Cricket in India has lost its Sheen

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Aniket said: (Mar 3, 2018)  
Yes, I do believe that Cricket in India has lost its sheen. It has happened because of the hectic playing seasons all throughout the year. Earlier what used to happen was that the viewers got to watch their teams play in 8 to 9 months a year. So, there always had a nice gap between successive series. It has happened since the introduction of t20I's, but it didn't lost its sheen from day 1.

But it actually started from the year 2012 as t20I's became a regular scenario. Adding onto that the globilsation & bussinesship of both the viewers as well as the cricket world. Eventually, the leagues like IPL, Big Bash, Intl. T20's & other leagues have made the game only boring. Despite the fact that both batsmen and bowlers have become much smarter and innovative; the 'brownness' of flat pitches, the lost seam of dues balls being replaced by kookaburas and the all important improvement of bat alongwith small boundaries has made the game look daunting.

Also, the commentators are only professional while doing their job and it looks as if even they are not interested in the game too ; making the game fade away.

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Prasad said: (Oct 6, 2017)  
Introducing T20 tournaments like Big Bash, IPL, BPL etc. , in cricket environment is a curse in disguise. Yes, these tournaments has increased the viewership of T20 cricket all over the world. It also gave valuable budding players to many countries especially to India (bumrah, chahal, kuldeep, pandya). But the main problem is that it has decreased the interest on longer formats to many people. People have been accustomed to this shorter formats. This format revolves around money which is luring many talented players to go for illegal activities like betting and degrading this gentlemen game from the view of general public.

The actaul essence of game which is enjoyed through Tests and ODIs has been missed due to the introduction of these domestic T20 leagues.

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Aniket Sangar said: (Sep 21, 2017)  
There are many players who do spot-fixing and spoil THE INDIAN CRICKET. There is a lot of money in IPL tournament and players don't play in the wc as money is there in these type of tournaments.

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Salman Khan said: (Jun 19, 2017)  
There are many reasons but The biggest reason is money.

International cricket is just a business nowadays.

And the truth is international cricket starts become boring since 2007.

Other reasons are.

1. retirement of old cricketers.
2. improvement of bats, flat pitches, most of the rules are favours in batsman that's why the game will be totally one sided and nothing left for bowlers. cricketers have a lack of skills because of shitty IPL and other t20 tournaments. icons and interface also suck (google it and compare today's star sports channel icon with old star sports icon).

The list goes on and on.

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Sarthak Gothwal said: (Mar 21, 2017)  
I guess people don't have much time to watch 5 day test matches. Even ODI's are too long to watch and still there are 4 test matches and 5 ODI's? we can focus more on international T20's. Cricket always have a Good national audience so why not T20's ? why too much matches of clubs T20 like IPL. I guess there is hardly any T20 tri-series. People love the sport they watch and play. And Indian gully cricket is mostly of less limited overs so I guess it's high time to promote international T20's. You can see the success of 2016 T20 world cup.

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Rodney said: (Feb 24, 2017)  
As an Outsider from Australia. We see that ICC and IPL need a more defined direction. The ICC which to me is predominately controlled by India is totally focused on what is happening in India and has no defined plans to promote the Test match games internationally with the media groups. They are dicating the terms. IPL and T20 have their own adgender and only interested in short term profit. Aust has the right plan between T20 and Test matches and it is about time the Indian Cricket Board take it seriously. And not let IPL and T20 destroy Test matches.

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Jatin said: (Feb 15, 2017)  
Yes, cricket in India has lost its sheen and according to me one of the reasons is the steady timing of the test and ODI as lifestyles of people has changed and there is a drastic decrease in the number of people who spare their time for long hours watching the match.

T20 form has given cricket a height as large number of people are the one who watch cricket for enjoyment apart from their love for the game.

Moreover, practices like match fixing and their drivers (bookies) have also performed their part in lowering sheen of cricket.

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Satya Prakash said: (Jan 22, 2017)  
1) It is because everyone scoring hundred these days.

2) Hitting sixes has become easy.

3) Value of bowler has decreased. Green pitches, swing rarely seen.

4) pitches designed to make 350 runs+.

All these things has decreased quality of fight.

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Muhammad Ajeer said: (Nov 30, 2016)  
We want cricket like football in number of playing countries and an entry to the Olympics. But the nature of cricket is against.

The real cricket is test matches, but the 5 days duration is a big problem and ODI s are also long in duration. But 3 hrs T20 is ok, but T20 destroyed the beauty of the cricket. So we want to combine test and ODI in a T20 format. So in a team only 4 batsmen allowed to bat, I mean if 3 wickets are gone the team is all out.

Can you agree with me? Sorry for my bad English.

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Subrata Rath said: (Oct 6, 2016)  
Yes, cricket in India lost its sheen.

BECAUSE of the entry of football.

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Anurag Sharma said: (Sep 14, 2016)  
I think so, cricket receives some decline in last years due to IPL because it creates an overdose of cricket. Some stoppage of Ind vs Pak series is also responsible for the decline.

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Deepika said: (Sep 3, 2016)  
Cricket has not lost its sheen in India and will never loose the same. Just for an example, excitement among the Indian crowd is unbelievable if there is going to happen a match in between India and Pakistan or with any other team in any tournament. People from all over India, be it of any age or caste or profession, sit along with the whole family and enjoy and support the Indian cricketers. Also love for Sachin, Kumble, Dhoni and other team members can be easily understood among people and their way to express their love and support for the team also shows that cricket is a religion for us and can never ever loose its sheen and shine and importance in India instead it will increase as the time progresses.


