Cricket in India has lost its Sheen

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Aniket said:   6 years ago
Yes, I do believe that Cricket in India has lost its sheen. It has happened because of the hectic playing seasons all throughout the year. Earlier what used to happen was that the viewers got to watch their teams play in 8 to 9 months a year. So, there always had a nice gap between successive series. It has happened since the introduction of t20I's, but it didn't lost its sheen from day 1.

But it actually started from the year 2012 as t20I's became a regular scenario. Adding onto that the globilsation & bussinesship of both the viewers as well as the cricket world. Eventually, the leagues like IPL, Big Bash, Intl. T20's & other leagues have made the game only boring. Despite the fact that both batsmen and bowlers have become much smarter and innovative; the 'brownness' of flat pitches, the lost seam of dues balls being replaced by kookaburas and the all important improvement of bat alongwith small boundaries has made the game look daunting.

Also, the commentators are only professional while doing their job and it looks as if even they are not interested in the game too ; making the game fade away.

Prasad said:   7 years ago
Introducing T20 tournaments like Big Bash, IPL, BPL etc. , in cricket environment is a curse in disguise. Yes, these tournaments has increased the viewership of T20 cricket all over the world. It also gave valuable budding players to many countries especially to India (bumrah, chahal, kuldeep, pandya). But the main problem is that it has decreased the interest on longer formats to many people. People have been accustomed to this shorter formats. This format revolves around money which is luring many talented players to go for illegal activities like betting and degrading this gentlemen game from the view of general public.

The actaul essence of game which is enjoyed through Tests and ODIs has been missed due to the introduction of these domestic T20 leagues.

Aniket Sangar said:   7 years ago
There are many players who do spot-fixing and spoil THE INDIAN CRICKET. There is a lot of money in IPL tournament and players don't play in the wc as money is there in these type of tournaments.

Salman khan said:   7 years ago
There are many reasons but The biggest reason is money.

International cricket is just a business nowadays.

And the truth is international cricket starts become boring since 2007.

Other reasons are.

1. retirement of old cricketers.
2. improvement of bats, flat pitches, most of the rules are favours in batsman that's why the game will be totally one sided and nothing left for bowlers. cricketers have a lack of skills because of shitty IPL and other t20 tournaments. icons and interface also suck (google it and compare today's star sports channel icon with old star sports icon).

The list goes on and on.

Sarthak Gothwal said:   7 years ago
I guess people don't have much time to watch 5 day test matches. Even ODI's are too long to watch and still there are 4 test matches and 5 ODI's? we can focus more on international T20's. Cricket always have a Good national audience so why not T20's ? why too much matches of clubs T20 like IPL. I guess there is hardly any T20 tri-series. People love the sport they watch and play. And Indian gully cricket is mostly of less limited overs so I guess it's high time to promote international T20's. You can see the success of 2016 T20 world cup.

Rodney said:   7 years ago
As an Outsider from Australia. We see that ICC and IPL need a more defined direction. The ICC which to me is predominately controlled by India is totally focused on what is happening in India and has no defined plans to promote the Test match games internationally with the media groups. They are dicating the terms. IPL and T20 have their own adgender and only interested in short term profit. Aust has the right plan between T20 and Test matches and it is about time the Indian Cricket Board take it seriously. And not let IPL and T20 destroy Test matches.

Jatin said:   7 years ago
Yes, cricket in India has lost its sheen and according to me one of the reasons is the steady timing of the test and ODI as lifestyles of people has changed and there is a drastic decrease in the number of people who spare their time for long hours watching the match.

T20 form has given cricket a height as large number of people are the one who watch cricket for enjoyment apart from their love for the game.

Moreover, practices like match fixing and their drivers (bookies) have also performed their part in lowering sheen of cricket.

Satya Prakash said:   7 years ago
1) It is because everyone scoring hundred these days.

2) Hitting sixes has become easy.

3) Value of bowler has decreased. Green pitches, swing rarely seen.

4) pitches designed to make 350 runs+.

All these things has decreased quality of fight.

Muhammad ajeer said:   8 years ago
We want cricket like football in number of playing countries and an entry to the Olympics. But the nature of cricket is against.

The real cricket is test matches, but the 5 days duration is a big problem and ODI s are also long in duration. But 3 hrs T20 is ok, but T20 destroyed the beauty of the cricket. So we want to combine test and ODI in a T20 format. So in a team only 4 batsmen allowed to bat, I mean if 3 wickets are gone the team is all out.

Can you agree with me? Sorry for my bad English.

Subrata Rath said:   8 years ago
Yes, cricket in India lost its sheen.

BECAUSE of the entry of football.

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