Effects of Television on Youth

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Aman jha said:   3 years ago
A very warm good morning to all of you,

Our topic is effect of television on youth. I am going to put my views on what's the effect of television on youth. Everything has two sides. Tv has also two sides but it counts on us how do we use it. First of all, I am going to put my views what's the advantage of tv During the pandemic everything had stopped then tv was the best way for entertainment themselves. In the field of education, tv is also used. We can know about current events. We can know about our culture through the Tv because a lot of spiritual programme comes on the tv. We can also know about our history because of a lot of programmes related to this. Such as Chandragupt Maurya, Maharana Partap etc. Now I am going to put my views what's the negative impact of tv on youth. As we know that tv is the best way for our entertainment. A lot of youth loiter our time through this and a lot of youth have addicted this.

Abhishek Awasthi said:   3 years ago
Hello friends,

Today's topic is the effects of television on youth. Television is a very good source of entertainment. It was invented by J.L Baird in 1920. We can watch movies, shows, news and other programs. We can also watch educational channels. Channels like Discovery, Animal planet gives us wildlife knowledge. We all know that everything has pros and cons so that television has also. If we are watching television limited period its good for us. If we are like a couch potato man. It's not good for health as well as our studies. Overall its depend on us how we use it positive or negative.

Anuj said:   3 years ago
Television is a great source to visualise the world.

It is helpful to enhance the imagination and thinking power and channel like discovery history e animal planet is a great source for std.

We must be watching television daily but for a limited time Vishwas TV for important news good debate and as well as for to know what about happened in our country there are both advantage and disadvantage of watching TV.

Every coin has two faces even if there are two faces of the thing in technology if we use TV as a beneficial instrument then it is useful for us if we are using television beneficial than it is harmful to us it causes many eyes related problem time waste etc.

SUNIL BROAR said:   3 years ago
Television is harmful but depends on your mind that how the use of television. Tow way use of television.

1. First -Many information take from television that is useful for us.

2. Second-Many youth waste their time by seeing a television like a movie etc.

Pawan kumar said:   3 years ago
Nowadays TV is useful & harmful both, but this depends on the nature of the youth or youth mind, behaviour, discipline etc. If the TV will be used carefully or timely, right way then youth can gain so many knowledge, information around us Or world, but, if youth do not use timely if one who watch TV quite a day Or addicted then there a bad effect of TV as usual you know.

Thank you.

Uppili Nikhila said:   3 years ago
Hello, friends good morning all. All-over India is very affected to TV because of interesting suspense sare shut down at the end time. So, much of the people are wants to know the other.

Mainly most of the advantage is we connect with the whole world. And we have to share our feelings to the world. And mainly we gain knowledge from different departments like ITI, technical, technician, builders etc. They share their feelings with others that we gain knowledge by watching this. So I didn't tell it's too good. But everything has how much of advantage and also has that much of disadvantage. It's based on we that we gain knowledge or spoil knowledge from television.

Thank you for all.

Rocky said:   4 years ago
Yeah, TV nowadays tv is most common in everywhere house. We used it to watch a movie, serials new extra. IT gives a lot of entertainment.

Nowadays some are very much addicted to tv.

In this, we can get something good as well as bad.

Come to the good points.

1) from this we can watch news, movies etc by sitting at our home or the respective place itself.

Come to that bad point that is about its rays.

1. Watching TV longer time it cause eye problem.

We should use TV in a good manner.

Ajay yadav said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone, A very good evening to all of you.

This is Ajay Kumar. Today my topic is "Effects of television on youth".

In my point of view, television has a great effect on the youth which is based on their interest as we all know that in this era, television is a good source of information across the worldwide and we get information from all the field and it also benefited in many ways. It is also a good source of entertainment. And we also get the current affairs news and latest issues and also come to know about international news. That's all.

Thank you.

Raju said:   4 years ago
As every coin has 2 sides, similarly every technology has a good and bad effect. It depends on how we choose to either benefit our-self or harm. In my opinion, TV has many positive sides. It brings awareness to the public and a good medium of communication to mass. Except for news there are various reality shows, talent hunts which provide exposure to the talent present in the nation. So, I find it good.

Rushi jagtap said:   4 years ago
Hello guys!

The television channels are busy to display violence, mysteries of crimes, the human mindset of committing crims, the glorification of sex some other things has to happen which definitely have a negative impact on our present generation as well as youths.

Thank you.

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