Can One Contribute to the Social Sector while Being Employed in the Corporate World?

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Supriya said:   9 years ago
I think yes its possible for one to contribute to the social sector while being employed in the corporate sector. Today there are so many sources (NGO) through which, any desirable person whether he is a private sector employee or public sector employee, must help poor and un-affordable person and children.

Today there are so many NGOs working towards social sector. So, by denoting money, our knowledge to that children who can't afford it, is possible. I think, the matter most is that one must have great devotion and dedication to work for social sector. That's the best way to contribute towards the development of our this very MOTHER INDIA.

Thank you.

Debarun Roy said:   9 years ago
Yes I feel that a person can definitely contribute to the social sector. The reason is that because we live in a more empowered and knowledgeable world now. Our ancestors were not considered so lucky to have all the facilities that we enjoy today. And I also feel that after a while a person needs to think for the society as a whole. As because humans are part of a social colony and a man can attain the greatest pedestal of satisfaction. I would like to end with a quote as "The greatest joy lies in helping others".

Haribabu said:   10 years ago
Working on a corporate is only the state of a person. Actually what decides is the state of the mind. If a person is having heart to contribute there are so many ways you can contribute to society like monetary, mentoring and guiding, being role model, understanding others etc.

M.V.KRISHNA/Palvoncha said:   10 years ago
Dear All,

According to me, the corporate world doesn't mean, the people working in Private Organizations, Corporate companies like MNCs. It means group of people working together for their individual growth and Contribution to the Social Sector doesn't mean simply donating our money, clothes, food. To poor, orphans, old., these are a part of social service.

The individual have to understand the need of society at that point of time and should take responsibility in fulfilling the requirement. Each and every individual should have some responsibility to the society irrespective of age, gender, income. Without expecting anything in return from society. How the individuals thinks of their basic needs and fulfill them in accordance with time. Likewise they have to think about the society and should do the needful within their capability.

Mayank said:   10 years ago
One can totally contribute to the social sector while being employed in the Corporate World. Various companies have a separate CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) Division which focuses on taking up activities meant for the benefit of the masses, i.e, the social sector. For e.g. Coca Cola provides for the education of thousands of people through its CSR campaign.

What matters is the will from within to force a change. Even if you are in the corporate world and have compassion for the people you'll end up doing a lot for the needy and thus contribute to their development.

Guruprasad said:   1 decade ago
Depends, you know when a person fix a goal like earning more profit, increasing sales it is very difficult to respond to social needs. If he respond then he made to sacrifice some benefits like more profit.

SANJAY KUMAR SAHU said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends, as we all know that we all are social human being, especially indians leaves on emotion like soft corner for underprivileged, orphans, poor and physically challenged, so if we we convert our emotion into commitment for all of them, then only we can think and feel that yes really I am human being. We have so many ex. As role model like TATA, ITC, Salman khan and many more who is serving to all society, although they are also a part of so called "CORPORATE".


Ashwani Agarwal said:   1 decade ago
While being employed in the the corporate world, it's a responsibility of person to contribute to the social sector. Man being a social animal can attain satisfaction only after contributing to society.

To celebrate one's success alone does not provide him happiness, when celebrated with others utopia is experienced.

Formation of various NGOs is a pragmatic example of how the corporate sector contributes to the social sector. The benefactor of these social organization is always a corporate employee.

The initiative by the top business tycoon such as Bill Gates, is a metamorphosis in the corporate industry, which is encouraging more tycoons to walk on the same footprints.

Himani said:   1 decade ago
Yes, I totally agree with it. Because it is not necessary that is one who are working in corporate sector can not work for their society is you have time for earning money then you should also works for those who need your support. Society is that environment where you actually live, then what's the wrong with that. Many times people just give a common excuse that they don't have time for all those work but I don't think that it needs your 24 hr or your working hour but at least you can give your 2 to 3 hr in your weekend days. Because one live in society and afterall Human is a social element so one can contribute some for society also.

Atul Ray said:   1 decade ago
Yes, I am totally agree with this that anyone from the Corporate society can contribute his/her bit towards the society in various ways. Like you can invest your time with the people who are less privileged, talk to them understand their problems and help them either financially or morally. The list of work with which you can contribute towards society are endless. You can create awareness in villages about various social issues, importance of education which leads them towards a successful and healthy life. More important, for doing this you don't have to take leave from work, you can accomplish those things on weekends as most of the corporate working days are for 5 days only.

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