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Priya Sen said: (Jul 27, 2016)  
No, I don't think so. Bringing in front a current incident. The India-Bangladesh match has given a mini heart attack to each and every cricket lovers. Yes, many sports nowadays are encouraged and it should be done. Like if only people would study medical and engineering what would happen to other subjects and other streams. So each and every sport should be encouraged and should be played. Thirdly. Various cricket tournaments are held every year. Ipl has changed the view of cricket. Regarding match fixing and other corrupt means practiced in the name of cricket can never make people lose interest from this sport. The craze of cricket could be easily understood when people say about Galli cricket and show their madness when India is playing any high voltage match. This sport will never lose its sheen. But the present condition of Indian cricket team needs a bit stability and our support too.

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Paritosh said: (Jul 27, 2016)  
Good morning to all,

Absolutely, the cricket in India has lost it's sheen because of many reasons such as fixing of matches, players in contact with bookies etc. Cricket become a new brand for players to earn money within a short time.

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Cyssan said: (Jun 28, 2016)  
Yes, cricket in India lost its sheen.

BECAUSE of the entry of pro-kabaddi, hockey premier league and the grace on football.


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Samara said: (Jun 18, 2016)  
Cricket is losing its sheen since few years,

> Cricketers do not play with professional spirits, they just play for the sake of money and not for their country.

> Match Fixing cases are increasing considerably.

> Instead of concentrating on their games, they are involved in endorsing a brand.

> Many cricketers are involved in cases of drugs and doping.

> IPL, instead of bringing the domestic cricket at the par of international cricket, has actually brought down its image. Most of the match fixing and bribe cases can be seen in IPL.

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Ajmain Mahtab said: (Jun 8, 2016)  
My problem with India and cricket is simple: India dominates cricket.

That means India will only want cricket to be played between a small group of nations.

This is because they would not want to spend any extra money in the ICC for the development of cricket in other nations.

The Indian cricket board works more like a company, their sole motto is to "maximise profit".

We all know why the next World Cup is shrinking: the Associate matches are a hassle (they don't generate enough viewers) and also the so-called "quality of cricket" might be less.

But I don't wanna blame India for starting all of this, this was meant to happen.

Back in the early days, England and Australia dominated cricket, and they wanted to expand to other markets and the only market where cricket would seem to be a passion would be the South Asian market.

So, they "exported" cricket there, but they never saw the Indian juggernaut coming, and now, cricket is in a stand-still almost.

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Shikhar said: (Jun 5, 2016)  
I think India regularly produce Good Cricketers that's why we always a Strong Nation in Cricket. Glamour already come, Money already comes, because we always a good in Cricket since winning 1983 World cup. We can't lose any sheen. It's just a glamour. Like what is Football in Brazil, Argentina etc. They are also fulfilled with glamour. Don't forget guys we smile always when India won and its only sport of Cricket where we full of emotions and we cry When India lost. We can't accept any single India loss in even any small tournament. Its shows you a lack of sheen in Indian Cricket. No never. Cricket is the biggest reason of patriotism in India like other European nations lives for their football. Cricket gives India a new and strong personality in among the whole world. I requested to every Indian parent to Encourage their Child in Sports also. Because we need more Sachin, Dhyanchand, Vishwanath Anand, Bhaichung Bhutia. THANX.

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Kush said: (May 25, 2016)  
No, now the condition is changed Indian cricket is not sheen. Now for Indians cricket play an important role in entertainment and economy because many cricketers take many of their bats or accessories purchased from India and that was the good thing for Indian economy. Now cricket gives us entertainment by different leagues played in India that types of leagues also give employment by different methods.

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Sagar said: (May 17, 2016)  
I think Cricket going in India is just for Money and Entertainment. Yes, Its a Sport not a War. But when I Do Compare between Cricketers and other sportsmen of other Sports. I thought what's the problem in other sports, why we struggling for One Fifa World CUP, why we struggling for one gold medal in Olympics. BECAUSE we are totally crazy about Cricket. Yes, Indian Cricket is now the powerhouse of World Cricket it's good for Every Indians. But now the time has come to make strong COMMAND in other Sports also. Future of Indian Cricket is Excellent no doubt about that, it's time to make India proud in other Sports also especially in Football. I humbly requested to my Government and Sports Administrators in India. To bring such policy for players that they make not only India proud but also increase their Income.

At last, I totally Agree with Shikar what he wrote Excellent good bro!

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Shikar said: (Apr 29, 2016)  
I think Cricket become an Entertainment than Sport in India because of IPL. I don't know Why IPL played every year? We say Indian Cricket got the new talent like Hardik Pandya or Manish Pandey etc, etc. Is 20 over matches is Enough to prove all the talent in players? Where is our Ranji Trophy, Devdhar trophy? Everybody Knows that IPL is not the pure league. But still we Watch every match of IPL isn't right? See the schedule of IPL, is always around one and half month why?What it's Importance, What it's target? I requested to BCCI that pleases make more strong Indian Cricket, not World Cricket.

ADD MORE DOMESTIC TOURNAMENTS such as Ranji or Devdhar trophy you definitely found a new talent. Indian Cricket doesn't need any type of leagues such as IPL. Increase local Indian Tournaments that was happening till before 2008. IPL is not any Indian tournament it's just Entertainment. YES, OUR FOOTBALL NEED An ISL TYPE LEAGUE Because we are still mad in Football not only in FIFA ranking but also in MONEY. But Indian Cricket doesn't need any type of IPL types Cheap Worst Leagues.

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Javed said: (Mar 26, 2016)  
Indian team is hardworking and got many successes in cricket. So in India cricket may remain to continue. As for cricket in Pakistan is a concern, then in my opinion after humiliating defeats of Pakistani cricket team in previous five years, it is evident that we got no player of international standards. In this way, it is also confirmed that there is no future of cricket in Pakistan. This game is boosted by Pakistani media only. So, it should be banned in Pakistan at all levels and the so-called cricket board of some failures may dissolve with immediate effect.

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Anuj Chauhan said: (Nov 14, 2015)  
Yes cricket in India has lost it's sheen. Because of many reason:

1. Due to selector, because selector select only those player that has some acquaintance with selector. Like Stuart Binny & Roger Binny.

