Cricket in India has lost its Sheen

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Shikar said:   8 years ago
I think Cricket become an Entertainment than Sport in India because of IPL. I don't know Why IPL played every year? We say Indian Cricket got the new talent like Hardik Pandya or Manish Pandey etc, etc. Is 20 over matches is Enough to prove all the talent in players? Where is our Ranji Trophy, Devdhar trophy? Everybody Knows that IPL is not the pure league. But still we Watch every match of IPL isn't right? See the schedule of IPL, is always around one and half month why?What it's Importance, What it's target? I requested to BCCI that pleases make more strong Indian Cricket, not World Cricket.

ADD MORE DOMESTIC TOURNAMENTS such as Ranji or Devdhar trophy you definitely found a new talent. Indian Cricket doesn't need any type of leagues such as IPL. Increase local Indian Tournaments that was happening till before 2008. IPL is not any Indian tournament it's just Entertainment. YES, OUR FOOTBALL NEED An ISL TYPE LEAGUE Because we are still mad in Football not only in FIFA ranking but also in MONEY. But Indian Cricket doesn't need any type of IPL types Cheap Worst Leagues.

Javed said:   8 years ago
Indian team is hardworking and got many successes in cricket. So in India cricket may remain to continue. As for cricket in Pakistan is a concern, then in my opinion after humiliating defeats of Pakistani cricket team in previous five years, it is evident that we got no player of international standards. In this way, it is also confirmed that there is no future of cricket in Pakistan. This game is boosted by Pakistani media only. So, it should be banned in Pakistan at all levels and the so-called cricket board of some failures may dissolve with immediate effect.

Anuj chauhan said:   9 years ago
Yes cricket in India has lost it's sheen. Because of many reason:

1. Due to selector, because selector select only those player that has some acquaintance with selector. Like Stuart Binny & Roger Binny.

2. Due to retirement of great player like Sachin, Zaheer, Sehwag.

3. So many match per year.

4. Due to match fixing like scam in IPL.

5. Some player playing for his self interest not for country.

6. Due to ban on India vs Pakistan match.

Dhananjay Jadhav said:   9 years ago
I'm 20 year old guy. I used to be a huge cricket fan. I cried out loud when India had lost, and screamed like an idiot when India had won. I had cricket emotionally attached to me. But I don't know why I have lost interest in cricket.

Maybe that's due to the retirement of legends, or maybe Indian team have achieved everything there is to achieve, or maybe my increasing interest in football. But it's true that Indian cricket is starting to lose its sheen.

Varun said:   9 years ago
Yes. I do believe that the popularity of cricket in India is diminishing. The main reason being, many people have quit watching cricket due to the retirement of great players like Sachin, Dravid, Laxman etc few other reasons which I noticed are.

1. In the last two decades, cricket could not add any more countries and on the other side, many prominent cricketing nations are now struggling to continue the game. This has lead to a precarious situation where only 5-6 nations are playing quality cricket now. Also its boring to watch same countries play the game among themselves too often.

2. In 90's and 2000's, we used to have lots of local tournaments in small towns and villages, which have now shrunk to very few in the recent past. These local tournaments played a very significant role in keeping the popularity of cricket intact in the past.

3. Time nowadays, people can not spend 7-8 hours to watch on day internationals, let alone test cricket. T20 matches is a solution for this problem, but the quality of cricket, especially bowling has considerably gone down in this format.

4. Signs of emergence of other sports in India. It should not be overseen that the new brand of football (ISL) and Kabaddi (Pro kabaddi league) are able to attract viewers. In any field, emergence of one will always be at the cost of another one. Here, if aforesaid sports are going to gain popularity, it will be at the cost of cricket only.

Madhav said:   9 years ago
Hi guys according to me we play games for enjoy and also viewers enjoy it but when we make business in sport then it looses our value and looses interest of viewers. As we all aware about match fixing in IPL. So when any game, not only cricket play for business then it looses our value.

Fxvinay said:   9 years ago
I think cricket in India has losing its sheen because of long term playing like ODI & test matches, nowadays viewers interested in short term game like IPL, CPL cricket fans expecting more entertaining boundary shots and quick score.

But other hand whole game busy with beating and spot fixing rather than international game apart from ours desi sports like pro Kabbadi and other are shinning agents cricket game, so we can't say Indian cricket lose its sheen only our point of view has changed and cricket lovers only expecting good performance.

Deepika said:   9 years ago
Of course it has not because they lose but because they lose for money. Not only cricketers but to every athlete should play to win, play to enlighten the name of his country, to his sentiments but not to earn only money.

In BCCI we have lots of example where people become a part of cricket just for the shake of earning. So to sustain the sheen of India's most wanted sport, I have a most humble request to play for your zeal and keep the greed for money far away.

Biju Chacko said:   9 years ago
There is a lot of hype created just before any world cup, India is projected as one of the favorites to get the TRP and good number of spectators in the stadium. If India doesn't go past first round of any world cup then its a financial loss for everyone so keeping that in mind the hype is created.

Tony said:   9 years ago
Indian cricketers should be paid on performance not for just appearances at games. There should be targets set for each player and for the team as a whole.

At present cricketers in India are overpaid and adored too much by the public. They should earn their living like anybody else. Poor performance results in poor compensation and vise-versa.

All political involvement must be eliminated from cricket and selection must be based on pure merit and not by influence, cast, creed or other irrelevant factors.

Players must be given training in handling pressure, relaxation techniques and being able to measure the situation in various scenarios. They should not be in a hurry as we have seen with Virat Kholi and Rohit Sharma at the WC game 2015 against Australia.

In this day and age it is possible to construct pitches of any nature anywhere and therefore, cricketers must train on the relevant pitches before heading for any overseas game.

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