Cricket in India has lost its Sheen

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Varun said:   9 years ago
Yes. I do believe that the popularity of cricket in India is diminishing. The main reason being, many people have quit watching cricket due to the retirement of great players like Sachin, Dravid, Laxman etc few other reasons which I noticed are.

1. In the last two decades, cricket could not add any more countries and on the other side, many prominent cricketing nations are now struggling to continue the game. This has lead to a precarious situation where only 5-6 nations are playing quality cricket now. Also its boring to watch same countries play the game among themselves too often.

2. In 90's and 2000's, we used to have lots of local tournaments in small towns and villages, which have now shrunk to very few in the recent past. These local tournaments played a very significant role in keeping the popularity of cricket intact in the past.

3. Time nowadays, people can not spend 7-8 hours to watch on day internationals, let alone test cricket. T20 matches is a solution for this problem, but the quality of cricket, especially bowling has considerably gone down in this format.

4. Signs of emergence of other sports in India. It should not be overseen that the new brand of football (ISL) and Kabaddi (Pro kabaddi league) are able to attract viewers. In any field, emergence of one will always be at the cost of another one. Here, if aforesaid sports are going to gain popularity, it will be at the cost of cricket only.

Anonymous said:   1 decade ago
Hello everyone,

I, personally feel, that the cricket in India has actually lost its sheen, after the advent of IPL (Indian Premiere League). All the cricketers are looking to come under limelight in collaboration with media i.e. films, television etc. Which is seriously not a good thing indeed. Well, media and cricket altogether, forms a different concept, both comes under different categories. With IPL making its presence felt, no cricketer is showing more seriousness towards their own game and instead, running behind money, which in similar, they find themselves trapped under spot fixing and other scams being involved.

IPL, though being comes under entertaining one, still we cannot say such form of cricket as a real cricket. Real Cricket has actually lost its shine for two main reasons. Firstly, being so slow which nowadays many people find it hard to digest and secondly not enough business being involved under it. But, still, I still consider this form of cricket as an entertaining part rather than IPL form.

IPL has made the cricket fast lane and enjoyable and still under rust and temporary form of cricket which, someday, it would move down because of conspiracies involved in it. I still have a hope that, someday, in the mid of 21st century, real cricket will actually find its place better than the other forms.

Sandesh Patil said:   10 years ago
Real issue here is not money. I don't think there is anything wrong in making money. That is right of professionals. If we look at Football then footballers in Europe earn 10 times more than what cricketers do in India. If you consider any field then top 15 or 20 professionals of that field are highly paid people.

Issue here is that there is nothing new in it. If I consider IPL matches then every match is replica of some other match. There are very few unique results left due to over Cricket. Now days hitting 6 on the last bowl while chasing is achievable which was not possible 10 years back. Spectators have seen everything now.

Bad Wickets in India- Most of the Cricket which is being played in India is played on non sporting wickets. Pitches are Flat and favour only Batsmen. This has reduced competitiveness.

Number of Countries playing high level Cricket- If we see History then for last 30 years only 8 key teams are playing good quality Cricket. Standard of countries like Bangladesh, Zimbabwe has not improved.

Overall, India has developed but with flaws and other countries have not developed at all. This has reduced competitiveness of the game and hence Cricket has lost its glory.

Shaikh Irshad said:   1 decade ago
Now day's cricket is one of one game who playing in huge number, yes. Cricket is popular in all over the world. The new generation is also interesting to play cricket, the n number of cricket we can see in India, Pakistan, South Africa, Newzland, west indies, Australia, England this country is playing cricket in huge number. Cricket has come from England. The cricket game is called as the game of England but now this game is playing in every country. The rank who playing in large amount.

India is the first rank who who playing in large amount in India the cricket is play as national game. The god of cricket is Sachin Tendulkar. In previous day's cricket format like test for 5 days which could be play with white ball with wight dress. And one day matches could for 50 over. Now's day the new format of cricket is T20 which play for 20 over. This T20 format is playing as a ipl, bpl, ppl, epl, apl, npl, just like that and this T20 cricket format is become the source of earning. With the help of this game now crickets earn money not also cricket but but also politician is become a reach person with help of cricket.

Aniket said:   6 years ago
Yes, I do believe that Cricket in India has lost its sheen. It has happened because of the hectic playing seasons all throughout the year. Earlier what used to happen was that the viewers got to watch their teams play in 8 to 9 months a year. So, there always had a nice gap between successive series. It has happened since the introduction of t20I's, but it didn't lost its sheen from day 1.

