Cricket in India has lost its Sheen

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Deepika said:   7 years ago
Cricket has not lost its sheen in India and will never loose the same. Just for an example, excitement among the Indian crowd is unbelievable if there is going to happen a match in between India and Pakistan or with any other team in any tournament. People from all over India, be it of any age or caste or profession, sit along with the whole family and enjoy and support the Indian cricketers. Also love for Sachin, Kumble, Dhoni and other team members can be easily understood among people and their way to express their love and support for the team also shows that cricket is a religion for us and can never ever loose its sheen and shine and importance in India instead it will increase as the time progresses.


Cyssan said:   7 years ago
Yes, cricket in India lost its sheen.

BECAUSE of the entry of pro-kabaddi, hockey premier league and the grace on football.


Vaughan said:   9 years ago
Hi, my name is Vaughan and I am South African and please allow me to express my thoughts on this matter. I don't think Indian cricket has lost its sheen. India has one of the best batting line-ups in world cricket, and it would be the best if they can consistently master the fast and bouncy pitches of Aussie and SA. A solution to this would be that some Indian players come over and play domestic cricket in these 2 countries for 2 to 3 years.

The bowling department is where the problems are at the moment, and I think if you can get another Zaheer Khan that can swing it at 140 kph, then India will be back as a serious force to be reckoned with, even outside the subcontinent. Another Harbhajan Singh and another good intelligent seamer and the bowling department will be stacked.

One does not need bowlers that bowl at 150kph. Even Dale Steyn and Morkel used to consistently bowl at 150-155 in domestic cricket, and now they have dropped by about 10 kph and bowl more intelligently. Remember, the slower Glenn M cGrath became, the more successful he became.


Sandesh Patil said:   9 years ago
Real issue here is not money. I don't think there is anything wrong in making money. That is right of professionals. If we look at Football then footballers in Europe earn 10 times more than what cricketers do in India. If you consider any field then top 15 or 20 professionals of that field are highly paid people.

Issue here is that there is nothing new in it. If I consider IPL matches then every match is replica of some other match. There are very few unique results left due to over Cricket. Now days hitting 6 on the last bowl while chasing is achievable which was not possible 10 years back. Spectators have seen everything now.

Bad Wickets in India- Most of the Cricket which is being played in India is played on non sporting wickets. Pitches are Flat and favour only Batsmen. This has reduced competitiveness.

Number of Countries playing high level Cricket- If we see History then for last 30 years only 8 key teams are playing good quality Cricket. Standard of countries like Bangladesh, Zimbabwe has not improved.

Overall, India has developed but with flaws and other countries have not developed at all. This has reduced competitiveness of the game and hence Cricket has lost its glory.

Dhananjay Jadhav said:   8 years ago
I'm 20 year old guy. I used to be a huge cricket fan. I cried out loud when India had lost, and screamed like an idiot when India had won. I had cricket emotionally attached to me. But I don't know why I have lost interest in cricket.

Maybe that's due to the retirement of legends, or maybe Indian team have achieved everything there is to achieve, or maybe my increasing interest in football. But it's true that Indian cricket is starting to lose its sheen.

Salman khan said:   6 years ago
There are many reasons but The biggest reason is money.

International cricket is just a business nowadays.

And the truth is international cricket starts become boring since 2007.

Other reasons are.

1. retirement of old cricketers.
2. improvement of bats, flat pitches, most of the rules are favours in batsman that's why the game will be totally one sided and nothing left for bowlers. cricketers have a lack of skills because of shitty IPL and other t20 tournaments. icons and interface also suck (google it and compare today's star sports channel icon with old star sports icon).

The list goes on and on.

Subrata Rath said:   7 years ago
Yes, cricket in India lost its sheen.

BECAUSE of the entry of football.

Sagar said:   7 years ago
I think Cricket going in India is just for Money and Entertainment. Yes, Its a Sport not a War. But when I Do Compare between Cricketers and other sportsmen of other Sports. I thought what's the problem in other sports, why we struggling for One Fifa World CUP, why we struggling for one gold medal in Olympics. BECAUSE we are totally crazy about Cricket. Yes, Indian Cricket is now the powerhouse of World Cricket it's good for Every Indians. But now the time has come to make strong COMMAND in other Sports also. Future of Indian Cricket is Excellent no doubt about that, it's time to make India proud in other Sports also especially in Football. I humbly requested to my Government and Sports Administrators in India. To bring such policy for players that they make not only India proud but also increase their Income.

At last, I totally Agree with Shikar what he wrote Excellent good bro!

Paritosh said:   7 years ago
Good morning to all,

Absolutely, the cricket in India has lost it's sheen because of many reasons such as fixing of matches, players in contact with bookies etc. Cricket become a new brand for players to earn money within a short time.

Navneet bhardwaj said:   1 decade ago
Yes cricket in india has lost its sheen because they rely on commercialization of cricket rather than playing cricket with professional spirits. Several cricketers have got addicted to huge paychecks rather than performance. People from political background and other bureaucrats are holding stakes in teams much hyped Indian Premier League. I think Cricket in India needs true Performance of all cricketers rather than showing of their brand endorsement. Senior and Junior Crickets should have equal contracts and paychecks, and Cricket Board should have transparency for running cricket in India. they should also utilize their money for developing vrious cricket stadium and should be on competition on par with Australia and should provide best sporting facilities and equipments for all cricketers.

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