Cricket in India has lost its Sheen

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Yashesh said:   1 decade ago
Cricket is considered as a sport for players and for viewers. However, more than cricket, cricket is consider as a business for all those directly or indirectly associated with it. It brings tremendous amount of money to the government via side business like hotel industry, tourism, advertising agencies, etc. We always had DLF IPL, hero cup, etc. So cricket in India will never lose its sheen.

Yashesh said:   1 decade ago
Cricket in India is day by day becoming more enthusiastic and more thrilling. The introduction of successful IPL seasons have lead the Indian team to won ICC twenty-20 cup, followed by historic records by Indian cricket team and finally 28 years long awaited world cup. Cricket is in fact gradually gaining sheen day by day.

Sahil Goswami said:   1 decade ago
Cricket in India may be called partial. It is because many deserving players from many parts of the country does not gets chance to play. But if the selectors select the best players who once did great for the Indian team might steer India out of this trouble. For example : Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, Irfan Pathan, etc.

Ravi said:   1 decade ago
At that time when british used to rule over the country, there was no scope for cricket, from that time to nowadays, cricket has gained its popularity. It's popularity increasing day by day, as we can see in any field when anyone gains popularity, there may be some drawback, same things is applicable in cricket also, nowadays after become popular, cricketer are more concerned towards the money instead of game. And there are drawback in management also, they make a calender in which player have to play a lot of throughout the year, in this way it looses it's shine, so management should keep all these things in mind and try to make a calender as per requirement. So lastly we can say that cricket has not looses it's sheen and it will not loose if all the above things will be in progress.

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