Impact of Technology on Jobs

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Arnab Das said:   3 years ago
Today we are going to discuss the impact of technology on jobs. With the advancement of technology, our work has become much easier compared to past days. When it comes to see your close ones who are staying far away from home, due to job or studies, it's just a matter of tap on the screen compared to the past days when a letter used to take at least three weeks to reach India from England. Due to the drastic technological advancements, a person like Jeff Bezos is able to make space tours.

But again we all have to agree that each and everything in this world has its own pros and cons.

The various pros of the impact of technology on jobs:-.

A) The programming language has advanced a lot with technology which actually makes our work much easier and faster compared to previous days where one has to remember numerous coding for simple typing.

B) Jobs which involved a huge amount of risk like mining, excavating, building sky-scrapers can be replaced by various robots.

C) With the advancement of technology, work from home is possible for pregnant women. And now in this COVID situation online has become one of the major ways to continue with various possible jobs without a complete halt on various projects.

D) With the more improvement of technology, the dream for Digital India is coming into reality. Students can get their certification done from foreign universities at the comfort of their home only because of the online mode which will be beneficial for them in searching for various jobs.

E) With the advancement of technology, employees can even meet their deadlines much faster than before, which in turn benefits the organization by increasing productivity and quality.

There is a saying that "If you believe in God, you have to believe in Devil". Similarly, if you accept the boon of any topic, you have to accept the bane of it.

So now I will be discussing the disadvantages of the impact of technology on jobs:-.

A) There are many jobs that are becoming redundant like ATMs are replacing some bank jobs.

B) Many hotels are introducing self-check-in terminals, where the guests do the check-in procedure on their own which are actually taking away the jobs of receptionists.

C) With the introduction of technology of jobs, many unskilled workers are losing their jobs. Not only the jobs of unskilled or semi-skilled are at stake but also the jobs of highly skilled employees are at risk with the introduction of so-called "Artificial Intelligence".

But in the end, I would like to end in a positive note. During the time of the Industrial Revolution, there were many such misconceptions that industries would be taking much of the jobs, but on contrary, it happened that Industrial Revolution had created a lot of options for new jobs. It is seen that countries which are much technologically advanced has more scope of jibs compared to the countries who are far behind in technology.

Rahul Raj said:   5 years ago
Hello, everyone and a hearty welcome to all of you.

I'm very delighted and equally excited to share my thoughts on this topic.

First of all, Technology is the greatest of boon and worst of a bane for present-day, humans! Now, I don't know how many of you can relate. Proficiency, time-saving, up-gradation, easy accessibility, a whole ocean of knowledge and many more such qualifiers can be used for 'Technology' precisely. On the other hand, laziness, comparative absence, lack of face to face human interaction, time overspent, multi-dimensional hacks and also threats; are the face of the same.

Coming to the topic "Impact of Technology on Jobs", has both positive and negative impact, is what I also personally believe.


1. India being an agrarian country, Technology has helped create, large scale jobs in rural areas.

2. A number of employees, more services rendered, more economy, ultimately more revenue generated through taxes by the government. That simply leads to assured economic growth.

3. Demand for technically skilled youth is increasing at a rapid pace, which means more employability for Educated Youth like many of us.

4. People are trained for such a newly created job again that is an added advantage.

5. Last but not least, we experience an improved lifestyle, and consumerism has substantially increased in a span of 10 years or so, astoundingly resulting in more employment opportunities.

Being an Indian, I'm on a very fresh page of scribbled handwriting in terms of so many bands imposed within 5 years time, but trust me India is succeeding and growing at a very rapid pace. Changes should be accepted and embraced, only then we can become the same "sone ki chiriya" as we were in a remarkable history.


1. With technology coming in, aggravation of so many job losses and jobs becoming redundant is experienced. Machines and automation are replacing low-skilled workers, as many companies are welcoming newly automated machines and with effect poor, low skilled, manual working groups are being hit to the bottom again.

2. Not only this but also semi-skilled and even high-skilled jobs are at risk, click-click 'Artificial Intelligence' like the name suggests, it will challenge human intelligence, however the outcome will be worth watching.

3. Last but not least, continuously updating your knowledge to sustain in the market is the need of the hour. A short missed can be bowled for bowler but, the decision lies in the hands of the third umpire. (don't mind the comment).

