Effects of Television on Youth

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Akshata kafare said:   8 years ago
Hi friends,

According to my view, Television programs need to be less violent and more family oriented. Television, when properly used is a strong tool in communicating the world. Millions of Americans watch TV every day. Television programs need to be less violent and more family oriented because today's youth is too easily influenced, violence among teens has increased over the years, and families need to have something they would all enjoy.

With today's youth having no positive role models, they are forced to look towards violent, and abusive characters on television. Kids go through their teen years looking for identities, looking for ways to act, but by watching TV we seem to get the idea that violence will solve everything and teens will go into society with those thoughts engraved in their minds.

Secondly studies show that teen related crimes have increased greatly over the past couple years. Kids today feel more confident with committing crimes and getting away with out consequences.

Also television producers now are more interested in getting high ratings. Producers should use their power in educating positively. Families are pulled apart by every day chores, whether it is school, work, or social lives. Families need a time to sit down and enjoy each other's company.

In conclusion, the problem facing the world is the lack and absence of concern toward what today's generation will become tomorrow.

Radhika said:   8 years ago
The children are addicted to more cartoon channels, and the consequences are obesity, eye power, health hazards, etc. Thus our children has to be limited on watching TV and they have to be concentrated more on outdoor games.

By practising this, young get involved into society and also they will lead a healthy life, both physically and mentally.

Manisha janani said:   8 years ago
Hi everyone.

According to my point of view TV plays a very important role in present society. It influence is more on especially youth. By TV we can gain so much of knowledge about updates and present society position. But every thing has pros and cons likewise in TV also we have some pros that is it is available to every one and there we can see foreign channels youth can get knowledge about abroad countries.

Even though we have latest technology using laptops or mobile TV but it is not able to access village people. Cons of the TV is not flexible and it is some what difficult to carry to another place. Meanwhile electronic companies made TV as small one now it is available to all poor people and it is the best of all.

Thank you.

J.anil kumar said:   8 years ago
This is my opinion the TV is using many advantages and also this advantages like some are people lot time spend because were faced problems is body inactive and also obesity, eye sights. Furthers, peoples faced many psychology problem said to psychologist. But I am says few words TV many useful like kids watching TV are creative minimization, Higher education peoples developed in they they were subjects.

Beena said:   8 years ago
In today's generation, children control the remote of a TV. That should not be the case. Parents should be strict. There should be a fixed time in watching a news channel with all the members of the house.

So it will become a habit for him. He will be updated with happenings around the world. It will also help in his competitive exams.

Oduniayo said:   8 years ago
When we are taking about television, Television can be define as a means of communication, and it have positive and negative effect, it is very good both the way will are using it is not proper.

Television help us a lot in many ways, both is advantages is to much and we can blame the youth both those that are in care of it are suppose to blame to solve the the problem facing the youth we need to talk to the people in change of it. Please I don't say that television is not good but the way we are using it is not good.

Thanks for reading.

Saran Kumar said:   8 years ago
Hi friends,

In my point of view, Television plays an important role in day to day life. We are able to know and get updated with current affairs with various news Channels and also there are some programs available which inspires children and creates them a passion to achieve big things.

There are forecasting of some epic and historical stories on television which helps the children to gain knowledge about them which a children cannot understand properly in school books.

Venkat said:   8 years ago
Hey friends,

I think in today's world we are addicted towards television but to take a stand whether the television is creating a negative or positive impact on the youth it totally depends on how we use the television.

If a person watches news then he is updating his current affairs and can also enlarge his knowledge by watching the channel which adds value to his thought process then at that time television is creating a positive impact on that person.

On the other hand if he/she is watching the program or anything which did not suit his or her age at that time the television is creating a negative impact on that person.

Hence its parents who should mould the child so that the television should create a positive impact on their child's life.

Pratik said:   8 years ago
According to me, now-a-days television is a part of our daily lives. From the different programs which shown on T.V. we can learn new things. Most probably we use to watch T.V. to entertain but it is not enough. There are different news channel from which we can know about that what is happening around the world and also we can analyze our knowledge.

This (news channel) is the most useful part of the T.V. But there is some negative part also. We should not give our all attention to the T.V. It can affect our eyes. We should give the specific time for watching the T.V. for the children.

Adithi patil said:   8 years ago
A clear cause effect relationship b/w media violence and violence in society is complicated by the fact that children are typically exposed to many stimuli as they grow up, many of which could play a role in later behavior.

For example, during a child's life we can't discount the role of such things as violent video games, the social values of parents and peers, or general living conditions. This is according to cyber college US.

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