Effects of Television on Youth

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Prasanna kumar said:   8 years ago
Hi, friends.

Television is one of the most important communication devices nowadays because in every family TV has become an important part like a fiend, it has both positive and negative effects on the people but it is totally depending upon the viewers.

Because by watching TV an individual can get more current information in the society regarding politics, business news, government related issues, healthcare, sports, educational and so many things what ever things happened across the world, if we take some programmes conducting career counseling for students, business economics for employs, health care for patients, not only these but so many good things we can attain.

Some international tv channels like CNN, Discovery science becomes most trusted channels because the information presents through those channels are very effective and some channels are involved in the technical aspects and business (BIZ NEWS) aspects so every programme will have its own importance, the updated information is very use full for gaining the knowledge and at the same time for advertisement it is the primary source so TV is most acceptable communication device and also TV is an entertainment for all generation.

Music, games, movies, programs, serials, etc. But if we addict to those programs, our time will be wasted and according to W. H. O continuation of watching tv more than two hours will effect the nervous system and the ability of thinking may gradually decrease, so the lack of good knowledge on watching tv is now becoming a serious issue.

So as per my opinion learn only good things from tv and don't addict to that and don't waste your valuable time, because time is most precious in the life.

Thank you.

Pratibha said:   5 years ago

Accordance to my view, As a coin has two faces, Television has both advantages and disadvantages it depends on how the individual takes of it in a constructive or destructive way.

The TV is a high source of knowledge one can gain information about what happening around us and the world.

It has more benefits for the youths as they communicate easily with the whole world.

One can gain knowledge about sports, politicals etc by watching the news, sports and geographical.

Channels. And can improve their communicative skills by watching more programs, Discussions, debates etc.

It is an easy way to convey or share one's thoughts and knowledge.

Youths can see & hear our PM's speech & discussions (like the recently held discussion on 'exams', which is more beneficial for the youths to crack any examinations), and other political leaders at home through the TV. By which one came to know about the country's politics. & it's a good medium to convey their messages to common people of the country.

It also has disadvantages like.

Watching tv for a long time may affect their eyes & by raising volume can affect the ears.

By sitting in front of TV for a long while, it reduces our thinking capacity & affects our physical &. Mental health.

Bad impact by addicting to cartoons through which one doesn't gain any knowledge.

By watching some obscene movies, crimes& illogical stuff. Makes our mind to think in that way. Anyhow it finally depends on the individual, how he takes of it.

TV is a great invention which has much more beneficial.

MOHD NAJIM said:   6 years ago
According to my point of view, television is good as well as bad but I agree that television has many more advantages than disadvantaged by these following point.

First think -for entertainment. When people or students fell not good then television is the hood way for enjoying and remove our pressure in limit time. Not whole day.

The second thing is for equations. In television, many channels are telecast of equation field according to now time this is a good way for studying and now our pm Mr. Modi 's is trying to make digital Indian.


THIRD THINK is that current new it is only possible on television that we get news at that which time it is happening and we listen any listen to any leader's speech it is not possible on news paper.

Fourth thing is sports channel who want to become a cricketer or dancers then by television he get more knowledge related to his fields and he knows that how cricketer play and how dancers dance.

GIVE THINK IS now time our parents have not much time he busy in own work and now time we are all of forgetting our culture and history of India by television we can know about our history and about our religious culture.

Six think is that only by television we can know that we is happening our society in India and other country and we adopt the lifestyle.

At last, I want to add that if we watch in limit time then that is good.

It is also the responsibility of our parents that they tell him about good quality of telivision.

Daani negi said:   7 years ago
Hye friends,

Everyone in this world born first and then what's comes in his/her front? Yes its life with full of challenges. Though I came to challenges part so early for infant baby as he progresses in life he observes a lot of things surround him and adapt it in his mind. Many time he influenced by his parents during his upbringing. But as his mind also grows with time, at one day he starts perceiving things. If this understanding habit comes early it would be beneficial for him and t. We contribute a very important role in this.

Even Aim behind its discovering was not too imposing bad effect to the society but for increasing awareness among them by watching a lot of things through that. If youth adapt good things from t. We which often youth did, it would beneficial for him even for the nation. T. We help youth to learn a lot of things and it would help him to raise curiosity to learn various things in life. This curiosity gives him success in life, that's the t. We outcome is all about. And t. We also help youth to fresh theirs mind when he possessed under depression. Though there are the bad side of t. We too, but every discovery is for the betterment of society, screw others. I think it's the right to encourage t. We watching for a good prospect. Remember possession of anything in life lead you hedonism and eventually to narcissism. So it's all about your wiseness to choose what is good or bad for you. And if good then good to what extent.

Akshata kafare said:   9 years ago
Hi friends,

According to my view, Television programs need to be less violent and more family oriented. Television, when properly used is a strong tool in communicating the world. Millions of Americans watch TV every day. Television programs need to be less violent and more family oriented because today's youth is too easily influenced, violence among teens has increased over the years, and families need to have something they would all enjoy.

With today's youth having no positive role models, they are forced to look towards violent, and abusive characters on television. Kids go through their teen years looking for identities, looking for ways to act, but by watching TV we seem to get the idea that violence will solve everything and teens will go into society with those thoughts engraved in their minds.