2. Due to retirement of great player like Sachin, Zaheer, Sehwag.

3. So many match per year.

4. Due to match fixing like scam in IPL.

5. Some player playing for his self interest not for country.

6. Due to ban on India vs Pakistan match.

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Dhananjay Jadhav said: (Oct 16, 2015)  
I'm 20 year old guy. I used to be a huge cricket fan. I cried out loud when India had lost, and screamed like an idiot when India had won. I had cricket emotionally attached to me. But I don't know why I have lost interest in cricket.

Maybe that's due to the retirement of legends, or maybe Indian team have achieved everything there is to achieve, or maybe my increasing interest in football. But it's true that Indian cricket is starting to lose its sheen.

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Varun said: (Sep 12, 2015)  
Yes. I do believe that the popularity of cricket in India is diminishing. The main reason being, many people have quit watching cricket due to the retirement of great players like Sachin, Dravid, Laxman etc few other reasons which I noticed are.

1. In the last two decades, cricket could not add any more countries and on the other side, many prominent cricketing nations are now struggling to continue the game. This has lead to a precarious situation where only 5-6 nations are playing quality cricket now. Also its boring to watch same countries play the game among themselves too often.

2. In 90's and 2000's, we used to have lots of local tournaments in small towns and villages, which have now shrunk to very few in the recent past. These local tournaments played a very significant role in keeping the popularity of cricket intact in the past.

3. Time nowadays, people can not spend 7-8 hours to watch on day internationals, let alone test cricket. T20 matches is a solution for this problem, but the quality of cricket, especially bowling has considerably gone down in this format.

4. Signs of emergence of other sports in India. It should not be overseen that the new brand of football (ISL) and Kabaddi (Pro kabaddi league) are able to attract viewers. In any field, emergence of one will always be at the cost of another one. Here, if aforesaid sports are going to gain popularity, it will be at the cost of cricket only.

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Madhav said: (Aug 2, 2015)  
Hi guys according to me we play games for enjoy and also viewers enjoy it but when we make business in sport then it looses our value and looses interest of viewers. As we all aware about match fixing in IPL. So when any game, not only cricket play for business then it looses our value.

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Fxvinay said: (Jul 24, 2015)  
I think cricket in India has losing its sheen because of long term playing like ODI & test matches, nowadays viewers interested in short term game like IPL, CPL cricket fans expecting more entertaining boundary shots and quick score.

But other hand whole game busy with beating and spot fixing rather than international game apart from ours desi sports like pro Kabbadi and other are shinning agents cricket game, so we can't say Indian cricket lose its sheen only our point of view has changed and cricket lovers only expecting good performance.

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Deepika said: (Jun 10, 2015)  
Of course it has not because they lose but because they lose for money. Not only cricketers but to every athlete should play to win, play to enlighten the name of his country, to his sentiments but not to earn only money.

In BCCI we have lots of example where people become a part of cricket just for the shake of earning. So to sustain the sheen of India's most wanted sport, I have a most humble request to play for your zeal and keep the greed for money far away.

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Biju Chacko said: (Apr 3, 2015)  
There is a lot of hype created just before any world cup, India is projected as one of the favorites to get the TRP and good number of spectators in the stadium. If India doesn't go past first round of any world cup then its a financial loss for everyone so keeping that in mind the hype is created.

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Tony said: (Mar 30, 2015)  
Indian cricketers should be paid on performance not for just appearances at games. There should be targets set for each player and for the team as a whole.

At present cricketers in India are overpaid and adored too much by the public. They should earn their living like anybody else. Poor performance results in poor compensation and vise-versa.

All political involvement must be eliminated from cricket and selection must be based on pure merit and not by influence, cast, creed or other irrelevant factors.

Players must be given training in handling pressure, relaxation techniques and being able to measure the situation in various scenarios. They should not be in a hurry as we have seen with Virat Kholi and Rohit Sharma at the WC game 2015 against Australia.

In this day and age it is possible to construct pitches of any nature anywhere and therefore, cricketers must train on the relevant pitches before heading for any overseas game.

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Anunay Sharma said: (Mar 22, 2015)  
No cricket in India has never loose his sheen.

Now there is also craze of cricket:) You all became supporters when India won and criticism when India loss. We should encourage the players so they became good in cricket.

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Niks said: (Mar 19, 2015)  
No, Cricket in India can never lose its sheen. It is still the most dominating sports in India and the craze for it is increasing exponentially especially with the introduction of T-20 format games like IPL. Yes, there were some disappointing performances by the Indian team before the world cup 2015, but this has nothing to do with the craze of cricket in India.

In fact the performance of the team has nothing to do with the sheen of Indian cricket. Even today when Indian cricket team lose we feel more sad as compared to the sadness for loss in any other sports. It is just because of the attachment all Indians have with this game.

Although many sports have been promoted in recent times, but still I don't find the craze of any sports anywhere near the craze of cricket.

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Riyaz said: (Mar 5, 2015)  
According to me we can't say Indian cricket lose it's sheen only our point of view has changed. We have an habit to feel more exciting than the situation every time, that has changed that's all.

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Gautam Lotlikar said: (Feb 20, 2015)  
Its true that cricket is loosing its interest in India. There are many points to support this statement. One of the main reason is match fixing which created a negative publicity in India ted specially during the most controversial IPL season which we witness three players caught red handed. Other than that people also has realized about importance of time which they chose to invest it more productively.

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Anim said: (Feb 20, 2015)  
Cricket is just the waste of time. Just an Black Spot which has to be removed. I'm not saying about only cricket, but also for the fame of cricket raising day by day in India. Come on guys it is just a sports and not more than that, please Awake Yourself!

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Vaughan said: (Feb 12, 2015)  
Hi, my name is Vaughan and I am South African and please allow me to express my thoughts on this matter. I don't think Indian cricket has lost its sheen. India has one of the best batting line-ups in world cricket, and it would be the best if they can consistently master the fast and bouncy pitches of Aussie and SA. A solution to this would be that some Indian players come over and play domestic cricket in these 2 countries for 2 to 3 years.

