Effects of Television on Youth

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Saumya said:   6 years ago
Today's generation has made the world tech world a place full of technology and machines.

Almost all countries own them too. On paying attention to television the biggest discovery of Baird sir has first abled us to see videos and movies from far that's why named Doordarshan.

That time it showed black white movies but it comes with HD quality what to mention of colours.

This has created a craze among youth.

But as a coin has two faces. , everything has its pros and cons and has its advantages and disadvantages.

Some of them are here.

1) connects us globally.
2) shows cultures of different countries and thus makes us informative.
3) many channels show wildlife.
4) aware us about many social issues and how to deal with it like Balika Vadhu, Savdhan India.
5) shows sports movies songs or in one word it's a mode of entertainment.
6) a good medium to advertise.

1) harmful for eyes and vision.
2) more criminal ideas.
3) reveals secrets of countries.
4) for money media visualises anything and forces public to provoke.
5) movies with bad scenes affect youth a lot.
6) a big distraction for them.

Pratibha said:   5 years ago

Accordance to my view, As a coin has two faces, Television has both advantages and disadvantages it depends on how the individual takes of it in a constructive or destructive way.

The TV is a high source of knowledge one can gain information about what happening around us and the world.

It has more benefits for the youths as they communicate easily with the whole world.

One can gain knowledge about sports, politicals etc by watching the news, sports and geographical.

Channels. And can improve their communicative skills by watching more programs, Discussions, debates etc.

It is an easy way to convey or share one's thoughts and knowledge.

Youths can see & hear our PM's speech & discussions (like the recently held discussion on 'exams', which is more beneficial for the youths to crack any examinations), and other political leaders at home through the TV. By which one came to know about the country's politics. & it's a good medium to convey their messages to common people of the country.

It also has disadvantages like.

Watching tv for a long time may affect their eyes & by raising volume can affect the ears.

By sitting in front of TV for a long while, it reduces our thinking capacity & affects our physical &. Mental health.

Bad impact by addicting to cartoons through which one doesn't gain any knowledge.

By watching some obscene movies, crimes& illogical stuff. Makes our mind to think in that way. Anyhow it finally depends on the individual, how he takes of it.

TV is a great invention which has much more beneficial.

Gaurav thakur said:   6 years ago
According to my opinion, one coin has two sides. Television has also both pros or cons. In a positive way, it is good for us because it is a source of news all around the world and we can get any information on this device. It is a good source of entertainment also. But in a negative way, it also gives a bad effect on our eyes and our eyes get tired if we see for long times. Children are also affected by this because they are addicted to this and are also a bad effect if they see obscene films in this.

Sonali awasthi said:   6 years ago
Hi, guys. According to me, there are both the advantage & the disadvantage of tv. Pros and cons are everywhere of any thing. Everyone see the tv with a different mentality. The person who wants to enhance their knowledge, see the knowledgeable programs. And the teenagers or the youths, who see tv with a different sense. See the other programs. So how we say that the tv is faulty?

There are some advantages of tv.

(1) enhance knowledge.
(2) aware of outside information by the news.
(3) when you are tense, so they help to divert your mind.
(4) entertainment.

And disadvantages are.

(1) by seeing tv people ignore their guardians.
(2) if the person seeing abusive channels, it affects in their mentality.
(3) people don't want to play indoor games.
(4) effect on eye sight & nervous system.

Besides this, there are also so many advantages and disadvantages. But in the end, we say. Its all about depend on the mentality of a person. Thank you.

Poppy said:   7 years ago
Yes, Television has a big impact on human being, that might me good or bad. Bad in that sense means most of kids get distracted from their studies by watching it for a long time, At their ages, they could not control their mind, so that they easily get addicted to it. And nowadays in movies showing a lot of vulgar scenes for which people get addicted most of the time. Most of Women of the house get addicted to a serial, and they get busy every day for a particular time being for which it creates a problem between others members of the house.

So we should use television for a for particular purpose such as to get everyday news update etc. Don't waste a time by Sitting in front a television hour after hour as we wouldn't use it anywhere in our life.

Thank you.

Kajal said:   6 years ago
Hii friends,

First of all, I would like to thanks to all for your wonderful opinions. In order to discuss the effects of television, first, we should focus on.

The Objective of television which is to provide useful information and entertainment to the people. Since we all of us know that everything has its pros and cons.

Let us first discuss pros of television i.e. we can get knowledgeable information from channels like national geographic, discovery, sports, history etc. We can get information about the products that are in the market through advertisements. And students who are unable to pay tuition fees they can easily study through various channels like mathematics, economics, physics that channels are available now. And it is a time pass for older people.

Let us now focus on its cons i.e children get distracted from their studies by watching tv for a long time. Women used to watch emotional serials every day which creates frustration in them and cause a disturbance in their family. It also effects the eyes. Nowadays movies and serials showing vulgar scenes everyone used to see it. Watching television also waste time if people watch hours after hours.

So it depends on how we use it. We should not watch tv for a long time. We should watch those channels which provide knowledgeable information that will help in future.

Naveena D said:   6 years ago
Good Morning Friends,

According to my opinion, television is major role play in the society. It is the biggest source of knowledge provide for youth. It is also a good thing for enhance the knowledge as well as it is bad one.

There are many channels provided. There are some channels such as.

News, sports, entertainment, discovery, kids channels. But not more effects in television. Nowadays mobiles are major role play in the society.

Maneesh singh said:   7 years ago

All of us know that every coin has two faces.

One is positive and another is negative.

Watching television is good but in limit of time and should watch knowledgeable channel like discovery news channels.

A lot of channels are there.

And friends if we are watching useless channels by which we can not get anything even entertainment that is very bad and it will directly effect our future.

Friends, we know that time don't run with you, you have to run with time.

Prasanna kumar said:   7 years ago
Hi, friends.

Television is one of the most important communication devices nowadays because in every family TV has become an important part like a fiend, it has both positive and negative effects on the people but it is totally depending upon the viewers.

Because by watching TV an individual can get more current information in the society regarding politics, business news, government related issues, healthcare, sports, educational and so many things what ever things happened across the world, if we take some programmes conducting career counseling for students, business economics for employs, health care for patients, not only these but so many good things we can attain.

Some international tv channels like CNN, Discovery science becomes most trusted channels because the information presents through those channels are very effective and some channels are involved in the technical aspects and business (BIZ NEWS) aspects so every programme will have its own importance, the updated information is very use full for gaining the knowledge and at the same time for advertisement it is the primary source so TV is most acceptable communication device and also TV is an entertainment for all generation.

Music, games, movies, programs, serials, etc. But if we addict to those programs, our time will be wasted and according to W. H. O continuation of watching tv more than two hours will effect the nervous system and the ability of thinking may gradually decrease, so the lack of good knowledge on watching tv is now becoming a serious issue.

So as per my opinion learn only good things from tv and don't addict to that and don't waste your valuable time, because time is most precious in the life.

Thank you.

Pink said:   7 years ago
Now Television is a significant part of everyone's life.

According to me, As every coin is 2 sides similarly every technology has a good and bad effects. It depends on how we choose to either benefits our self or harm.

It is a device of entertainment.

It is the actual media to the world.

Television is the biggest sources of knowledge for youth.

The most useful things that a television support are,

- Live broadcasting.
- Education.
- History.
- Sports.
- Business.

It depends on how we use.

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