Can One Contribute to the Social Sector while Being Employed in the Corporate World?

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Harsh said:   1 decade ago
It will depend on your company business or the Social organisation in which you want to involved. If both are in same group or Aim then you could not attempt social activity during your job tenure but if there are different type of Product or activity of your current organization or the Social Unit in which you want to do participate, there are no any rule who can stop you.

This is real Good thought if everybody involved in social sector then Our Social life will be improve.

Raju said:   1 decade ago
If there is Will there is way. There is no meaning in saying I don't have time. If we think well we can do lot of contribution to the society with little money, time and effort. They can paying your income tax at the right time, creating your software or website for non profit organisations and donations to the various charity sites like rotary.

As a corporate employ if you have good money you have to contribute more to the society since all money comes from the society.

If you want to contribute something to society there is no difference between corporate employ, middle-class person, poor man. Any one contribute to the society in someway in my opinion we all must do.

Susu said:   1 decade ago
Friends. You all are concentrating only on money but think of the other side. The effort and the time that can be spent for social work. It will be limiting them from doing that if a person is employed in corporate.

Soumya prakash pani said:   1 decade ago
Yes. In today's life everyone wants money but we are living in a society. We are totally dependent on our environment. So any how we have to contribute some part of us means some time to social sector.

Ashwini said:   1 decade ago
If anyone thinks to contribute in social sector he can manage it while involve in corporate world! It depends on person to person how to deal with situation means - doing job and contributing to social sector.

Theboss said:   1 decade ago
It's the mind set of person who in a corporate company.

Akshay said:   1 decade ago
Yes it is the important thing nowadays because everyone is wants only money but no social work so everyone should contribute to social sector.

Swapnil said:   1 decade ago
Yes!Its not necessary that if u are in the corporate sector then u cant contribute in social sector..u can contribute in both the sectors.....and u cant discard from social environment also...

Swagata said:   1 decade ago
Yes! And it should be...if one wishes to one should be able to. What's wrong with being a corporate employee??? You cannot discard someone from a social environment

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