The bowling department is where the problems are at the moment, and I think if you can get another Zaheer Khan that can swing it at 140 kph, then India will be back as a serious force to be reckoned with, even outside the subcontinent. Another Harbhajan Singh and another good intelligent seamer and the bowling department will be stacked.

One does not need bowlers that bowl at 150kph. Even Dale Steyn and Morkel used to consistently bowl at 150-155 in domestic cricket, and now they have dropped by about 10 kph and bowl more intelligently. Remember, the slower Glenn M cGrath became, the more successful he became.


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Shivam Dubey said: (Feb 8, 2015)  
Yes, I agree with the above statement. Following observation favours the same:

1) Cricket is being played extensively at all levels. Spectators go through all the phases so frequently that they are loosing interest.

2) Motive of playing has changed from a sport to commercial one. It has resulted in corruption as we come to know in every season of IPL that has resulted in loss of viewers faith.

3) Over the past few years, only few teams are playing at international levels. It is bored to see only few teams.

4) In India, IPL has caused a lot of damage to the game. Spot fixing is almost common to every edition of IPL. If the result of each game is pre-decided then why will people watch it wasting their time and money?

5) Players are also playing as professionals not for the country.

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T.roy said: (Feb 2, 2015)  
Certainly, the recent standard of Indian cricketers is a matter of great anxieties on the ahead of world cup. The team has totally lost its balance after the defeat of test match as well as the tri-series. The bats-mans like-Rayadu, Dhawan has failed to prove themselves in the ground of Aussie's. The condition of bowlers are not quite satisfactory. Above all, the players does not know what they have to do.

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Pandu said: (Feb 1, 2015)  
Cricket is a famous game in India. There are so many excellent players I'm India. But now a days they got addicted to money. I mean not all members but some members are being doing like that that's why cricket lost its value. Now a days people are not interested see the cricket. Players of India have to concentrate on playing got the world cup.

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Mohammad Aamir said: (Jan 24, 2015)  
Hello friends.

Due to respect all the viewer, I'm Aamir.

According to me Cricket in India has lost its sheen. May be I wrong. But I remembered that when I was I class 7 or 8. That time I'm very excited about a cricket match. But now I am in my graduation final year. I don't see really interest about cricket myself. I don't know the exactly reason about this but now I'm am very much interested in politics.

Because politician affect our life but cricketer don't affect directly in my life. I am not show here which party I support in politics but after 2012 I think the craze of politics very increase and the craze of cricket is loose day by day.

This is my opinion I don't what you think. But cricket are only the resource of entertainment but politics is the future of youth.

Thank you.

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Abhilash said: (Jan 2, 2015)  


Cricket in India has lost its Sheen is not correct in my view, every game has their value, when we realize that value? In India there are lot of games are present but today cricket is most popular game in India why? only reason for this is ours mind we promote cricket more than any other game "Hockey is our national game what we can do for Hockey, Cricket players got more time rewards than a Hockey player get, I just ask one question how players in Hockey India you know according to me I know 3 players, legend Dhyan chand, captain Sardar sigh, I know one more name Sreejesh (goalkeeper) because I'm also a keralite.

Indian cricket is moves on top most level we got ICC World cup after 27 years in the case of IPL there are lot of corruption take place beside that our new generation or our youngsters got more opportunities. India got more revenue from this mode. Due to these reason I can definitely say India has no lost its sheen.

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Sandesh Patil said: (Sep 24, 2014)  
Real issue here is not money. I don't think there is anything wrong in making money. That is right of professionals. If we look at Football then footballers in Europe earn 10 times more than what cricketers do in India. If you consider any field then top 15 or 20 professionals of that field are highly paid people.

Issue here is that there is nothing new in it. If I consider IPL matches then every match is replica of some other match. There are very few unique results left due to over Cricket. Now days hitting 6 on the last bowl while chasing is achievable which was not possible 10 years back. Spectators have seen everything now.

Bad Wickets in India- Most of the Cricket which is being played in India is played on non sporting wickets. Pitches are Flat and favour only Batsmen. This has reduced competitiveness.

Number of Countries playing high level Cricket- If we see History then for last 30 years only 8 key teams are playing good quality Cricket. Standard of countries like Bangladesh, Zimbabwe has not improved.

Overall, India has developed but with flaws and other countries have not developed at all. This has reduced competitiveness of the game and hence Cricket has lost its glory.

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Manishvinay said: (Aug 12, 2014)  
According to my point this is the true statement. Because of now a days in cricket lots of corruption increasing. 2g spectrum is the best example. And players are playing for only money not for cricket growth. If it happens continuously, cricket in India has lost it sheen definitely. So every players should play for our team growth.

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Mosin said: (Jul 24, 2014)  
No. Infact because of ipl some new fans of cricket also connect with it, because of it people of India know more about overseas players like gayle and A B de villiers etc. Very like by these fans. So whenever they played although outside India people just want to see them on television and people know more about domestic players those play well in ipl and infact media also help these players by telecast programme with cricket expert to examine the selection committee job. At present every fans in India have their own idea to which player should be in the national team.

IPL also has open the door to rub their shoulders with international players.

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Vivek said: (Jun 23, 2014)  
Cricket in India is better to some extent and to other its up to the players who be honest and does not involve any match fixings as so they did in IPL. So a clean mode of cricket to be seen. The officers must be serious about these actions.

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Anonymous said: (May 10, 2014)  
Hello everyone,

I, personally feel, that the cricket in India has actually lost its sheen, after the advent of IPL (Indian Premiere League). All the cricketers are looking to come under limelight in collaboration with media i.e. films, television etc. Which is seriously not a good thing indeed. Well, media and cricket altogether, forms a different concept, both comes under different categories. With IPL making its presence felt, no cricketer is showing more seriousness towards their own game and instead, running behind money, which in similar, they find themselves trapped under spot fixing and other scams being involved.