I've tried my best to give a closer insight on the topic through my knowledge and experience. I want you people to suggest and leave your feedback for my writing, I would be more than happy to accept your responses.

Regards for the day, and success for your life. "Do your best and leave the rest. ".

Chandan kumar gupta said:   5 years ago
Helo friends.

I am going to discuss about "impact of technology on jobs".

Technology intervention is inevitable in any sphere. It does raise the bar of productivity, efficiency and safety to a level which is not achievable by humans. Adoption of technology, global reach and faster communication has overhauled manufacturing, servicing, product delivery and also employment associated with these sectors. But, this is not the first time the world has experienced significant shifts in employment due to new technology. History states that technology has been a creator of jobs and has augmented new avenues. The course this time will be the same or not is a debatable issue. The prominent technologies that are likely to bring disruption are:

A) Artificial Intelligence.
B) Autonomous and near-autonomous vehicles.
C) 3D printing.
D) Industrial Automation.
E) Next-generation genomics.
F) Advanced materials.

Arguments supporting that technological advancement will lead to Job loss.

Industries across the globe are adopting new technologies for higher efficiency and performance, lower manufacturing. Machines can reduce risk and increase effectiveness. This could lead to the elimination of a vast number of semi or unskilled jobs, who make a substantial portion of the workforce in manufacturing and agriculture sector.

Automation isn't just for blue-collar workers anymore. Computers are now taking over tasks performed by professional workers, raising fears of massive unemployment.

Researchers at MIT foresee dismal prospects for many types of jobs as these powerful new technologies are increasingly adopted not only in manufacturing, clerical, and retail work but in professions such as law, financial services, education, and medicine.

Arguments that Jobs will not be lost due to technological advancements.

According to research firm Gartner, more jobs will be created than lost by automation. The firm stated that though 1.8 million jobs will be eliminated by 2020, 2.3 million new jobs will be created by then.

It is widely suggested that workers will have greater employment opportunities if their occupation undergoes some degree of computer automation. As long as they can learn to use the new tools, automation will be their friend. For example; when ATMs automated the tasks of bank tellers and when barcode scanners automated the work of cashiers: Rather than contributing to unemployment, the number of workers in these occupations grew.

With the advent of new technologies industry, experts see the need for skilled workers increasing in the short run and persisting for at least another decade. The experts call for training programs with a new curriculum and certifications to standardize emerging job classifications.


Mohit Dwivedi said:   2 years ago
Good morning everyone, I'm discussing the Impact of technology.

According to opinion, Advantage and disadvantage are the two sides of the same coin, if you have the advantage of something then there will be disadvantage also, Now talking about the advantage of technology, taking the recent example,

- It helps a lot during a pandemic, as due to lockdown everything thing was closed but the thing which had helped is technology,

-It helps in reducing the time, as we have to waste or precious time for paying bills, in ticket reservation, for appointment to doctor etc, there are various things in which it had helped, we can accomplish our work within few sec.

- During the winter season the air in Delhi become more polluted due to stubble burning, technology helps in purifying the air.

- Technology had helped us to reach even to the other planets.

There are various more examples in which technology had played a major role.

Now coming to disadvantage-.

-Because of this we all are busy with our technical equipment like mobile and we don't spend our time with our family.

-because of technology many people have to leave their job, there is a lack of employment in our country, Humans are replaced by machines in big factories.

- We have left our culture, Humans are becoming lazy nowadays.

- Technology is the mother of Bombs, Guns, Missiles etc which is very dangerous for humankind, biggest example of this is the Nuclear drop in Hiroshima as well as in Nagasaki in Japan. We can see the effect of that yet now even after 70 years.

Now according to my opinion. We should use technology but in a limited way like parents should be strict toward their children, they should scold them for excess use of mobile, we should use our mind first, and try to find out the solution of any problem, we should use technology at last. Like we use to search everything on google even if there is a small calculation we use to use calculator according to me we should first use our mind then depend upon technology.

Thank you.

