Can One Contribute to the Social Sector while Being Employed in the Corporate World?

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DINESH DWIVEDI said:   8 years ago
Hello Friends,

Yes, I also agree with you all that one can contribute to the social sector while being employed in the Corporate World. The main thing is that there should be a thought regarding the contribution to the social sector. If one is not even thinking to contribute, then how can he or she contribute? But if one is thinking to do then yes there are a lot of opportunities to do so. In India, one employed person can do his or her job for minimum 8 hours daily. He or she still has 16 hours to do any social sector job such as to contribute to any poor society or any backwards community for uplifting their lifestyle. I can give myself as an example.

Now I am studying in Engineering college. There are classes, labs, assignments, tests and many more things to do in my college as a student. But on the other hand, I ma connected to an NGO ANKURIT started by our branch seniors. Under this, we have to go to a deaf and dumb Government school. We interact with those children. Occasionally we use to organise any drawing sort of competition among them so that there will be a competition for growing rapidly. I am doing this for 2 years and I can also manage to maintain my semester aggregate 8 CGPA.

So, Yes! one can contribute to the social sector while being employed in the Corporate World.

Thank You.

Komal sharma said:   8 years ago
Yes, I would say that a person must contribute to the society as we all utilise the resources for our own benefit. The corporate people can contribute by paying if their taxes on time and paying them honestly providing funds to the society and to the non-profit organizations also.

Savitha said:   8 years ago
Social service is what a individual contribute for the society. So if he's concerned about the society and want to do something for the society he'll definitely take out time for the same and serve the society irrespective of being in a corporate world. Considering the monetary part, for doing any social service don't mean that there should be a financial contribution for the same, cleaning your surroundings, roads and parks doesn't make you loose some money rather it gives a message of civic sense among society similarly filling a poverty stricken child's tummy even for one time doesn't make you loose your valuables.

We are living in a society where a simple middle class and single bread earner contributes each day in similar manner daily without any complain but with a higher level of satisfaction. So your work being hindrance to your social work is vague.

SHIVA PRASAD said:   8 years ago
Hii everyone,

I am totally against of this topic I don't think that the person belonging to the corporate world will have that to contribute to the social environment because nowadays the people belonging to the corporate world think that this silly thing are not their piece work thew only come to the place where they can get coverage and which will be beneficial.

To help the social environment you should have that much heart because when money comes nothing matters to them, the things going around the because for them its the waste of time. To help social environment means where your heart get connected not your money and mind.

Priya Agrawal said:   9 years ago
Its not that one who ears more should be active in social sectors can be done by the individual who know the actual meaning of rise and fall. Because tors too. Making your contribution in social sector can be done by one who knows the meaning of rise and fall.

One cannot become directly rich, he may had faced failures a number of time than achieved a success of high rate. So social sectors is not demanding the money, it means raising people to stand on the basis of their capability.

Manas said:   9 years ago
Actually mentality obliges persons to do anything rather than situation or circumstances. Not giving excuses whether he/she is working in the prestigious corporate sectors, earning money a lot, is the busiest person in the world having no time to spent for others, if he or she really wants to look out the social activities like helping poor, donating blood, concerns about environment, lot of plantains etc.

It fully depends on his attributions towards mentality. Most of the people think why do I do for others. It has become today's moto.

Anuradha Banerjee said:   9 years ago
There are many people in this world who does not have the mentality to contribute towards social sectors though they are employed in the corporate world. But the actual happiness lies in helping others who are really needy. If we can really contribute some to the society we can improve poverty level of India a little bit.

Gurmeet said:   9 years ago
Hello everyone, I am Singh,

So there is topic about that one can contribute to social sector while being the employed of corporate sector, why not, yes there is so many way to help the society where we are living.

To become a human being is not only way that donate the money, there are so many other way to contribute in social work like you can help poor children with teach them, if anyone have problem do help them.

Agraja said:   9 years ago
Hi all,

In my opinion for the the development of a country we need money. Money is contributed by corporate sector. If more number of corporate sectors arise, the more people become employed. As a result of employment poverty can be alienated to an extent. If we promote more number of corporate sectors our country will soon become developed from a developing nation.

Taking Gujarat as an instance, years ago Gujarat was really bashed up in the quake. But now it has become more facilitated than any other states. Its only due to the corporate world.

Gayathri Krishnan said:   9 years ago
Hello everyone,

To be frank, It is not possible for many. Most of the people in corporate are under pressure and are depressed. They don't have time to spend for their family and friends and we cannot expect them to do social work. But, if a person is emotionally intelligent and if he/she is self-motivated, he/she could definitely do it.

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