IPL, though being comes under entertaining one, still we cannot say such form of cricket as a real cricket. Real Cricket has actually lost its shine for two main reasons. Firstly, being so slow which nowadays many people find it hard to digest and secondly not enough business being involved under it. But, still, I still consider this form of cricket as an entertaining part rather than IPL form.

IPL has made the cricket fast lane and enjoyable and still under rust and temporary form of cricket which, someday, it would move down because of conspiracies involved in it. I still have a hope that, someday, in the mid of 21st century, real cricket will actually find its place better than the other forms.

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N.V.Sindhura said: (Apr 17, 2014)  
Ya I agree with the statement. In India cricket became a commercial one. The players are not doing their level best. If we consider IPL which is the most worst thing in which crores of rupees are shifting between hands. Most of the players are fascinating towards money so they are involving in the spot fixing and losing their image and respect. Their aim is within the short duration of 2 months they want to earn crores of rupees which is the most corruption thing. Of Course it gives lot of entertainment so although our national game is hockey we are not giving preference to it.

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Hitesh Porwal said: (Mar 28, 2014)  
Cricket in India has lost its sheen because every one rely on commercialization of cricket rather than playing cricket with professional spirits. Politics in cricket is shameful thing for every person, but Indian Cricket is hardly affected this. Politics in Indian Cricket was running from many past years but now it's increase day by day. Because of this performance is no matter for many players, they got a chance for playing the nation by using their high links. Not only for entry in Indian cricket team but retirement is also had pre planned for many players.

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Gufran said: (Mar 19, 2014)  
IPL is a fantastic thing because of IPL the scope of cricket is increAse in India and it provide the chance to the youngster to show their talents because only 11 can play for country so the other who are practicing hard got the opportunity through IPL to show their potential so I can say IPL is very fantastic and all the cricketer from all country want to in IPL.

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Raghavendar said: (Feb 25, 2014)  
Yes, cricket has lost its sheen in India. The game is becoming a business nowadays. Players are not playing for the country anymore, but for their personal benefits. There is corruption, politics, and what not. The board, players all are to be blamed.

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Subha said: (Feb 7, 2014)  
Moreover I also feel that the cricketing tactics of the players are reveled in course of playing IPL matches. For example, the cricketing techniques of two players who are from different countries but playing for the same team in IPL will be revealed. For e.g they will cum to know abut the kinds of shots they play etc and this will be a deterrent factor when they will be facing each other as contendants.

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Janak Maheshwari said: (Jan 7, 2014)  
I agree. Cricket in India has lost its sheen. Players play for paychecks now-a-days rather than for their team. They are more inclined toward the commercials rather than playing. You can see Indian cricketers in advertising campaigns, be it Sachin Tendulkar or MS Dhoni or the young and fresh faces of Virat Kohli or Rohit Sharma. Recent spot fixing scandals will further prove my point. IPL is one of the main reason for this behaviour. Big political persons, actors/actresses, businessman etc. Have huge stake in their respective IPL teams and they pay a lot of money to players to perform. So, players have become money minded. Only some, not all, I am talking about.

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Arjun Singh said: (Oct 24, 2013)  
Yes cricket in India has lost its sheen because they rely on commercialization of cricket rather than playing cricket with professional spirits. Now players are more interested in playing IPL rather playing for their country. Friends it seems that cricket in India is loosing its glamour. Because of cricket being played throughout the whole year now people are becoming little bit bored of it.

Earlier, cricketers such as kapil dev. Used to play for their country, their team and not just for their self interest. No doubt, today also players play for raising the name of India, but half of their spirits are influenced by money. It is not their real performance.

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BRIJESH KASUDHAN said: (Sep 28, 2013)  
Its totally absurd to even think that cricket in India has lost its sheen. In fact this is the only sport which is growing day by day on both basis interest as well as market. See the ipl success story and Indian cricket team conquering all over the world I mean in what way it is losing its sheen.

(Honestly this should not be a topic in GD).

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Saurabh said: (Aug 20, 2013)  
Even if cricket is not the National sports of India yet all the indians feels like it is merely equal to national game. Cricket in India can never lose its sheen even after match fixing scams. IPL every year had made a new beginning for T20 cricket in India. Every indians are eager to watch the match even after the match fixing & IPL scams. Its because of us (indians) love to the cricketers that most of the companies choose Indian cricketers for advertisement so that they may get an edge over selling their product.

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Shaikh Irshad said: (Jul 27, 2013)  
Now day's cricket is one of one game who playing in huge number, yes. Cricket is popular in all over the world. The new generation is also interesting to play cricket, the n number of cricket we can see in India, Pakistan, South Africa, Newzland, west indies, Australia, England this country is playing cricket in huge number. Cricket has come from England. The cricket game is called as the game of England but now this game is playing in every country. The rank who playing in large amount.

India is the first rank who who playing in large amount in India the cricket is play as national game. The god of cricket is Sachin Tendulkar. In previous day's cricket format like test for 5 days which could be play with white ball with wight dress. And one day matches could for 50 over. Now's day the new format of cricket is T20 which play for 20 over. This T20 format is playing as a ipl, bpl, ppl, epl, apl, npl, just like that and this T20 cricket format is become the source of earning. With the help of this game now crickets earn money not also cricket but but also politician is become a reach person with help of cricket.

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KUMAR ABHISHEK said: (Jul 22, 2013)  
There are lots of point in favor of this topic but I am providing you few points here:

1. Cricket has become a medium of business for the richer people in India after IPL.

2. All the owner of cricket (IPL) are the man whose both feet are in swamp of corruption.

3. Has become a platform of money laundering.

4. Under world is getting more money by match-fixing especially (D-GROUP).

5. All the match what we see is 80% fixed means we are watching a fake game the fate of every match is pre decided.

6. This is increasing gambling in poor country like India every where you can see at school, pubs, village, even if at police station also.

