Cricket in India has lost its Sheen

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Mitesh Chauhan said:   1 decade ago
In India also most favorite game, which many peaple show cricket game and enjoy. Our national game is hokey but they do not get popularity similar cricket game. When indian people show this game, they also get more and more spark for our brightness.Hokey is ourr national game,but this game do not get mor popularity.

When cricket is show in TV, many company give add in tv channel. So,our country get money and our company's industry also groth whicch most benifit is our country. What is meaning about losss of our country sheen? This is completly wrong. This game is only for enjoy. So we do not get perfectly chance.many people do not west your time for cricket. When people show this game just for enjoy, this not meaning this game is west of country sheen.

Ashok said:   1 decade ago
No. Cricket didn't lose it's sheen in India, not only in India but also in the world. Day by day it is bring up like sea waves. In olden days no one know about the cricket but nowadays even a little fella playing and watching cricket. If you ask anyone 'What is your favorite game?'. No doubt absolutely 90% of people will say 'Cricket'.

These are few examples how the cricket is evoking. If Cricket introduced in Olympics, Cricket will dominate the Soccer. In future every country participate in cricket. Even though it has some defects it's a wonderful game.

Arjunan said:   1 decade ago
hey what is this???????????you are praising the players when they win the the same time you are criticizing the players when they lost the match...players need encouragement when they are in sad time ....please all our indian players are best please don't tease them.......

Navneet bhardwaj said:   1 decade ago
Yes cricket in india has lost its sheen because they rely on commercialization of cricket rather than playing cricket with professional spirits. Several cricketers have got addicted to huge paychecks rather than performance. People from political background and other bureaucrats are holding stakes in teams much hyped Indian Premier League. I think Cricket in India needs true Performance of all cricketers rather than showing of their brand endorsement. Senior and Junior Crickets should have equal contracts and paychecks, and Cricket Board should have transparency for running cricket in India. they should also utilize their money for developing vrious cricket stadium and should be on competition on par with Australia and should provide best sporting facilities and equipments for all cricketers.

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