Cricket in India has lost its Sheen

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Anunay sharma said:   9 years ago
No cricket in India has never loose his sheen.

Now there is also craze of cricket:) You all became supporters when India won and criticism when India loss. We should encourage the players so they became good in cricket.

Niks said:   9 years ago
No, Cricket in India can never lose its sheen. It is still the most dominating sports in India and the craze for it is increasing exponentially especially with the introduction of T-20 format games like IPL. Yes, there were some disappointing performances by the Indian team before the world cup 2015, but this has nothing to do with the craze of cricket in India.

In fact the performance of the team has nothing to do with the sheen of Indian cricket. Even today when Indian cricket team lose we feel more sad as compared to the sadness for loss in any other sports. It is just because of the attachment all Indians have with this game.

Although many sports have been promoted in recent times, but still I don't find the craze of any sports anywhere near the craze of cricket.

Riyaz said:   9 years ago
According to me we can't say Indian cricket lose it's sheen only our point of view has changed. We have an habit to feel more exciting than the situation every time, that has changed that's all.

Gautam lotlikar said:   9 years ago
Its true that cricket is loosing its interest in India. There are many points to support this statement. One of the main reason is match fixing which created a negative publicity in India ted specially during the most controversial IPL season which we witness three players caught red handed. Other than that people also has realized about importance of time which they chose to invest it more productively.

Anim said:   9 years ago
Cricket is just the waste of time. Just an Black Spot which has to be removed. I'm not saying about only cricket, but also for the fame of cricket raising day by day in India. Come on guys it is just a sports and not more than that, please Awake Yourself!

Vaughan said:   9 years ago
Hi, my name is Vaughan and I am South African and please allow me to express my thoughts on this matter. I don't think Indian cricket has lost its sheen. India has one of the best batting line-ups in world cricket, and it would be the best if they can consistently master the fast and bouncy pitches of Aussie and SA. A solution to this would be that some Indian players come over and play domestic cricket in these 2 countries for 2 to 3 years.

The bowling department is where the problems are at the moment, and I think if you can get another Zaheer Khan that can swing it at 140 kph, then India will be back as a serious force to be reckoned with, even outside the subcontinent. Another Harbhajan Singh and another good intelligent seamer and the bowling department will be stacked.

One does not need bowlers that bowl at 150kph. Even Dale Steyn and Morkel used to consistently bowl at 150-155 in domestic cricket, and now they have dropped by about 10 kph and bowl more intelligently. Remember, the slower Glenn M cGrath became, the more successful he became.


Shivam dubey said:   9 years ago
Yes, I agree with the above statement. Following observation favours the same:

1) Cricket is being played extensively at all levels. Spectators go through all the phases so frequently that they are loosing interest.

2) Motive of playing has changed from a sport to commercial one. It has resulted in corruption as we come to know in every season of IPL that has resulted in loss of viewers faith.

3) Over the past few years, only few teams are playing at international levels. It is bored to see only few teams.

4) In India, IPL has caused a lot of damage to the game. Spot fixing is almost common to every edition of IPL. If the result of each game is pre-decided then why will people watch it wasting their time and money?

5) Players are also playing as professionals not for the country.

T.roy said:   9 years ago
Certainly, the recent standard of Indian cricketers is a matter of great anxieties on the ahead of world cup. The team has totally lost its balance after the defeat of test match as well as the tri-series. The bats-mans like-Rayadu, Dhawan has failed to prove themselves in the ground of Aussie's. The condition of bowlers are not quite satisfactory. Above all, the players does not know what they have to do.

Pandu said:   9 years ago
Cricket is a famous game in India. There are so many excellent players I'm India. But now a days they got addicted to money. I mean not all members but some members are being doing like that that's why cricket lost its value. Now a days people are not interested see the cricket. Players of India have to concentrate on playing got the world cup.

Mohammad Aamir said:   9 years ago
Hello friends.

Due to respect all the viewer, I'm Aamir.

According to me Cricket in India has lost its sheen. May be I wrong. But I remembered that when I was I class 7 or 8. That time I'm very excited about a cricket match. But now I am in my graduation final year. I don't see really interest about cricket myself. I don't know the exactly reason about this but now I'm am very much interested in politics.

Because politician affect our life but cricketer don't affect directly in my life. I am not show here which party I support in politics but after 2012 I think the craze of politics very increase and the craze of cricket is loose day by day.

This is my opinion I don't what you think. But cricket are only the resource of entertainment but politics is the future of youth.

Thank you.

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