7. Many IPL owner has said that they will promote as will bring the economic condition of India at better level but never did all their black money are becoming white money.

8. TRP rate of IPL is decreasing per year this shows that fame and popularity of has gone.

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Nitin said: (Jul 15, 2013)  
Well the recent cases of corruption in Indian cricket is one of the main reasons for it losing its credibility. Now even a genuine no-ball/wide/mis-field is met with suspicious eyes. The huge amount of money involved in Indian cricket(thanks to uncountable fans)attracted businessmen, politicians, even underworld people to the sport.

Almost all the state cricket bodies have politicians as their president; similarly with the advent of IPL, businessmen have found a hub to invest their black money and earn more through betting/fixing. The recent revelations had thrown light on such issues but India just winning the Champions Trophy has shifted the focus and once again we are back to square one.

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Sundar Raj said: (Jul 9, 2013)  
Blaming players should be stopped. The governing comity must be headed by the retired. Players of Indian team with retired. Players as members. Politicians must not involve in sports. Players know a lot about cricket than others so BCCI must be headed and member by retired players and not by other business person or politicians. This will improve the strength of game and the bad impression can be easily erased from Indian cricket fans.

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Pritishree said: (May 28, 2013)  
Cricket is more or less seen to be losing its sheen in India, it is not able to maintain its tag-the gentleman's game. Recent match fixing cases have hugely hampered its repute, cricket fans have been disappointed to a great extent, there are still players like sachin, dhoni, yuvraj and many others who play cricket not for wads of notes but for the sake of their country and their passion, but for a few cricketers and poor transparency of the management, cricket in India would have reached its zenith and the fate of cricket would not have been at stake, commercialization of cricket has really deteriorated the spirit of the game.

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Abheet said: (May 25, 2013)  
Yes cricket in India has lost its sheen, nowadays cricketers are more influenced by money and fame rather than sport spirit, the best example we can think of is recent incident of spot fixing in which cricketers of rajasthan royals got caught, incidents like these are disgrace on our Indian cricket, players really need to realise that its their performance what actually is going to be remembered not amount of dollars that they are gonna make.

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Yaman said: (May 5, 2013)  
I think that cricket in India is in the blood of almost every Indian. But the big mountain between cricket and talent is politics. Cricket in India may be called 'Partial'. I think that players of India are most interested in playing IPL. Rather than playing for the country. This is because players get more money of playing IPL than international Cricket.

Some players of India play with their hearts in international cricket like Raina, Sachin, Dravid, Kohli but some play only for money and this is why they perform in advertisement.

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Vikas Kumar Pandey said: (Apr 7, 2013)  
In my opinion on the "Cricket in India has lost its Sheen is No. I think Cricket in every Indians has in blood because children know about this game from the primary teacher (Parents). In India When child born after some day his relatives give to ball for play.

If we talk about the domestic level of this game some people this game for the pleasure and some play for the keep their body fit and some wants to play in international level. So the future of this game is bright.

In this game consists 11 players in one team India a largest country a number of people are playing this game. IPL is a one source where domestic players get a chance to play with international level player.

Everything is associated with each other if a player is doing hard work toward the game that's why he got a chance to play there. After doing hard work every person think that results must positive.

They are earning name fame and money because they deserve for that.

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Abraham said: (Apr 2, 2013)  
I think cricket has lost its sheen India. It is total politics that is involved and so is IPL. IPL is played by the players just for the sake of money. Any player in IPL can hit a sixer or a four in quick succession and complete a century. I do not understand why IPL is raking in retired players. Is it for the name's sake or whatever it is. And nowadays in a Test match a player gets money in bounty and loads of money in IPL. Plus the advertisements. That why a player who hasn't even completed his graduation gets loads of money higher than that of a professional. What has a player got to do with advertisment especially that of motor bikes I fail to understand. That's why and I do fully agree with what Sir George Bernard Shaw said that cricket is game played by 11 flanneled fools. How come does the Indian team fare very badly when they travel overseas. Politics and IPL should be banned in order to bring back cricket its sheen.

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Naina Mohamed said: (Mar 12, 2013)  
In this topic disagree with my thoughts. India cricket is most popular to all countries. A lot of fans to the Indian cricketers. In the years 1983, 2007, 2011 unforgettable to the India. Because of the years are India winning of the world cup. So cricket has not India lost its sheen.

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Ekta said: (Feb 4, 2013)  
Well, I don't think cricket has lost its sheen. Because of the growing economy, cricket has commercialized. But just because of cricket having an entertainment side, public figures from all fields associated with it, also varied forms of cricket being played, it cannot be said that it has lost its sheen.

Cricket is not only a culture in India but a religion that is followed - every child that first plays any game is cricket. Parents first hand over a bat and a ball to their children. You see them in small lanes playing this sport. I am sure they would not know the national sport of this country for most of them their favorite sport is cricket.

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Manjul Manohar said: (Jan 7, 2013)  
According to me, in India cricket is very popular game among all games and most of young people wants to ply cricket and they play cricket. At first we have to stop the advertisement done by cricketer for money and second one is IPL these are the factors.

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Debabrata Maity said: (Jan 1, 2013)  
Also I agree, Indian cricket has lost its sheen. Now a days some cricket player want money, they have involved in advertisement, I thing, it not expected from real Indian cricketer. Other side have seen that some politics has been incorporated, a player has good performance but he will not chance for Indian teem, my opinion that our teem will be sheen, when above this two things is removed. Also IPL is a one of the most importance factor for lost this sheen of Indian teem.

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Tarak Patel said: (Nov 25, 2012)  
For most of the Indians sports means cricket. More than 90% of the males have played cricket in their life once. The way people came on the street when India won world cup 2011 and t20 world cup, shows love of Indian people for cricket. For brand endorsement cricketers are preferred to other celebrities. The IPL has became famous on world platform shows love of Indians for cricket. The cricket is not only sports but event. Its audience who shift their behavior when India won and lose. Win or lose is integral part of any sports.

