Take India to world & who to Darkness, backwardness etc. Live and current example is UP Elections.

Atlast, India is progressing and we are developing.


Riya gupta said:   6 years ago

As per as my concern 30% political system and 70% people of our nation are responsible for our backwardness.

Because as we are talking about the political system then there is no doubt most of the person are corrupted and not doing their work properly and all the political parties are just getting fear of losing election, they just wanted to be elected and set their government but then after election they are doing nothing and If someone want to do something for the country they other parties start controversies. No doubt if anyone wants to become a leader then it's their responsibility to dedicated themselves to the country and they all have to support other parties member too if they are doing something well for the nation.

But on the other hand as I already say there is much more involvement of people of India for the backwardness because if government launch some kind of scheme then it's our responsibility to use it but we all are corrupted too and we are very lazy, we do not use that scheme and the reality is most of us are even not aware of many of the schemes.

Sometime before I heard that in a country government starts a scheme that they decided to pay some amount of money to each family either they work or not but the response of the 97% people of that country is no we get money only when we work. As now I am talking about if such kind of thing is announced in our country then trust me most of us think that we get money without work then why should I do work whole day and we stop working because we get enough money that helps us to fulfill our basic need then why I have to choose work that's the reality.

I just want to say that we all are the part of our country so it's our responsibility to be aware and do something for our betterment thus our country also take a step towards growth.

Thank you.

Bon Ngullie said:   7 years ago
Hi friends, I'm Bon Ngullie from Nagaland.

Wel, our topic "Is our Political System Reason for our Backwardness" is worthy to be debated and awareness spread throughout India till we get a positive outcome. To my opinion, the answer to the topic is 100% Yes. Let us focus our attention once in our electioneering system. I think electioneering system in India is nothing but asking and giving money for the precious votes. The mindset we have all is not for development and progress in the real sense BUT money and money. Come election, check out yourself, what our people do when a fellow politician come to our village for campaigning, our people intention is to MEET THE CANDIDATE in secrecy, FOR WHAT? to soft whisper in the candidate's ear "if only you can solve my/our immediate needs now at this moment, my/our votes belongs to nobody" (deal completed). So, folks, this is our political system and whether you all agree with me or not, we are deeply rooted in money mindset "THE DANGER IS THIS FOR OUR PEOPLE NEVER TRY TO LOOK BEYOND THIS ARENA" Of course false promises and false assurances were given by every political party to do this or that if voted to power but which the really don't do even if elected to power is also another factor to blame for our political backwardness. Another great set back of our system is "cornered politics" - tribalism, clanism, communism, etc, etc. Yet another factor which is tearing our political system is - goondasim politics.

Wel, folks we have many more factors to be added but the best thing that we can do is, if we can say this - I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR INDIA'S BACKWARDNESS SO I WILL TAKE THE STAND TO REBUILD MY COUNTRY POLITICAL SYSTEM TO "FORWARDNESS".

God bless India. AMEN.

Sudhakara said:   7 years ago
Hi Everyone,

Good evening, I am Sudhakar, I am going to speak against the topic.

In my opinion, Indian political system is very strong, we can say that politicians are corrupted, but not the political system. We can't just blame the political system for the corruption, we all have the option to choose a right candidate in an election, if we didn't choose the right one for the reason of caste or money, then it is our fault. Each person in India responsible for our backwardness.

There are much other reasons for our backwardness.

People in India are not utilizing the opportunities available in their hand. They are just looking for the perfect job.

The education system is not well defined, students are just thinking to become the doctor or an engineer to earn money, they are not thinking about the nation.

Many people who have studied in IIT/IIM are going to foreign countries to the shuttle. They utilized the resource of India to study and going to work in foreign countries.

Many people are not paying the tax on time, Tax is the main revenue to the government to utilize it for the development works in India. We can see we are ourselves responsible for our backwardness, not the political system alone.

Conclusion: We can't just blame our political system because we people only elect them only thing that we need to do is to elect the right candidate during the election. We should also work with responsibilities, without fully depending on the government. On another side, a government should also take initiatives to increase the entrepreneurs in our country, and take action to mitigate the brain drain.

Sunny said:   7 years ago
Is our political system reason for our economic downfall?

Obviously! YES. Our Indian constitution starts with a sentence "we the people of India" which is palpable that any good or bad must signifies us. Political system solely not responsible can be proven by the facts if we go through the election were we give precious votes to elect the person who not only govern us but country too.

Recent perspective.

