Can One Contribute to the Social Sector while Being Employed in the Corporate World?

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Arunav Baruah said:   9 months ago
Working in the corporate sector provides a solid platform for everyone to work for society. Through Corporate Social responsibilities one can contribute to the development of society. Corporate Sectors can contribute to promoting education for poor students, by establishing schools, colleges, etc.

As an individual working in the corporate sector, can participate in various social campaigns regarding environment, health & hygiene as well as education. It is up to the individual to think about how he or she can help the social sector & for sure ample opportunities will come out.

Aman said:   2 years ago
Good afternoon everyone,

Yes, a person employed in the corporate world can contribute to the social sector by doing various activities such as a Tree plantation drive at weekends (Saturday), also By donating blood during blood donation drives and in some cases, they can teach children living in slums where the students parent can't afford to send their childrens to school also there are various way they can contribute to the social sector such as paying taxes, use of public transport. It depends on person's value and beliefs.

Sohan said:   3 years ago
Yes, people wants to help then it no hurdles cal stop from him/her. While working in corporate sectore we also help the country by giving tax so it help in development of country. We can also do it by connecting with many non profit organisation.

Somnath Gautam Bahraich said:   3 years ago
Dear friends,

Social sector is one of the greatest Platform to serve society, where we find a chance to help poor peoples who really needy, poor people are unable to live a in society like middle class people. They dedicate their life to improve their family. They work all day then they got few money to take food for their family. This is the life cycle of poorer families. They don't thik about their children to educate them. So if we have few time then don't waste to this here and there go in remote areas and ask their problems and help them. This is the real humanism.


Shivani somani said:   6 years ago
Yes, one can contribute if he wants to contribute.

We can see so many examples around us like Bill gates, Ratan tata, Amitabh bachchan, Sachin, Aamir and many more. All of the above mentioned has parallelly does their prof and social work.

Not only by money, one can contribute towards the social sector by keeping environment neat and clean, not exploiting resources, not polluting, spreading harmony and brotherhood etc.

Not only the corporate world related employee but any can contribute towards social sector if he is concise about it.

Priyadharshini said:   6 years ago
Yes. Any person who is employed and earning can contribute to the society. Especially people who are working in the corporate sector are well known for the CSR activities. They can be responsible to the society not only by the way of helping poor or adopting a child from ashrams but also not harming the society by using the car by a single person. They can save petrol.

Anand Prasad Ram said:   7 years ago
Opposite of contribution is selfish which is fatal for human life, and contribution to the social sector. It should be. As we are a part of society we should contribute something whether whatever the position we hold. Somewhat it also will be helpful in the work.

Shilpashri said:   7 years ago
Yes! I agree one can contribute to the society as good corporate citizens, campanies should actively pursue intaitives to contribute to society like CSR activities for the welfare of society.

Bloomy Nitya said:   8 years ago
Hey guys,

According to me, it is desirable that one should contribute to the social sector while being employed in the corporate world. But practically, working in a corporate environment makes a person little selfish. Generally, people work in corporate with the motive of earning profit. So at some point, they neglect the society if they get a chance to earn huge profit. If one wants and is willing, he can surely contribute to the social sector. It's just the difference in the mindset of the people. Some are all about money and money, but some people do actually care about the society they live in. So no matter they are in corporate sector or any other sector, they will try to contribute towards the society.

Rahul Kumar ( AEC ) said:   8 years ago
Hello, everyone.

I'm Rahul Kumar.

Before putting my own view I would like to state a quote. It is 'We can be a millionaire if find out the need of the society and working on it rather than working for money'.

By this statement, I would like to state that many people have emerged as a better corporate leader just because they have found out the real scarcity of the society and then worked on them. If we talk of Amazon, Google or Apple, where they have come from? Actually, they have realised the real need of the society.

If we talk of one of the famous TV shows, SATYMEV JAYATE; What actually they are doing? They are actually depicting social issues and thereby earning huge amount of money. So here Amir khan is being employed in the corporate world as well as contributing to the social sector.

Hence, I can say that we can not be a better corporate leader until and unless our work contributes to the society.

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