Cricket was famous, is famous and will be famous in India.

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Vinod said: (Nov 3, 2012)  
No. Cricket didn't lose it's sheen in India, not only in India but also in the world. Day by day it is bring up like sea waves. In olden days no one know about the cricket but nowadays even a little fella playing and watching cricket. If you ask anyone 'What is your favorite game?'. No doubt absolutely 90% of people will say 'Cricket'.

These are few examples how the cricket is evoking. If Cricket introduced in Olympics, Cricket will dominate the Soccer. In future every country participate in cricket. Even though it has some defects it's a wonderful game.

Hey what is this?you are praising the players when they win the match. At the same time you are criticizing the players when they lost the match. Players need encouragement when they are in sad time. Please all our Indian players are best please don't tease them.

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HARSHA said: (Sep 21, 2012)  
Yes I agree. In India the cricket is an offence most of the people who are betting in the cricket they are spoiling their lives and money and waste of time some of the cricketers are corrupted. These seems people who are interested in cricket spoiling their lives and suiciding also. It is shame.

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Raj said: (Sep 1, 2012)  
Cricket has become just another most corrupt organization in India, especially after IPL and huge money is involved and it is no longer sports and people of india have woken up and giving it cold shoulder these days.

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Shreshtha said: (Jun 16, 2012)  
No, Cricket in India has not lost its sheen. Cricket is still popular as it was, People of different age group still left their important work for watching the cricket. It shows that cricket is and never will lose its sheen.

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Arjun said: (May 19, 2012)  
Yes, I really think cricket in India has lost its popularity over many years. Earlier, cricketers such as kapil dev, dilip vengaskar etc. Used to play for their country, their team and not just for their self interest. No doubt, today also players play for raising the name of India, but half of their spirits are influenced by money. It is not their real performance.

Nowadays, annually played IPL has been dominating over the cricketers, . They play for endorsing various brands and sort of linking themselves to the reel life. Cricket has not just remained cricket in the hearts of the players as well as the fans. But merely a COMMERCIALIZATION ART.

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Nikhil said: (May 2, 2012)  
No cricket is not loosing its sheen and will never looose.cicket may be not the national game of our country but is the game of our indians who have kept cricket in their is the game which is loved by people and not just by the youth but also by all ages of people.people may get bored of cricket but will never leave.its has made a permanant place in the heart of indians and its difficult to take its out from their minds.
i will give an example in India.when a child is born his parent handles him a bat or a ball why not a hockey stick or badminton racket its d culture its the tradition which is followed by the peopleof india because people love cricket and its very difficult to loose its sheen.its the game of poor rich and what makers it more special is our achievement our players who makes us proud their hence its the clear ans that cricket will never loose its sheen.

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Abhishek said: (Apr 18, 2012)  
I'm totally disagree with the statement that cricket is loosing its sheen. I think cricket can never loose its sheen, people might become a little bore about cricket for a while, but it will never last for a long span. As far as cricket as a game is concerned it is still in the blood of Indians. Let me clarify my view 1st of all, I'm not seeing IPL, 1 days, or test as different legs of cricket. I see them as cricket only. So I must say Indians are still as much as crazy as they were earlier.

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Yashesh said: (Apr 2, 2012)  
Cricket in India is day by day becoming more enthusiastic and more thrilling. The introduction of successful IPL seasons have lead the Indian team to won ICC twenty-20 cup, followed by historic records by Indian cricket team and finally 28 years long awaited world cup. Cricket is in fact gradually gaining sheen day by day.

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Yashesh said: (Apr 2, 2012)  
Cricket is considered as a sport for players and for viewers. However, more than cricket, cricket is consider as a business for all those directly or indirectly associated with it. It brings tremendous amount of money to the government via side business like hotel industry, tourism, advertising agencies, etc. We always had DLF IPL, hero cup, etc. So cricket in India will never lose its sheen.

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Ravi said: (Mar 26, 2012)  
At that time when british used to rule over the country, there was no scope for cricket, from that time to nowadays, cricket has gained its popularity. It's popularity increasing day by day, as we can see in any field when anyone gains popularity, there may be some drawback, same things is applicable in cricket also, nowadays after become popular, cricketer are more concerned towards the money instead of game. And there are drawback in management also, they make a calender in which player have to play a lot of throughout the year, in this way it looses it's shine, so management should keep all these things in mind and try to make a calender as per requirement. So lastly we can say that cricket has not looses it's sheen and it will not loose if all the above things will be in progress.

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Sathish619 said: (Feb 15, 2012)  
According to my opinion Cricket in India has not lost its sheen maybe many people say that it has lost its sheen but according to me cricket is a game of true sportsmanship if it has lost its sheen then how did the team India won the world cup and many cricket fans enjoyed but I might say ipl is being used as a game of commercialization rather than saying team India has lost its sheen. I thank you for giving me this oppurtunity to speak about this topic.

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Sahil Goswami said: (Jan 31, 2012)  
Cricket in India may be called partial. It is because many deserving players from many parts of the country does not gets chance to play. But if the selectors select the best players who once did great for the Indian team might steer India out of this trouble. For example : Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, Irfan Pathan, etc.

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Armaansuri said: (Jan 4, 2012)  
I am not totally in favour of the fact that cricket has lost its sheen. IPL on one hand has become extremely popular as it needs involvement of lot of players which is anyday instrumental for cricket and cricket fans, but on the other hand the lethargic look on test macthes is a point of concern as less crowd views the match. The cricket committe should take effective measures to have a right balance between all 3 modes of game so that in future there should not be any point of raising such a question.