Vidya said:   2 months ago
Hello one and all,

Talking about the impacts of technology on jobs, I think there are many more positive impacts rather than negative ones. Some people think technology reduces or replaces jobs but in my opinion, technology is not replacing or reducing jobs. Rather it helps, saves time, and creates new jobs. If you learn to use technology efficiently no one can take your job or no one can replace you.

For we all without technology, it's very hard to live. In our day-to-day life from morning to night there is 95% of our daily tasks in which we use technology, like after waking up for bathing we use the geyser to warm the water, for cooking we use an induction stove, for washing clothes we uses the washing machine, we use mobile phone to call and for many other tasks all the day there are a lot of things we used in our daily life which we can call as technology. There is a big share of technology in our life to make it easy or reduce the hard work.

For example, if I miss my class someday so to help of technology I can learn the topic from YouTube or many other resources. There are many online options for me to learn new things. We can save a lot of time and energy by using technology.

There are some chances of errors in manual work but if we use computers or machines it will be efficient, error-free and saves a lot of time.

As we know every coin has two sides so technology cannot be escaped from that. One of the major issues of using technology - social media is cyber crimes. People should not share their private life on social media. There are so many sites that can make 0 your bank balance by just clicking on it. So people should be aware of those attacks. One more disadvantage of using technology is not knowing the technology. Many people in India are illiterate. They don't know how to use technology so obviously it's hard for them to get a job. Because as time passes we depend more on technology. Everyone must learn new technologies to compete with the growing world.

Mijanur Rahaman said:   4 years ago
Impact Of Technology On Job Creation In India.

Technology makes human civilization easier. Day by day our dependency on technology is hiked up. But when the question is arisen to relate technology with employment, often we may fall in a fix.

Many a developed country progressed rapidly with the help of sound technology. Lion's share of them is less populous. But in our populous country some time we may see an adverse relationship between the two. In India the unemployment rate is very high, the rate is usually confined near about six to eight per cent. Along with underemployment ratio is very high. Critics claim that technology is the actual demon behind the scenario. In mining, power, heavy industry and various organised government sector labour force participation rate is negative since the new economic policy that paid a red carpet towards modern technology. Since the green revolution labour intensive method is being gradually died down in the Agricultural field.

But it should not be judicious to accuse technology only for the shrinking job opportunity. In modern era without technology, we cannot able to move on the rest world at the same pace. Today international market and diplomacy egg on modern technology. Technological implementation has been reduced bribery corruption and provides fast and secure service in various fields, government schemes become easier to common people, hence the entire system gradually become transparent, which is essential for a welfare nation. Some start-up business finds their path through technology.

So, we should make a proper harmony between the two segments. In this direction, proper planning may boost skill development. Hence our human resource can able to access modern technology. To reduce the extra workforce we may create more start-ups for our youth. If we do so, our country become one of the leading country in the world. In this context Japan is a suitable example for us.

Subham Barnwal said:   5 years ago
Good morning to everyone,

Today we will be discussing about the topic "impact of technology on jobs".

The impact word itself begins with the impression that it will have both positive and negative sides.

Let's begin with positive impacts. Technology has tremendously increased jobs in the IT sector, no doubt in it but along with that common citizens are being benefitted as well. Let's take a few examples, food delivery services provided by tech giants like Zomato, swiggy, etc provide jobs not only to the delivery boys but also to many people by providing customer care executives.

Now let's come to the example number two. Online cab services like ola and uber not only benefitted the drivers but also those who have cars and want to give them for rent.

There is another whole world of online education which not only provide jobs to professors but also to those poor current students who want to earn by giving lectures of their own interest. A very good platform is unacademy.

In YouTube, many youtubers earn money by showing their talents and earn in lakhs.

But this is just one side of the coin. There are negative impacts as well, the online services of cab and food delivery is mainly concentrated in the city regions only, rural areas don't enjoy those benefits.

Introduction of e-rickshaws snatched away the source of income for those manual rickshaw pullers who can't afford to buy e-rickshaws.

Introduction to automatic machines in industries which performs the labour work as well ate up the opportunities of those who survive on just simple labour work.

So-called home shops like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, big basket, they all have reduced the income of small businessmen who wait in his shop whole day to sell their products.

No doubt technology is benefitting big companies, but again at the same time, it is snatching away the jobs of common men especially in rural areas.

That's all I have to say, thank you.

