Cricket in India has lost its Sheen

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KUMAR ABHISHEK said:   1 decade ago
There are lots of point in favor of this topic but I am providing you few points here:

1. Cricket has become a medium of business for the richer people in India after IPL.

2. All the owner of cricket (IPL) are the man whose both feet are in swamp of corruption.

3. Has become a platform of money laundering.

4. Under world is getting more money by match-fixing especially (D-GROUP).

5. All the match what we see is 80% fixed means we are watching a fake game the fate of every match is pre decided.

6. This is increasing gambling in poor country like India every where you can see at school, pubs, village, even if at police station also.

7. Many IPL owner has said that they will promote as will bring the economic condition of India at better level but never did all their black money are becoming white money.

8. TRP rate of IPL is decreasing per year this shows that fame and popularity of has gone.

Samara said:   8 years ago
Cricket is losing its sheen since few years,

> Cricketers do not play with professional spirits, they just play for the sake of money and not for their country.

> Match Fixing cases are increasing considerably.

> Instead of concentrating on their games, they are involved in endorsing a brand.

> Many cricketers are involved in cases of drugs and doping.

> IPL, instead of bringing the domestic cricket at the par of international cricket, has actually brought down its image. Most of the match fixing and bribe cases can be seen in IPL.

Aniket said:   6 years ago
Yes, I do believe that Cricket in India has lost its sheen. It has happened because of the hectic playing seasons all throughout the year. Earlier what used to happen was that the viewers got to watch their teams play in 8 to 9 months a year. So, there always had a nice gap between successive series. It has happened since the introduction of t20I's, but it didn't lost its sheen from day 1.

But it actually started from the year 2012 as t20I's became a regular scenario. Adding onto that the globilsation & bussinesship of both the viewers as well as the cricket world. Eventually, the leagues like IPL, Big Bash, Intl. T20's & other leagues have made the game only boring. Despite the fact that both batsmen and bowlers have become much smarter and innovative; the 'brownness' of flat pitches, the lost seam of dues balls being replaced by kookaburas and the all important improvement of bat alongwith small boundaries has made the game look daunting.

Also, the commentators are only professional while doing their job and it looks as if even they are not interested in the game too ; making the game fade away.

Anuj chauhan said:   9 years ago
Yes cricket in India has lost it's sheen. Because of many reason:

1. Due to selector, because selector select only those player that has some acquaintance with selector. Like Stuart Binny & Roger Binny.

2. Due to retirement of great player like Sachin, Zaheer, Sehwag.

3. So many match per year.

4. Due to match fixing like scam in IPL.

5. Some player playing for his self interest not for country.

6. Due to ban on India vs Pakistan match.

Prasad said:   7 years ago
Introducing T20 tournaments like Big Bash, IPL, BPL etc. , in cricket environment is a curse in disguise. Yes, these tournaments has increased the viewership of T20 cricket all over the world. It also gave valuable budding players to many countries especially to India (bumrah, chahal, kuldeep, pandya). But the main problem is that it has decreased the interest on longer formats to many people. People have been accustomed to this shorter formats. This format revolves around money which is luring many talented players to go for illegal activities like betting and degrading this gentlemen game from the view of general public.

The actaul essence of game which is enjoyed through Tests and ODIs has been missed due to the introduction of these domestic T20 leagues.

Varun said:   9 years ago
Yes. I do believe that the popularity of cricket in India is diminishing. The main reason being, many people have quit watching cricket due to the retirement of great players like Sachin, Dravid, Laxman etc few other reasons which I noticed are.

1. In the last two decades, cricket could not add any more countries and on the other side, many prominent cricketing nations are now struggling to continue the game. This has lead to a precarious situation where only 5-6 nations are playing quality cricket now. Also its boring to watch same countries play the game among themselves too often.

2. In 90's and 2000's, we used to have lots of local tournaments in small towns and villages, which have now shrunk to very few in the recent past. These local tournaments played a very significant role in keeping the popularity of cricket intact in the past.

3. Time nowadays, people can not spend 7-8 hours to watch on day internationals, let alone test cricket. T20 matches is a solution for this problem, but the quality of cricket, especially bowling has considerably gone down in this format.

4. Signs of emergence of other sports in India. It should not be overseen that the new brand of football (ISL) and Kabaddi (Pro kabaddi league) are able to attract viewers. In any field, emergence of one will always be at the cost of another one. Here, if aforesaid sports are going to gain popularity, it will be at the cost of cricket only.

Satya Prakash said:   7 years ago
1) It is because everyone scoring hundred these days.

2) Hitting sixes has become easy.

3) Value of bowler has decreased. Green pitches, swing rarely seen.

4) pitches designed to make 350 runs+.

All these things has decreased quality of fight.

Arjun Singh said:   1 decade ago
Yes cricket in India has lost its sheen because they rely on commercialization of cricket rather than playing cricket with professional spirits. Now players are more interested in playing IPL rather playing for their country. Friends it seems that cricket in India is loosing its glamour. Because of cricket being played throughout the whole year now people are becoming little bit bored of it.

Earlier, cricketers such as kapil dev. Used to play for their country, their team and not just for their self interest. No doubt, today also players play for raising the name of India, but half of their spirits are influenced by money. It is not their real performance.

Arjun said:   1 decade ago
Yes, I really think cricket in India has lost its popularity over many years. Earlier, cricketers such as kapil dev, dilip vengaskar etc. Used to play for their country, their team and not just for their self interest. No doubt, today also players play for raising the name of India, but half of their spirits are influenced by money. It is not their real performance.

Nowadays, annually played IPL has been dominating over the cricketers, . They play for endorsing various brands and sort of linking themselves to the reel life. Cricket has not just remained cricket in the hearts of the players as well as the fans. But merely a COMMERCIALIZATION ART.

Ishaan Tiwari said:   1 decade ago
I think cricket in India is losing its sheen. Now players are more interested in playing IPL rather playing for their country. Frequent T20 matches has given a toll to injuries to key players of our national team which was the main reason of worst defeat ever in england recently.

I would not blame to players but to management. They don't give rest to the players when needed and I think their should be some rotation of players in the team for some specific interval of time so they get enough time for rest and new players get chance too. Players should be encouraged to play international cricket for their country but not merely for the clubs of IPL. They should be encouraged to make cricketing spirit alive. Selectors should be former players but not politicians like ravi shukla or pawar.

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