Effects of Television on Youth

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Akshata kafare said:   8 years ago
Hi friends,

According to my view, Television programs need to be less violent and more family oriented. Television, when properly used is a strong tool in communicating the world. Millions of Americans watch TV every day. Television programs need to be less violent and more family oriented because today's youth is too easily influenced, violence among teens has increased over the years, and families need to have something they would all enjoy.

With today's youth having no positive role models, they are forced to look towards violent, and abusive characters on television. Kids go through their teen years looking for identities, looking for ways to act, but by watching TV we seem to get the idea that violence will solve everything and teens will go into society with those thoughts engraved in their minds.

Secondly studies show that teen related crimes have increased greatly over the past couple years. Kids today feel more confident with committing crimes and getting away with out consequences.

Also television producers now are more interested in getting high ratings. Producers should use their power in educating positively. Families are pulled apart by every day chores, whether it is school, work, or social lives. Families need a time to sit down and enjoy each other's company.

In conclusion, the problem facing the world is the lack and absence of concern toward what today's generation will become tomorrow.

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