Effects of Television on Youth

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Kamu choudhary said:   2 months ago
Television is an electronic device which is used for entertainment, getting news and more.

It is useful for promotion and advertisement.

But television is harmful to our eyes when we watch the television for a long time.

Children are addicted to television and any electronic device that's why it directly affects on their eyes.

Television wastes our time. It diverts our focus from study and our work. Because when we watch the television We take full time for this.

Because it is very interesting.

Rahul Rao said:   7 months ago
Televisions are an unnecessary device which is rotting youth here’s how.

> No televisions are no good as the source of knowledge the information retention from television is so weak and what we read stays in our minds.

> Indian ladies spend most of their television time on serials and while they are watching serials kids grew up watching too.

>TV creates dopamine detox in our minds and makes people less interested in talking to each other.

Ruthesh said:   11 months ago
Hi guys myself Ruthesh.

In our daily life, the television became a basic necessary device.

We can say that there are only a few houses without television.

Television can make a huge impact on people.

There is a lot of information provided to us through television.

We can utilise the television for a pretty good knowledge, current affairs and education. The television is very useful if we utilise it in a proper way. However addiction of anything leads to severe problem.

Hence instead of being addicted to watching television. We should watch television for a certain amount of time.

Watching continuously and sitting in infront of TV like an idol makes us lethargic.

Prakash Kumar Singh said:   1 year ago
According to me.

Youths are very crazy about entertainment. So I say that television is the best way to relax of mind and heart. This time so many channels are available on television which is dominating all youths like comedy, sports, music, and movie. Etc. In this time, everyone wants to get information in this case television is also a good source for getting information. Today's youths want to increase their knowledge.

But It is fact that there are so many disadvantages of television. If you watch television long then you can have to face Eyes problem like Nightmares. And you are addicted to television. It badly affects your study and other work.

Sunqing said:   1 year ago
Watching television often limited the time for important activities such as playing, reading, learning to speak, spending time with peers and family, telling stories, participating in regular exercise, and developing another necessary physical, intellectual, and social skills. But at the same time, it has helped to see some different sights and learn about things outside the classroom in a meaningful way.

Rajasi Rajput said:   1 year ago
Television is a very good source of entertainment as well as knowledge. It was invented by J. L. Baird in 1920. As we all know that every coin has two faces, and television also has. TV is a great source of knowledge, news and adventure. It also has given them knowledge of science, technology, sports, business etc. From TV youth learn about cultural differences among different countries. These all are the good impact of television and now we are going to talk about the bad impact of it. A much use of it is a waste of time. To see TV for a long time we have to face so many problems related to eyesight or mental problems. Some programs have given a bad effect on youth. So, TV has both positive and negative sides. It depends on us how we use TV for a good purpose or a bad purpose.

Abhilash said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone, my name is Abhilash.

In my point of view, television has both positive and negative sides, as we need the information that what is going outside and much of the knowledge about our studies comes from what we hear and listen so television is useful for both learning and gathering information of the world.

Coming to the negative side the television will ruin the studies and the time of the youth. The programs or the shows that are telecasting on television are very harmful and some of them will spread vulgarity and they will get addicted to the television and the time gets wasted.

So, in my point of view, television has both positive and negative sides.

Ajay said:   2 years ago
Hello Everyone, My Name is Ajay.

What impact television on youth. As we know every coin has two faces like television also have. So many people use television for increasing knowledge and knowing Different cultures. If we see Science, technology and sports channel then we increase our knowledge at home. But if we see television a lot of time then we face so many mental, eyesight problems.

If we use television In a good way then it is very beneficial.

Thank you, everyone.

Ravi said:   3 years ago
Good evening everyone.

Today our Indian youth are totally dependent on any source of entertainment whether it is a mobile phone or tv. And tv is a choice where we can use as a tool of information or as a tool of entertainment. Nowadays serials on crimes do less aware us and more distract us. And scenes from movies are being copies and performed by our youth whether it a love scenes or stunt scenes and due this our youth are taking their lives at risk. And mostly our teenager youth are more effected. So, I think there should be parental control from the very beginning of a child. And they should be informed and there should be control from a young age and parents should watch the informative channel with their children. Thank you.

Prakruti said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone.

Television is a great source for learning and entertainment. It can be a boon or a bane. Most of the youth grew up watching television. It has given them knowledge on wide range of things including science, technology, sports, business, art etc. Youth now understand the cultural differences among different countries, functioning of the government, social problems and much more. This wasn't possible without television. It's very useful to the youth but not everyone can reap it's benefits. Unfortunately, some use it for wrong purposes and waste time. Although television has brought so many wonderful changes in the lives of youth, it has also led to poor eyesight, health problems due to physical inactivity caused by watching television for several hours in a day etc.

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