Impact of Technology on Jobs

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Kaasa Durga prasad said:   2 years ago
Hi everyone, this is Durga Prasad.

Today my topic is impact on technology.

In my opinion, the technology of this era not only helps people to save time but also helps the job sector. I would like to take the example of the recent Covid pandemic situation when there was lockdown in the entire country, all manufacturing units were closed but the IT sector was running smoothly and even some the companies doubled their earnings. Technology helped to sift the working from the office to working from home. And for Teaching organizations, it is blessed because they are able to reach many students through online mode.

Subrat said:   4 years ago
Hi everyone, I hope you all are doing according to my opinion regarding this topic is so obvious.

As a coin has two sides likewise everything comes under with same personality. In this way Technology affects Jobs in both way. To be very precise am telling the pros and cons as well as solutions regarding this pointwise so that you all can relate this simply.


1. Technology gives quick support and provide easy user interface to you people so that you can easily fill-up all the formalities to apply a job because all are in simple English language.

2. The best impact on tech on jobs is it saves TIME which is the important factor in our life which we all try to save and to do kore so all the way time consuming is maintain by Tech.

3. We all use Social media which is one of the best gift of Technology to us so that we can search our dream job details and see what are the response regarding that job of different people so that we could reach at a apoint at where we decided to do that or not.

4. In Other hand Technology invents new jobs which yield people get opportunities to get that and Eran money.


1. Smart phone and internet speed required for easy access and to get updated regarding upcoming jobs.

2. Fraud which is really bad thing is promoted by social media due to some people by uploading fake advertisement.

3. Advance Technology reduces the hope of unskilled people to get a job because they require obviously more time to get updated.


1. Get updated regarding what's going around with your environment.

2. Keep searching upcoming jobs which comes under your profession do lie subscribe required YouTube channel.

3. Be aware of Frauds. Before applying for any jobs first read all terms and conditions.

Technical on jobs takes a vital role in the increasing economy of a country which is obviously a great thing. Right.

That's all. Thanks for reading. Thank you.

Himanshu said:   6 years ago
Technology is just the implementation of our practical knowledge and skills to create something that helps in increasing the efficiency of the work being performed.

According to me, technology hasn't taken away the job opportunities but did just the opposite that is created them in a large amount.

The main motive of implementation of Technology is to gain quality and quantity simultaneously.

It can be clearly seen that with introduction to a new technology opens a new field generating new job opportunities i.e.(creating, controlling, repairing, maintaining and many more). Let's for an instance talk about the communication technology today, we can clearly see that it has brought the world closer thus simplifying our lives but at the same time has created numerous job opportunities for the people in fields like (signal processing, electronics, computer industry, telecommunications, instrumentation etc. ). Similarly is the case with other technologies which have acted like a boon in creating job opportunities. The only thing that needs to be done is keeping yourself updated and moving hand in hand with modern world and we will see technology as a friend but not as a rival.

Subham Barnwal said:   5 years ago
Good morning to everyone,

Today we will be discussing about the topic "impact of technology on jobs".

The impact word itself begins with the impression that it will have both positive and negative sides.

Let's begin with positive impacts. Technology has tremendously increased jobs in the IT sector, no doubt in it but along with that common citizens are being benefitted as well. Let's take a few examples, food delivery services provided by tech giants like Zomato, swiggy, etc provide jobs not only to the delivery boys but also to many people by providing customer care executives.

Now let's come to the example number two. Online cab services like ola and uber not only benefitted the drivers but also those who have cars and want to give them for rent.

There is another whole world of online education which not only provide jobs to professors but also to those poor current students who want to earn by giving lectures of their own interest. A very good platform is unacademy.

In YouTube, many youtubers earn money by showing their talents and earn in lakhs.

But this is just one side of the coin. There are negative impacts as well, the online services of cab and food delivery is mainly concentrated in the city regions only, rural areas don't enjoy those benefits.

Introduction of e-rickshaws snatched away the source of income for those manual rickshaw pullers who can't afford to buy e-rickshaws.

Introduction to automatic machines in industries which performs the labour work as well ate up the opportunities of those who survive on just simple labour work.

So-called home shops like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, big basket, they all have reduced the income of small businessmen who wait in his shop whole day to sell their products.

No doubt technology is benefitting big companies, but again at the same time, it is snatching away the jobs of common men especially in rural areas.

That's all I have to say, thank you.

Suriyabalaji said:   5 years ago
Hello friends,

Myself Suriyabalaji,

'Necessity is the mother of invention'.

But in today's world technology is necessary for innovation new things to satisfy human needs. Technology is the most important key factor in our day to day life because it helps us to improve our life and make things better in various fields such as business, education, defence, health-care, communication etc.

