Can One Contribute to the Social Sector while Being Employed in the Corporate World?

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Bloomy Nitya said:   6 years ago
Hey guys,

According to me, it is desirable that one should contribute to the social sector while being employed in the corporate world. But practically, working in a corporate environment makes a person little selfish. Generally, people work in corporate with the motive of earning profit. So at some point, they neglect the society if they get a chance to earn huge profit. If one wants and is willing, he can surely contribute to the social sector. It's just the difference in the mindset of the people. Some are all about money and money, but some people do actually care about the society they live in. So no matter they are in corporate sector or any other sector, they will try to contribute towards the society.

Rahul Kumar ( AEC ) said:   6 years ago
Hello, everyone.

I'm Rahul Kumar.

Before putting my own view I would like to state a quote. It is 'We can be a millionaire if find out the need of the society and working on it rather than working for money'.

By this statement, I would like to state that many people have emerged as a better corporate leader just because they have found out the real scarcity of the society and then worked on them. If we talk of Amazon, Google or Apple, where they have come from? Actually, they have realised the real need of the society.

If we talk of one of the famous TV shows, SATYMEV JAYATE; What actually they are doing? They are actually depicting social issues and thereby earning huge amount of money. So here Amir khan is being employed in the corporate world as well as contributing to the social sector.

Hence, I can say that we can not be a better corporate leader until and unless our work contributes to the society.

Mayank said:   9 years ago
One can totally contribute to the social sector while being employed in the Corporate World. Various companies have a separate CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) Division which focuses on taking up activities meant for the benefit of the masses, i.e, the social sector. For e.g. Coca Cola provides for the education of thousands of people through its CSR campaign.

What matters is the will from within to force a change. Even if you are in the corporate world and have compassion for the people you'll end up doing a lot for the needy and thus contribute to their development.

Savitha said:   7 years ago
Social service is what a individual contribute for the society. So if he's concerned about the society and want to do something for the society he'll definitely take out time for the same and serve the society irrespective of being in a corporate world. Considering the monetary part, for doing any social service don't mean that there should be a financial contribution for the same, cleaning your surroundings, roads and parks doesn't make you loose some money rather it gives a message of civic sense among society similarly filling a poverty stricken child's tummy even for one time doesn't make you loose your valuables.

We are living in a society where a simple middle class and single bread earner contributes each day in similar manner daily without any complain but with a higher level of satisfaction. So your work being hindrance to your social work is vague.

Ashwin said:   1 decade ago
I too agree that corporate is a field where we rarely get time for looking upon our fellow people in society. But that must not be a hindrance in helping people through social sector.

In fact they have a greater scope since they comparatively earn more and can involve in these activities comfortably in economic point of view.

Also in addition to that many corporate like IBM have separate dates in their calender purely devoted for the welfare of various social sectors mentioned for old age, physically challenged etc, so it becomes much easier for employees of such organisation.

On a concluding note I would say that we humans are put in this world for a purpose. To make our life purposeful we need to take a step towards charity despite being employed or not in a corporate.

Thank You.

Shivani somani said:   5 years ago
Yes, one can contribute if he wants to contribute.

We can see so many examples around us like Bill gates, Ratan tata, Amitabh bachchan, Sachin, Aamir and many more. All of the above mentioned has parallelly does their prof and social work.

Not only by money, one can contribute towards the social sector by keeping environment neat and clean, not exploiting resources, not polluting, spreading harmony and brotherhood etc.

Not only the corporate world related employee but any can contribute towards social sector if he is concise about it.

Amalkiran said:   1 decade ago
If there is a will there will be a way. It is our moral responsibility to do service to our society. As we are a part of society we need to scatter our work towards society.

The hectic schedule in corporate jobs may not allow us to take part in social service actively, but we should strive hard ro do some thing to society. If we become initiator others will follw us, we should make an epoch.

Milind said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends! I think it is possible to contribute to our society by various form like donating some money to deserving person, giving your knowledge free to whom who cant afford education, by using your knowledge for improvement of our society, by spending quality time with orphanage etc. So I think at least by one way we can help to our society.

Agraja said:   8 years ago
Hi all,

In my opinion for the the development of a country we need money. Money is contributed by corporate sector. If more number of corporate sectors arise, the more people become employed. As a result of employment poverty can be alienated to an extent. If we promote more number of corporate sectors our country will soon become developed from a developing nation.

Taking Gujarat as an instance, years ago Gujarat was really bashed up in the quake. But now it has become more facilitated than any other states. Its only due to the corporate world.

Akshata said:   1 decade ago
Yes of course one can contribute to the society inspite of being in the corporate sector. A lot of corporates today have understood their responsibility toward the society and the stakeholders. companies today provide education n medical facilities to the under privilege eg. the TATA memorial hospital for cancer patients by the TATA group. They have also taken steps for pollution control by planting trees in the cities . Such measures should be taken up by more n more companies as it not only benefits the society but also brings goodwill to the organisation.

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