Cricket in India has lost its Sheen

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Anurag sharma said:   8 years ago
I think so, cricket receives some decline in last years due to IPL because it creates an overdose of cricket. Some stoppage of Ind vs Pak series is also responsible for the decline.

Deepika said:   8 years ago
Cricket has not lost its sheen in India and will never loose the same. Just for an example, excitement among the Indian crowd is unbelievable if there is going to happen a match in between India and Pakistan or with any other team in any tournament. People from all over India, be it of any age or caste or profession, sit along with the whole family and enjoy and support the Indian cricketers. Also love for Sachin, Kumble, Dhoni and other team members can be easily understood among people and their way to express their love and support for the team also shows that cricket is a religion for us and can never ever loose its sheen and shine and importance in India instead it will increase as the time progresses.


Priya sen said:   8 years ago
No, I don't think so. Bringing in front a current incident. The India-Bangladesh match has given a mini heart attack to each and every cricket lovers. Yes, many sports nowadays are encouraged and it should be done. Like if only people would study medical and engineering what would happen to other subjects and other streams. So each and every sport should be encouraged and should be played. Thirdly. Various cricket tournaments are held every year. Ipl has changed the view of cricket. Regarding match fixing and other corrupt means practiced in the name of cricket can never make people lose interest from this sport. The craze of cricket could be easily understood when people say about Galli cricket and show their madness when India is playing any high voltage match. This sport will never lose its sheen. But the present condition of Indian cricket team needs a bit stability and our support too.

Paritosh said:   8 years ago
Good morning to all,

Absolutely, the cricket in India has lost it's sheen because of many reasons such as fixing of matches, players in contact with bookies etc. Cricket become a new brand for players to earn money within a short time.

Cyssan said:   8 years ago
Yes, cricket in India lost its sheen.

BECAUSE of the entry of pro-kabaddi, hockey premier league and the grace on football.


Samara said:   8 years ago
Cricket is losing its sheen since few years,

> Cricketers do not play with professional spirits, they just play for the sake of money and not for their country.

> Match Fixing cases are increasing considerably.

> Instead of concentrating on their games, they are involved in endorsing a brand.

> Many cricketers are involved in cases of drugs and doping.

> IPL, instead of bringing the domestic cricket at the par of international cricket, has actually brought down its image. Most of the match fixing and bribe cases can be seen in IPL.

Ajmain Mahtab said:   8 years ago
My problem with India and cricket is simple: India dominates cricket.

That means India will only want cricket to be played between a small group of nations.

This is because they would not want to spend any extra money in the ICC for the development of cricket in other nations.

The Indian cricket board works more like a company, their sole motto is to "maximise profit".

We all know why the next World Cup is shrinking: the Associate matches are a hassle (they don't generate enough viewers) and also the so-called "quality of cricket" might be less.

But I don't wanna blame India for starting all of this, this was meant to happen.

Back in the early days, England and Australia dominated cricket, and they wanted to expand to other markets and the only market where cricket would seem to be a passion would be the South Asian market.

So, they "exported" cricket there, but they never saw the Indian juggernaut coming, and now, cricket is in a stand-still almost.

Shikhar said:   8 years ago
I think India regularly produce Good Cricketers that's why we always a Strong Nation in Cricket. Glamour already come, Money already comes, because we always a good in Cricket since winning 1983 World cup. We can't lose any sheen. It's just a glamour. Like what is Football in Brazil, Argentina etc. They are also fulfilled with glamour. Don't forget guys we smile always when India won and its only sport of Cricket where we full of emotions and we cry When India lost. We can't accept any single India loss in even any small tournament. Its shows you a lack of sheen in Indian Cricket. No never. Cricket is the biggest reason of patriotism in India like other European nations lives for their football. Cricket gives India a new and strong personality in among the whole world. I requested to every Indian parent to Encourage their Child in Sports also. Because we need more Sachin, Dhyanchand, Vishwanath Anand, Bhaichung Bhutia. THANX.

Kush said:   8 years ago
No, now the condition is changed Indian cricket is not sheen. Now for Indians cricket play an important role in entertainment and economy because many cricketers take many of their bats or accessories purchased from India and that was the good thing for Indian economy. Now cricket gives us entertainment by different leagues played in India that types of leagues also give employment by different methods.

Sagar said:   8 years ago
I think Cricket going in India is just for Money and Entertainment. Yes, Its a Sport not a War. But when I Do Compare between Cricketers and other sportsmen of other Sports. I thought what's the problem in other sports, why we struggling for One Fifa World CUP, why we struggling for one gold medal in Olympics. BECAUSE we are totally crazy about Cricket. Yes, Indian Cricket is now the powerhouse of World Cricket it's good for Every Indians. But now the time has come to make strong COMMAND in other Sports also. Future of Indian Cricket is Excellent no doubt about that, it's time to make India proud in other Sports also especially in Football. I humbly requested to my Government and Sports Administrators in India. To bring such policy for players that they make not only India proud but also increase their Income.

At last, I totally Agree with Shikar what he wrote Excellent good bro!

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