Subrat said:   4 years ago
Hi everyone, I hope you all are doing according to my opinion regarding this topic is so obvious.

As a coin has two sides likewise everything comes under with same personality. In this way Technology affects Jobs in both way. To be very precise am telling the pros and cons as well as solutions regarding this pointwise so that you all can relate this simply.


1. Technology gives quick support and provide easy user interface to you people so that you can easily fill-up all the formalities to apply a job because all are in simple English language.

2. The best impact on tech on jobs is it saves TIME which is the important factor in our life which we all try to save and to do kore so all the way time consuming is maintain by Tech.

3. We all use Social media which is one of the best gift of Technology to us so that we can search our dream job details and see what are the response regarding that job of different people so that we could reach at a apoint at where we decided to do that or not.

4. In Other hand Technology invents new jobs which yield people get opportunities to get that and Eran money.


1. Smart phone and internet speed required for easy access and to get updated regarding upcoming jobs.

2. Fraud which is really bad thing is promoted by social media due to some people by uploading fake advertisement.

3. Advance Technology reduces the hope of unskilled people to get a job because they require obviously more time to get updated.


1. Get updated regarding what's going around with your environment.

2. Keep searching upcoming jobs which comes under your profession do lie subscribe required YouTube channel.

3. Be aware of Frauds. Before applying for any jobs first read all terms and conditions.

Technical on jobs takes a vital role in the increasing economy of a country which is obviously a great thing. Right.

That's all. Thanks for reading. Thank you.

Krishna said:   5 years ago
Hello friends,

Myself bhargav.

I think industries have started to adopt new technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, industrial automation, 3d printing, autonomous vehicles. I think employees need to adapt to the new technologies coming in the market to perform their role in a better way. They provide a way to work more efficiently by saving time, money, resources.

Example: A mechanical engineer with knowledge of mechanical, electronic, electrical, computer science combined can work more effectively in interdisciplinary projects. Like a mechatronics engineer (better handling of automated manufacturing machines, heat exchangers, more accurate results).

Even for a managerial role predicting of customer choice using data analytics and using it to improve the sales, predicting the machine failure time or any other future events. In logistics decreasing the production time or product delivery time using the AI robots (work of warehouse workers) makes a huge profit for the organization.

In case of repetitive jobs like workers on a production line (automated welding machines, assembling machines), delivery jobs (Amazon, Wal-Mart warehouses), traffic monitoring on roads (signalling systems, supervising cameras, online fines based on car number) etc.

I think there will be replacement of humans in case of repetitive jobs as well as some non-repetitive jobs even the MIT predicts that these technologies are being adopted not only in manufacturing, clerical and retail work but in professions such as law, financial services, medicine, education but at the same time more innovative jobs will be created which can be taken by many people who can undergo some degree of computer automation or any training related to that.


Technology development is inevitable and technology can be a boon to the people if they can adapt and update themselves with the latest tools.

Pooja Kumari said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone,

Today we are going to discuss our GD topic "impact of technology on the job". Nowadays we are living in a digital era in which all the people want to do there all the work through the machine. Like all the human work is replaced by the machine. Coming to the scenario of technology impact are using a digitally programmed machine which alone can handle all the work which is done by more than 10 workers. Due to the impact of technology, we are doing work in very less time. There are lots of technology is invented which helps to only in urban skilled people to use that technology. Like withdraw of cash from ATM machine this is not helping in the rural area people. Because they are totally unaware of these things. For using this government firstly give some training to the rural area people so that they can also take this advantage of this technology. Technology reduced unemployment in our country.

In rural area people, they have also the lake of the internet for using the technology we should have the proper internet connectivity.

There is three main sectors for the working field in our country 1. Agriculture 2. Industry 3. Serice.

For agriculture sector we need tractor as an machine but now a days nobody wants to do work in the agriculture field. All are want to move in the industry for their good works and in industry lots of work is done by the machine because it takes less time and it does not require any type of rest. So with the help of technology, we are producing more product day by day without any stipulation which helps to the growth of GDP of our country. In service sector we are also using lots of technology like in medical sector doctors are also use lots of machine for the checking of disease like x-ray, MRI scan, CT scan all are giving by using technology. All are working on the principal of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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