In recent election we have seen that victorious party won by 35% of the capable strength of votes, then question arise, where are the rest votes? obviously, there are the person's who had didn't voted. This question needs to be answered. In Kerala, majority of the people not voted due to the non-availability of female candidates, possibly this is the reason for the upper question but is it for all states? This is vague in respect of other states regarding the same issues.

Our great pacifist leaders gave their whole life for good life, prepared a well stable constituency so that we live in an archaic environment still we seeing ourselves far lag behind of another country. This means we are not respecting their belongings. We clouding their beautiful constituency.

Our country is larger democracy in the world, even another country also thinks as a milestone.

Overall, we not need to copy them to how to bring growth in the economy but to make our own terms rule the world with our merits and the advantages which are absent in another country's.

UmeshKT said:   7 years ago
Hi, folks, this is a topic worth discussion as the state of country and quality of leadership in a country are both dependent on same building component which is the People of this country.

A building made of poor material will never stand tall, however meticulously it is planned. In a similar way, the country we live in will never develop till we, the basic fiber of the country are developed. Gone are the days when a king planned and ran entire nation in his own ways, good or bad. The present world is run by people and takes the path which majority of its people decide.

This political system was implemented by our leaders who brought this country into existence after a long period of slavery. They fought for good and passed on to us a very strong foundation of democracy. Facts reveal that we have lost ourselves to greed, malice, fear and lost our sense of vision. We forgot the quality of life and broke threads of society to build cocoon nest of our own. A population has grown ten folds and so have each vice in society. However, moral and social education have not grown at the same pace.

I agree that politicians in present day country are causing a lot of damage to the progress of the country. But, the question is who elected them to decide the fate of the country?

It's up to us to choose good leaders and bring our country among leading countries.

Saibaba said:   7 years ago
Hello friends,

1). It is true that India is backward because of politicians. See the qualifications of politicians across India. Expect for few like Arvind kejriwal, Manohar parrikar, SM krishna etc no politician is from any premier institution. Itself shows about the stands of politics in India.

2). In India first of all for peon job a required qualification is needed. But the highly valuable VOTE doesn't need any qualification. This is the main cause of all miseries. When constitution was drafted not than 5% of total population was educated, so to give everybody a right, the educational qualification was kept a side and vote was given to every body. Since after 66 years of Indian constitution in existence the same rule is implemented and every uneducated is given the right to vote which is been misused. A person who cannot have one square meal, how can he change the fate of nation by voting.

3). Corruption is the worst thing to happen to mankind and this is prevalent in India. So a corrupted nation cannot compete and it will be underdeveloped for another 1000 years.

4). In India every body is greedy and doesn't bother for others. Sometimes it is astonishing that in spite of we having so many gods and their sacrifices, the greediness in people is not going and this is another major backwardness.

Pintu kumar said:   7 years ago
I don't think that politics is only the reason for our backwardness. But yeah it plays an important role in the development. So we can discuss only the positive and negative impact of the politics.

The initiatives were taken by government surely help to build the nation.

The correct decision was taken by the govt. Influence the development.

Take for eg. Indira Gandhi gave to manage rupee against the dollar when there is a lot of food starvation in India to export the food products. But it could be managed by some other way.

While on another hand, some existing laws make it very difficult to cope up with this as.

There is no need of any qualification or education for a minister while you have to clear exams even for a post of peon.

Also, the caste based reservation system is one of the problems for our backwardness.

Also, if a minister wants to implement any law for our goodwill, the system is so complex that it got lost in somewhere within the system.

I want to add another point that we said our system is corrupt but my friend we are also equally responsible for this. So we have to equally come forward and take action against it.

So, a good decision maker, powerful, and have ability to keep his word strongly in front of others can only do something better for the nation.

Thanks to all!

RATNESH GUPTA said:   7 years ago
Hi friends,

I don't think politics is the main reason for our backwardness. We are backward because of our fault. We are not utilizing our valuable vote effectively in election. Instead of giving vote to right candidate we give our vote to that candidate who belongs to our caste. The best example we could see in BIHAR that how again jungle razz come back in politics in 2015. Everyone knows that how jungle razz ruled over BIHAR for 15 years and almost throw BIHAR backward for 15 years. Same example we could see in central also i.e. congress ruled over INDIA around 60 years. I remember that when INDIA become independent that time 1 rupees=1 USD but now 68 rupees=1 USD.

Almost all countries have political system and the countries who are developed because the people from developed nations are educated and they aware from the background of all political leader and they utilize their vote the right candidate. That's why they are developed and we are developing nation.

One main reason for our backwardness is the quelling of casteism with one-another and other is during striking we destroy our government property. For example recently in HARYANA people burned many buses and destroyed many government properties.

So, we can't say that political system is the main reason for our backwardness.

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