Impact of Technology on Jobs

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Afrooz khan said:   10 months ago
In my point of view, the technology has a positive and negative impact on jobs.

First, come to the positive side, humans are making new apps and games.

In the negative side, some apps and games are very dangerous to youth and children. They were playing always on mobiles and they are addicted to mobiles. They forgot their family and happiness.

Thank you

Sudhanshu gupta said:   11 months ago
Hi everyone, I am Sudhanshu Gupta.

Today, I am going to present my viwes on the topic of the impact of technology on jobs.

So, first of all, I Want to define you what do you mean by technology?

Technology is the way of applying scintific knowledge for practical purposes. in industry or in our daily life.

It is a very hot topic that are asked in engineering interviews. Technology has both negative and positive impacts on the job.

In this time. we are fully depent on technology. We can not count how much we are using technology.
Due to the increase in technology the demand of technically skilled youth is incresing and hence it creat a job for educated person.
These technologies make the work easier in the employee's life. Using technology is not bad but miss-using Technologies is a very bad thing.

Technology can also saves the life of people.

Computers are better than human at computing and analysing the data.

It does work very efficiently and give better result than a human work result. At the telemarketing industry, we can use chat boxes because these can be used 24/7 assistance.

With also an increase of technology humans are becoming very lazy. Today AI is replacing humans in many jobs. Customers are not fully satisfiesd with AIs.
If technology grows. Definitely, there will be unemployment.

So, we have to take care of this. Thank you.


Anjali said:   1 year ago
Technology is making life easy and flexible. We all are fully dependent on it. We walk from bed to going bed at night with technology. We can't count the number of times we are using technology. Nowadays, the nation is growing as technology is rapidly increasing it is providing jobs, expanding the market, providing education etc.

Whereas on the other side, human thinking is becoming passive to some extent due to this. It is actually consuming our precious time. It also risks our private data and exposes us to notorious hackers.

Now, I want to conclude that we should use technology wisely. It will help us in making our lives better.

Lucy said:   1 year ago
Hello guys.

In my opinion, technology gets a lot of impact on jobs. During the pandemic, a lot of people is miss using Technologies in the wrong way. But these technologies make the work easier in the employee's life. Using technology is not bad but miss using the Technologies is a very bad thing. These technologies are making human work easy and it saves time of the people.

I want to share an example in the pandemic period, during college placement some of my friends are giving their interviews and exams in a proxy way. It is not fair for the students who prepared well for exams and interviews there lost the chance at jobs. So please use the Technologies in a useful manner in any field these technologies are developing in our day-to-day life.

Shan said:   1 year ago
Technology has both negative and positive impacts on the environment. From the employer's point of view, the growth of the company increased due to Technology as every work is made easier, and faster. A few months of work are done in a few days.

For eg, calculations, analysis and so on.

Negative impact: people are more reliant on computers. People's knowledge growth is being stopped as they more depend on google.

Jason said:   1 year ago
Impacts of technology on jobs:.

In my point of view, development in technology has both positive and negative sides.
First of all, when it comes to the positive side, the technology development has made the work done by humans easier and the negative side is that side because of this development all work is done by machines and humans job vacancies are reduced and companies will not depend on humans and they will depend on machines.

Aneesa said:   1 year ago
Nowadays people are doing more jobs either working from home or office, technology is playing a big role in many industries, also guiding and helping to get employment. Not only for getting jobs but also for educational purposes, it is useful to develop knowledge.

Farhad Afridi said:   1 year ago
In my opinion, technology has increased jobs for educated people because technologies need an educated person to run it. Also, it makes jobs easier because one can do online jobs from home with less effort. But at the same time, it reduces the jobs for uneducated people. They still do small jobs. With technology, work can be done with less effort, less workforce and in less time.

Ayaz Ahmad said:   1 year ago
Hi Everyone I’m Ayaz Ahmad.

Technology has created new jobs in every field and will always create jobs in future for example employment in the IT sector, automobile sector, civil sector, and more. All these sectors have employment only due to Technology evolution with time.

Now talking of artificial intelligence, this can create unemployment, but what about its future, and its merits?
AI is going to be the future, and it will definitely create employment on a very large scale.

AI, like engineering, has a lot of technical jobs right now, and it will continue to do so in the future.

Think how the internet has created jobs, the internet is also a technology, and it has changed our life, Mass media technology is related to the internet providing employment.

Dhruv said:   1 year ago
As we all know that in today's modern world the demand of technology has been increased. As technology is the one which can makes things easier and reduce human efforts like computer, mobiles, Machines used in factories all of these are helping to do work effectively in less time. But due to this there is a also a threat to the people finding jobs as technology gets better the demand of man hours will be reduced and it will be replaced by machines creating unemployment in the country.

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