Impact of Technology on Jobs

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Shivya said:   7 days ago
Firstly, as we all know every topic has both pros and cons and it depends on the user what he wants to take in a good way or bad way.

Nowadays technology is used everywhere in our day-to-day life. If we want to take in good purpose it leads to a good future. Technology is used by many students to learn new things. Also, it saves time.

Coming to cons:

In Technology just clicking a link it reveals our private information. It causes cyber attacks.

It always depends upon the user what he wants to use.

Thank you.

Sai Satya said:   1 week ago
Good evening to everyone.

I am Sai Satya,

And, I am here to discuss the topic of the impact of technology on jobs. We know that every topic has both pros and cons,

Firstly, I want to discuss the pros.

As we all know that in today's world, technology is developing day by day and without technology, we are not able to do the things in our daily life. Technology makes our life more easier and helps us in various ways. If we use it in a good manner, it will help us to build a good future.

When it comes to cons,

Technology is making everything easier as well as our jobs. Nowadays jobs of people are also replaced by AI, which poses a severe risk to the employment of many people.

So this is all about my opinion.

Thank you.

Vidya said:   2 weeks ago
Hello one and all,

Talking about the impacts of technology on jobs, I think there are many more positive impacts rather than negative ones. Some people think technology reduces or replaces jobs but in my opinion, technology is not replacing or reducing jobs. Rather it helps, saves time, and creates new jobs. If you learn to use technology efficiently no one can take your job or no one can replace you.

For we all without technology, it's very hard to live. In our day-to-day life from morning to night there is 95% of our daily tasks in which we use technology, like after waking up for bathing we use the geyser to warm the water, for cooking we use an induction stove, for washing clothes we uses the washing machine, we use mobile phone to call and for many other tasks all the day there are a lot of things we used in our daily life which we can call as technology. There is a big share of technology in our life to make it easy or reduce the hard work.

For example, if I miss my class someday so to help of technology I can learn the topic from YouTube or many other resources. There are many online options for me to learn new things. We can save a lot of time and energy by using technology.

There are some chances of errors in manual work but if we use computers or machines it will be efficient, error-free and saves a lot of time.

As we know every coin has two sides so technology cannot be escaped from that. One of the major issues of using technology - social media is cyber crimes. People should not share their private life on social media. There are so many sites that can make 0 your bank balance by just clicking on it. So people should be aware of those attacks. One more disadvantage of using technology is not knowing the technology. Many people in India are illiterate. They don't know how to use technology so obviously it's hard for them to get a job. Because as time passes we depend more on technology. Everyone must learn new technologies to compete with the growing world.

Devshree Vaidya said:   1 month ago
Good evening everyone

Impact of technology on jobs

It has both negative and positive impacts

1. they are not replacing the tech job but helping them.
2. It's facilitating more remote work and flexibility.
3. The negative is that it's widening the rich and poor gap because technology can make people richer but leave others without a good job.

Harsh gupta said:   2 months ago
Hello everyone, my name is Harsh Gupta.

First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me the chance to speak on this topic.

As we are all familiar with the word technology it is an application of scientific and conceptual knowledge for achieving practical goals. I agree with the statement that Technology is most important for a nation's growth and development. But technology has bad impacts on social life like data insecurity, distractions, loneliness, fraud, and so many else l.

But, nowadays, it is affecting the student's life. When technology usage comes into the education field, no doubt it makes education cheaper, but the students are not studying with phones. They even don't know the difference between kg and g, but they perfectly know how to make videos and reels.

For proper education, there should be an environment like a classroom that they are not getting in online classes. Even they don't know the meaning of punctuality, discipline, and how to interact with others.

Also, automation impacts the job, plus I recently heard about a robot harming two officers in its training period. The AI tools, also, make a bad impact on social life via this fraudsters start blackmailing people by sending them fake intimate videos.

At last, I just want to say, that we should also think about the bad impact before laughing at such powerful tools and demoting online education for the sake of our upcoming generation.

Sunny deol said:   5 months ago
Good evening everyone.

My name is Amarjyoti das.

In my opinion, technology on jobs has both positive and negative effects on jobs.

Positive effects:

Technology makes work easier. By the use of technology, work which was taking years can be completed in a few months or even a day. It favours smart work than hard work. Physical labour has decreased significantly.

Negative effect:

Technology has decreased the number of seats for jobs, as using technology the work can be done by using less manpower and in less time. The unemployment rate has increased due to this.

Prem said:   6 months ago
As we are living in the 21st century and new technology is coming day by day. And also it has its own merits and demerits in getting the job:

1. Reduction in Cost of labour.
2. Time-consuming.
3. Error happening in the industry is less.
4. Economy growth.

1. Due to the increase in automatic machines unemployment is increasing.
2. Dependency on machines is blindly followed by the organization.
3. Less chances of getting jobs in any era.

Indrajeet said:   7 months ago
In my opinion,

Technology is the way of scientific knowledge. Now we are totally dependent on technology. It gives us more advantages in our life. It makes work easier in the employee's life. Using technology is the best but misusing technology is very bad. It gives us more job in our life. Many people depend on their education on technology.

Satyendra Kumar said:   8 months ago
Hi everyone Satyendra Kumar.

Now, I'm going to talk about the Impact of Technology on Jobs. It's the most popular thing at this time. We can't imagine what will be happened if technology will apply surround in an accurate format of way, but it depends upon human how's use?, Technology will increase then jobs will also increase, in that time technology we have to take as a positive, don't take as a negative.

If we shall take as negatively then we will get negative activities. So all time be positive.

Thank you!

Gulafsha khan said:   8 months ago
Hey everyone!

The impact of technology in jobs is literally the worst-case scenario for employees in the field of IT and engineering. As we all know the current most popular technology named "ChatGPT" is likely to deceive many opportunities for young employees.

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