Technology has booted our standard of living by creating more opportunities like a faster mode of transport, communication etc. Now one can find everything on the internet.

However, it also affects people all over the world both positively and negatively. Advances in technology have brought us online banking, smart TVs, smartphones, computers etc but at the same time, they also brought us hacking and a lot of bad things. Manufacturer workers will be finished off by this technological development because automation reduces the need of manpower and also workers are reallocated from their companies, finally which leads to unemployment and it is impossible to say how many jobs are going to be finished off in future by automation.

Conclusion: I agree that technology has taken us to achieve many things. It depends on how we use the technology. It is designed to Make our lives easier but never be replaced by real human beings.

Thank you, friends.

SHIVAM SINGH said:   5 years ago
Hello my dear friends

There is nothing in the world that only good impact in case of anything,for examples in case of technology

(1) Less time required.
(2) Less numbers of labour required.
(3) Easily fulfil people requirement.
(4) More numbers of product form at a time.

(1) Cost of product increases.
(2) No more labour required for production (because all types of work done by technology).

Himanshu said:   5 years ago
Hello friends.

As we know that we are living in a 21st century and it is modern era or we can say the era of technology. As we know also that in population we have got a 2nd position in the world so a number of youth in our country is one,-forth of the total population and they are hungry of technology. As insects are attracted by the lights same as youth are also attached by technology.

And technology saves time. And technology has reduced the burden over the people. On increasing technology many opportunities are also increased it has also some merits and demerits as;

1. Reduction in Cost of labour.
2. Time-consuming.
3. Error happening in the industry is less.
4. Economy growth.

1. Due to the increase in automatic machines unemployment is increasing.
2. Dependency on machines is blindly following by organization.
3. Less chances of getting jobs in any organisation.

Saurabh Pandey said:   5 years ago
Now, work without technology is not possible. If the technology will be faster output will be more accurate and also take less time. But by using more technologies the biggest problem which is coming in light is an increment of unemployment. If we think as the country our population is increasing day by day so it will create a problem in the country. So, I will suggest that there should be a proper combination of technology used and manpower.

Anjali Mathe said:   5 years ago
With the growing demand, it is the need of the hour to introduce new technologies. When technology develops the very first thought which comes to our mind is how it will affect our life in terms of health and wealth. It is always seen, when discussed a technology we focus more of job loss. But is it really true? Let me cite some of the examples, with the introduction of wired and wireless communication although left many postman unemployed we forget the number of call centres which came up giving employment to many youngsters.

With the introduction of Ola and Uber, many auto rickshaw drivers were unemployed but the same technology gave employment to the same drivers at higher pay increasing their living standard.

A technology come in the market and remain in the market only when it is advantageous to the people. Definitely, technology has taken jobs from a few sectors but the same technology has provided job to more number of people in other sectors.

When we talk about the concept of driverless cars which will potentially create unemployment for the drivers we should also think about its success on road. Driverless cars on Indian road or in any other developing country won't be popular because of high fare. In developed countries, its impact on employment and unemployment is almost the same. So with the impact of technology, its success should also be taken care.

At last, again need of the hour is to introduce new technologies to grow business and generate employment, its not the technology creating unemployment, its the unawareness to use technology to its best. Technology do take jobs from a few sectors but the same technology provided job to more number of people in other sectors.

Adarsh said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone,

What is technology? It means continuous advancement in the field of our techniques. In today's era, we are surrounded by different gadgets like mobile, Laptop, TV, etc.
As technology in the world is increasing, our gadgets also upgrading. Technology reduces our working time and energy. So technology has both pros and cons. So I am going to discuss the merits or demerits of technology.

1) By using technology we can save our time and energy.
2) Instead of manual work, we can use the computer for more efficiency and error-free work.
3) By different app, we can make our daily routine work easier.
4) In education, medical, share market, IT industry everything totally depends on technology
5) Lots of people earning money on YouTube.
6) No. of opportunity also increasing day by day in India.
7) Many software engineers are working for the betterment of India even outside India also.
8) So no of jobs in every field increased exponentially.

1) The literacy rate in India very high, so numerous people don't have the latest gadgets by they can use technology.
2) Yes, it is also true that if any person doesn\'t know about computer, mobile then he/she is not able to find any job easily, cause in every field you must be knowledgeable about technology.
3) My advice to the Indian govt. for the betterment of India, govt should organize a campaign in backward areas and villages. So every person can take the benefit of technology.

In the end, technology makes our life more comfortable but somewhere we are also losing our reasoning and thinking level.
Thank you!

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