But it actually started from the year 2012 as t20I's became a regular scenario. Adding onto that the globilsation & bussinesship of both the viewers as well as the cricket world. Eventually, the leagues like IPL, Big Bash, Intl. T20's & other leagues have made the game only boring. Despite the fact that both batsmen and bowlers have become much smarter and innovative; the 'brownness' of flat pitches, the lost seam of dues balls being replaced by kookaburas and the all important improvement of bat alongwith small boundaries has made the game look daunting.

Also, the commentators are only professional while doing their job and it looks as if even they are not interested in the game too ; making the game fade away.

Shikar said:   8 years ago
I think Cricket become an Entertainment than Sport in India because of IPL. I don't know Why IPL played every year? We say Indian Cricket got the new talent like Hardik Pandya or Manish Pandey etc, etc. Is 20 over matches is Enough to prove all the talent in players? Where is our Ranji Trophy, Devdhar trophy? Everybody Knows that IPL is not the pure league. But still we Watch every match of IPL isn't right? See the schedule of IPL, is always around one and half month why?What it's Importance, What it's target? I requested to BCCI that pleases make more strong Indian Cricket, not World Cricket.

ADD MORE DOMESTIC TOURNAMENTS such as Ranji or Devdhar trophy you definitely found a new talent. Indian Cricket doesn't need any type of leagues such as IPL. Increase local Indian Tournaments that was happening till before 2008. IPL is not any Indian tournament it's just Entertainment. YES, OUR FOOTBALL NEED An ISL TYPE LEAGUE Because we are still mad in Football not only in FIFA ranking but also in MONEY. But Indian Cricket doesn't need any type of IPL types Cheap Worst Leagues.

Vaughan said:   9 years ago
Hi, my name is Vaughan and I am South African and please allow me to express my thoughts on this matter. I don't think Indian cricket has lost its sheen. India has one of the best batting line-ups in world cricket, and it would be the best if they can consistently master the fast and bouncy pitches of Aussie and SA. A solution to this would be that some Indian players come over and play domestic cricket in these 2 countries for 2 to 3 years.

The bowling department is where the problems are at the moment, and I think if you can get another Zaheer Khan that can swing it at 140 kph, then India will be back as a serious force to be reckoned with, even outside the subcontinent. Another Harbhajan Singh and another good intelligent seamer and the bowling department will be stacked.

One does not need bowlers that bowl at 150kph. Even Dale Steyn and Morkel used to consistently bowl at 150-155 in domestic cricket, and now they have dropped by about 10 kph and bowl more intelligently. Remember, the slower Glenn M cGrath became, the more successful he became.


Ajmain Mahtab said:   8 years ago
My problem with India and cricket is simple: India dominates cricket.

That means India will only want cricket to be played between a small group of nations.

This is because they would not want to spend any extra money in the ICC for the development of cricket in other nations.

The Indian cricket board works more like a company, their sole motto is to "maximise profit".

We all know why the next World Cup is shrinking: the Associate matches are a hassle (they don't generate enough viewers) and also the so-called "quality of cricket" might be less.

But I don't wanna blame India for starting all of this, this was meant to happen.

Back in the early days, England and Australia dominated cricket, and they wanted to expand to other markets and the only market where cricket would seem to be a passion would be the South Asian market.

So, they "exported" cricket there, but they never saw the Indian juggernaut coming, and now, cricket is in a stand-still almost.

Abhilash said:   9 years ago


Cricket in India has lost its Sheen is not correct in my view, every game has their value, when we realize that value? In India there are lot of games are present but today cricket is most popular game in India why? only reason for this is ours mind we promote cricket more than any other game "Hockey is our national game what we can do for Hockey, Cricket players got more time rewards than a Hockey player get, I just ask one question how players in Hockey India you know according to me I know 3 players, legend Dhyan chand, captain Sardar sigh, I know one more name Sreejesh (goalkeeper) because I'm also a keralite.

Indian cricket is moves on top most level we got ICC World cup after 27 years in the case of IPL there are lot of corruption take place beside that our new generation or our youngsters got more opportunities. India got more revenue from this mode. Due to these reason I can definitely say India has no lost its sheen.

Vikas Kumar Pandey said:   1 decade ago
In my opinion on the "Cricket in India has lost its Sheen is No. I think Cricket in every Indians has in blood because children know about this game from the primary teacher (Parents). In India When child born after some day his relatives give to ball for play.

If we talk about the domestic level of this game some people this game for the pleasure and some play for the keep their body fit and some wants to play in international level. So the future of this game is bright.

In this game consists 11 players in one team India a largest country a number of people are playing this game. IPL is a one source where domestic players get a chance to play with international level player.

Everything is associated with each other if a player is doing hard work toward the game that's why he got a chance to play there. After doing hard work every person think that results must positive.

They are earning name fame and money because they deserve for that.

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