Impact of Technology on Jobs

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Dhruv said:   1 month ago
As we all know that in today's modern world the demand of technology has been increased. As technology is the one which can makes things easier and reduce human efforts like computer, mobiles, Machines used in factories all of these are helping to do work effectively in less time. But due to this there is a also a threat to the people finding jobs as technology gets better the demand of man hours will be reduced and it will be replaced by machines creating unemployment in the country.

Supriya said:   1 month ago
Every invention's drawbacks leads to new invention.

We all know there are many advantages of increasing technology and there are many educated people who are happy with the software jobs in the IT industry. But on the other side poor illiterate people are losing their jobs which made it difficult for them to survive. Most uneducated would choose driving, selling eatables, fruits, vegetables etc but these are replaced by ola, uber autos, cabs and also people are showing more interest in ordering their food online by which the demand for small hotels, and shops has reduced rapidly.

Though ola, uber driving is similar to normal driving there are many old people who are not aware of using mobile phones, so those companies are hiring young people.

I conclude that As Technology increases jobs for the educated are increasing but the uneducated are not finding any option to survive.

Thota pravallika said:   1 month ago
Hello everyone.

I would like to share my views regarding the impact of technology on jobs.

In pandemic time, the technology really saves many lives like the software employees receiving the salaries on time and lead their life.

Most of the people struggling to go outside to purchase the things then that time this online delivery of food and groceries really helped us a lot and doesn't let to go outside. But the one who are doing online delivery jobs they must take care themselves while supplying the products why because we are believing them and not going outside to buy the things even the situation is danger in COVID time.

Albert Chacko said:   2 months ago
We, humans, are growing in every aspect of life day by day, as technology is also growing with us or faster than our growth.

In the olden days, humans were more self-standing and due to the technological phase, humans are more dependable on technology and became lazy.

Technology is a double-edged sword. It has more advantages and more disadvantages.

Technology expands the innovations of the world, and duties make easy, and time-consuming is practically possible. Still, at the same time, technology limits the thinking capacity, and intelligence quotient, reducing interpersonal relationships and communication.

Manish Kumar said:   2 months ago
Before I'm going to discuss something related to the impact of technology on jobs. Let me tell you what is technology means. It refers to the study of skills, techniques, processes, and methods for the production of goods and services.

Like the existence of a good God and a bad god, there is the scenario of a good point of view like a good god and a bad point of view like a bad god.

I'm starting with a good one:

1) With the Discovery of technology many works related to online become easier we can easily connect across the world.

2) With the increase in technology, many of them got more jobs in the IT sector.

3) It also helps to reduce the time of work.

4) it also helps to reduce the error happening in the organization.

Now we see the scenario of the bad one:

1) With the increase in technology, many industries get automated by machines which results in a decrease in the involvement of human beings.

2) Also with the increase in technology humans become lazy.

3) With the increase in technology less chance to get a job in an organization.

So here's my view.

Hope that in the upcoming generation there is a valuable use of technology effectively and efficiently.

Simran said:   3 months ago
Technology has impacted us in a good or in a bad way as we all aware of that India has a very literacy rate, when it comes to technology the people who do not have the basic knowledge about computers and other technology it will be more difficult for them to grow as you all know the technology is growing day by day in our country, obviously it is beneficial for our country only it will lead to more contact with countries for getting the opportunity for the business.

The Government should give basic training of computers to the weaker section of society as they can't afford to pay and then learn.

Pramananda gupta said:   3 months ago
Technology has both negative and positive impacts on the environment. From the employer's point of view, the growth of the company increased due to Technology as every work is made easier, and faster. A few months of work are done in a few days. For eg, calculations, analysis and so on.

Negative impact: people are more reliant on computers. People's knowledge growth is being stopped as they more depend on google and so on.

Naina said:   3 months ago
With the day-by-day improvement in the field of technology it has led to new jobs and fields where freshers can apply, though it is one of the current needs for a company, it has also led to the case of unemployment. With new technologies companies don't need to hire a number of employees to do a task, instead, there are a number of machines that can perform those tasks in much less time and with more precision. Thus, technological advancement is necessary but so is employment.

Anonymous said:   3 months ago
Technology on jobs is impacted in both good and bad ways. But it most impacted it in a good way as with the help of technology employees don't need to spend their time travelling and just filling up their attendance register in companies. Now. IT sector employees are mostly doing their work from home which is beneficial both for the company and the employees as its saves most of their time as time is very important for everyone.

But technology also makes the employees lazy as they just open up a laptop and just sit on their table and enjoy the day.

Pratiksha sanam said:   4 months ago
The impact of technology is day by day increased but the increasing impact of technology is also a good side and a bad side.

There is one side technology developed day by day due to technology in this technology using the day by day it sector, as well as all technology sector and an also it will increase knowledge of the human being all activities, are done in very less time very efficient way and it will increase the productivity of the product in very less time.

And also it is bad side.

It will impact the uneducated person, for example, the people is no job so they don't have any income way and day by day technology is increasing they reduce the power of Manual work due to that lots of people thye don't knowable about the computer they are lost there job.

Also, it will be making humans lazy.

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