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Akash Kumar said: (Dec 20, 2011)  
Test match between India and west indies in Eden garden could gather a sparse crowd of 5000 only. This was the scene of all the stadiums, more or less. Even in short form (odi's) also. Friends it seems that cricket in India is loosing its glamour. Because of cricket being played through out the whole year now people are becoming little bit bored of it. They are not only absent from the ground but also not keeping the track of scores on internet also. Excess of cricket is killing it. If we have to restore the sheen of cricket in India and world overall (because around 70% of the revenue earned by the endorsement company comes through india) then we will have to properly balance the amount of cricket being played and particularly of club crickets like ipl, big bash etc.

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Jatin said: (Oct 24, 2011)  
I think in my opinion there is problem with management and paying system also. Thts why lots of cricketer are paling good in ipl or any other fast game. But they are rady to give their performance for his own nation. The players are same when they are pling for nation or for pvt game. We should think about some paying system and for cricket rules also which will not affect our nation's side and cricketer side also.

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Ishaan Tiwari said: (Sep 27, 2011)  
I think cricket in India is losing its sheen. Now players are more interested in playing IPL rather playing for their country. Frequent T20 matches has given a toll to injuries to key players of our national team which was the main reason of worst defeat ever in england recently.

I would not blame to players but to management. They don't give rest to the players when needed and I think their should be some rotation of players in the team for some specific interval of time so they get enough time for rest and new players get chance too. Players should be encouraged to play international cricket for their country but not merely for the clubs of IPL. They should be encouraged to make cricketing spirit alive. Selectors should be former players but not politicians like ravi shukla or pawar.

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Abhinav Dutt said: (May 28, 2011)  
I think cricket in India has soared over the past 5 years. It has definitely not lost its sheen, in fact it has prospered and flourished, giving India a place in the world map in terms of cricket;in fact more often than not it is called the the "Cricketing Superpower of the World"!. People talk about commercialization coming into the fray. Destroying the spirit of the game!

They do not understand that the very fact that these players are being offered humongous endorsements stands testimony to the fact that they are doing well in their.

Respective fields. I feel, as a matter f fact, that, Cricket in India is getting too much of importance!We need to shift focus on other sports as well!

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Ajit said: (Feb 13, 2011)  
I think cricket in india is at its peak. After the recent successes it has achieved in all formats i.e. has got no.1 ranking in test ,no. 2 in one dayers and hey..we are first T20 champions.attracting by the money and fame ,many youngsters even from small towns are choosing cricket as career. The captain MS Dhoni himself is from Non metro...when sachin plays whole country stops to watch him score another hunderd...Cricket is no more just a sport in india it's a phenomenon and this is also one of the thing which binds our multi cultural country as one....Certainly cricket is not loosing its sheen.

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Pramod said: (Nov 4, 2010)  
In our country many of the people like cricket and crazy about cricket. But in cricket selection committee not select talent persons ex;latest Hyderabad Ranji team. So many of the talented players are missing the cricket. Today India have a test match all the best India.

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Vikram said: (Sep 5, 2010)  
Yes I agree that cricket has lost its sheen, many of our young talented players are well satisfied with name and fame (money) they get by IPL. They have nothing to do with ODI's are TEST. Another reason is our worst selection committee, they play politics rather then encourageing talented players like dravid, uthappa, and many.

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Tasneem Shaikh said: (Jul 13, 2010)  
Cricket in India can never lose its sheen. Cricket is not just a game, its a religion in India. Even though, players run after huge paychecks and the authority people do everything to hold their chairs, when it comes to the cricket ground, everything is left behind. Players play with real enthusiasm and zeal to win the game.

We cricket fans can never insult the players and their game. Every sportsman has ups and downs in his careers. It is just unfair that we support them when they are good and tease them when they play badly. Media always keep double-crossing the sportsperson by lifting him high enough to touch the heights of zenith when he is in good form and treating him like a worm when he is out of form.

So, its a big request to the media to stop behaving like a kid and broadcast what is necessary. As they are trying to spoil the sheen of cricket in India.

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Mitesh Chauhan said: (Jul 8, 2010)  
In India also most favorite game, which many peaple show cricket game and enjoy. Our national game is hokey but they do not get popularity similar cricket game. When indian people show this game, they also get more and more spark for our brightness.Hokey is ourr national game,but this game do not get mor popularity.

When cricket is show in TV, many company give add in tv channel. So,our country get money and our company's industry also groth whicch most benifit is our country. What is meaning about losss of our country sheen? This is completly wrong. This game is only for enjoy. So we do not get perfectly chance.many people do not west your time for cricket. When people show this game just for enjoy, this not meaning this game is west of country sheen.

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Ashok said: (Jul 7, 2010)  
No. Cricket didn't lose it's sheen in India, not only in India but also in the world. Day by day it is bring up like sea waves. In olden days no one know about the cricket but nowadays even a little fella playing and watching cricket. If you ask anyone 'What is your favorite game?'. No doubt absolutely 90% of people will say 'Cricket'.

These are few examples how the cricket is evoking. If Cricket introduced in Olympics, Cricket will dominate the Soccer. In future every country participate in cricket. Even though it has some defects it's a wonderful game.

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Arjunan said: (Jun 15, 2010)  
hey what is this???????????you are praising the players when they win the the same time you are criticizing the players when they lost the match...players need encouragement when they are in sad time ....please all our indian players are best please don't tease them.......

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Navneet Bhardwaj said: (Jun 13, 2010)  
Yes cricket in india has lost its sheen because they rely on commercialization of cricket rather than playing cricket with professional spirits. Several cricketers have got addicted to huge paychecks rather than performance. People from political background and other bureaucrats are holding stakes in teams much hyped Indian Premier League. I think Cricket in India needs true Performance of all cricketers rather than showing of their brand endorsement. Senior and Junior Crickets should have equal contracts and paychecks, and Cricket Board should have transparency for running cricket in India. they should also utilize their money for developing vrious cricket stadium and should be on competition on par with Australia and should provide best sporting facilities and equipments for all cricketers.

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Cricket in India has lost its Sheen

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