Secondly studies show that teen related crimes have increased greatly over the past couple years. Kids today feel more confident with committing crimes and getting away with out consequences.

Also television producers now are more interested in getting high ratings. Producers should use their power in educating positively. Families are pulled apart by every day chores, whether it is school, work, or social lives. Families need a time to sit down and enjoy each other's company.

In conclusion, the problem facing the world is the lack and absence of concern toward what today's generation will become tomorrow.

Kajal said:   7 years ago
Hii friends,

First of all, I would like to thanks to all for your wonderful opinions. In order to discuss the effects of television, first, we should focus on.

The Objective of television which is to provide useful information and entertainment to the people. Since we all of us know that everything has its pros and cons.

Let us first discuss pros of television i.e. we can get knowledgeable information from channels like national geographic, discovery, sports, history etc. We can get information about the products that are in the market through advertisements. And students who are unable to pay tuition fees they can easily study through various channels like mathematics, economics, physics that channels are available now. And it is a time pass for older people.

Let us now focus on its cons i.e children get distracted from their studies by watching tv for a long time. Women used to watch emotional serials every day which creates frustration in them and cause a disturbance in their family. It also effects the eyes. Nowadays movies and serials showing vulgar scenes everyone used to see it. Watching television also waste time if people watch hours after hours.

So it depends on how we use it. We should not watch tv for a long time. We should watch those channels which provide knowledgeable information that will help in future.

Katil said:   8 years ago
Television can be a Pandora box and idiot box both depending upon the choice of our programs and duration for which we get to stick to TV.

Some positive aspects of watching TV is as follows.

Getting live sports and events.

Programs for farmers.

Educational news about every field like history, arts, science and tech, art of living, yoga etc.

Getting the news of events of our nearby places, country, and the world.

Religious programs.

There is also a theory "Social Surrogacy Hypothesis" which says that persons suffering from loneliness and social isolation can use television and maintain a parasocial relationship with characters from the program which he watches, and it can reduce his depression and loneliness.

The negative impacts of TV are.

Children and youth watch violent content and try to imitate in the society.

Sexual contents corrupt the minds of teens and youth.

Fake and false advertisement also have negative impact.

Politicians can use this media to influence public opinion using paid tv news channels which are not good for the country.

Health related problems like obesity, diabetes, and problems related to the eye, social isolation can arise due to excessive viewing of the tv for long hours.

In conclusion, it is box it is our duty how we use this box to our use.

Abhishek Nair said:   7 years ago
Hi Guys,

I think since television has been invented, there is no limit to get entertained. But I don't prefer as a necessity. Since its existence has come, we could observe its adverse effects on the youth. Television keeps children busy in their school vacations, but due to this their imagination and thinking get clogged. Also, it affects their creativity to develop new ideas, disturbs their concentration towards studies and affects their eye site badly. If young children and teens like us indulge ourselves in sitting and watching T.V for too long, obesity along with other health problems may prevail, since our physical activities get reduced. You might give a positive point that T.V provides us information and knowledge but I think we must indulge ourselves to read newspapers which enhance our knowledge as well as our reading skills. Coming to the entertainment part when there were no televisions, Youth involved themselves in sports, orientation programs, reading, playing indoor games etc. Which was not only concerned with their minds occupied but also with their all round development!

Therefore however nice watching T.V seems it can only entertain us and provide news.


Praveen said:   8 years ago
Hi friends I'm Praveen,

In my opinion, television has a great impact on human beings either children, youth or old. The impact may be good one or bad. If the people sit in front of the television for a shorter period of time for relaxation is not a bad thing, sitting in front of it for a daily news instance or for a program through which we gain the knowledge is good and can be encouraged for a limited amount of time. But sitting in front of a TV set for hours together and spending only for the entertainment all the day is very bad thing and this should not be encouraged.

Children sitting in front of the TV set and watching the cartoon shows hours together may lead them to suffer from the eye problems in a small age. Women sitting in front of TV sets watching serials is not a correct thing. This effects the whole family, the children come and sit in front of the serial get distracted from their studies. The emotional TV serials have a very big impact on the Women this can lead to unnecessary frustration and quarrel among the family members and etc. So the television should be used only for a limited amount of time and purpose.

Saumya said:   6 years ago
Today's generation has made the world tech world a place full of technology and machines.

Almost all countries own them too. On paying attention to television the biggest discovery of Baird sir has first abled us to see videos and movies from far that's why named Doordarshan.

That time it showed black white movies but it comes with HD quality what to mention of colours.

This has created a craze among youth.

But as a coin has two faces. , everything has its pros and cons and has its advantages and disadvantages.

Some of them are here.

1) connects us globally.
2) shows cultures of different countries and thus makes us informative.
3) many channels show wildlife.
4) aware us about many social issues and how to deal with it like Balika Vadhu, Savdhan India.
5) shows sports movies songs or in one word it's a mode of entertainment.
6) a good medium to advertise.

1) harmful for eyes and vision.
2) more criminal ideas.
3) reveals secrets of countries.
4) for money media visualises anything and forces public to provoke.
5) movies with bad scenes affect youth a lot.
6) a big distraction for them.

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