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  • April 30, 2024 Current Affairs
Which tribe, living in the border areas between Andhra Pradesh (AP) and Chhattisgarh, possesses voter cards of both states for reference and proof of nativity?
Muria Tribe
Gond Tribe
Koya Tribe
Salwa Judum Tribe
Answer: Option
The Muria Tribe, living in the border areas between Andhra Pradesh (AP) and Chhattisgarh, holds voter cards from both states for reference and proof of nativity. They are an indigenous Adivasi community known for their settlements within 'India’s Red Corridor' and their progressive perspectives on various aspects of life.

Which spectrum band is COAI requesting a ban on for WiFi 6E routers in India?
2.4 GHz
5 GHz
6 GHz
8 GHz
Answer: Option
The ban on WiFi 6E routers in India is due to the illegal use of the 6 GHz spectrum band. This band is yet to be officially assigned for use, and the unauthorized use of this spectrum can lead to interference with other wireless communication devices. To maintain spectrum integrity and prevent such interference, the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) called for the ban on WiFi 6E routers utilizing the 6 GHz spectrum band.

Which institution collaborated with SVEEP to introduce the 3D-printed dummy ballot unit?
IIT Delhi
IIT Guwahati
IIT Bombay
IIT Madras
Answer: Option
The 3D-printed dummy ballot unit was introduced through a collaboration between the Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation Cell (SVEEP) of Kamrup Election District and IIT Guwahati. This innovative initiative aims to educate citizens about the voting process, boost confidence, and enhance democratic participation by providing a practical voting experience.

Which city is constructing the world's largest airport, Al Maktoum International Airport?
Answer: Option
Dubai is constructing Al Maktoum International Airport, set to be the world's largest airport with impressive capacity and infrastructure. This ambitious project reflects Dubai's commitment to innovation, global connectivity, and economic growth.

Which country is set to sign a cooperation agreement on 6G technology with a European body?
United States
Answer: Option
India is expanding cooperation on high technologies, including 6G, with the European Union under the EU-India Trade and Technology Council. The Bharat 6G Alliance, initiated by the Department of Telecommunications, signifies India's commitment to advancing 6G technology through collaboration with industry, academia, and research institutions.

Where was the model testing of the 'Ammunition Cum Torpedo Cum Missile' Barge undertaken during the design stage?
Answer: Option
The model testing of the 'Ammunition Cum Torpedo Cum Missile' Barge was conducted at the Naval Science and Technological Laboratory in Visakhapatnam. This testing is crucial during the design stage to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the barge for transport and logistics in naval operations.

When is Ayushman Bharat Diwas celebrated annually?
April 30
May 1
April 28
June 15
Answer: Option
Ayushman Bharat Diwas is celebrated every year on April 30. It aims to raise awareness about the Ayushman Bharat Yojana and its objective of providing accessible and quality healthcare services, especially to underprivileged individuals.

In which year was the Nilgiri Tahr protected under Schedule I of the Wildlife (Protection) Act?
Answer: Option
The Nilgiri Tahr was designated as an endangered species and protected under Schedule I of the Wildlife (Protection) Act in 1972. This legal protection signifies the recognition of the species' threatened status and the need for conservation efforts to safeguard its survival.

Who developed the AI-powered news anchor named Sana?
Indian Express
London Media Group
India Today Group
The Hindu Group
Answer: Option
The AI-powered news anchor named Sana was developed by India Today Group. This innovative AI technology earned recognition and awards at the International News Media Association (INMA) Global Media Awards, showcasing India Today Group's expertise in AI-driven journalism.

What type of missile is the Rampage?
Anti-aircraft defence
Air-to-ground missile
Anti-ship warfare
Surface-to-air missile
Answer: Option
The Rampage missile, recently inducted by the Indian Air Force (IAF) and Indian Navy, is a long-range supersonic air-to-ground missile. It is designed for precision strikes on ground targets, enhancing the combat capabilities of both forces. The missile's integration into the fleet of aircraft and naval fighters signifies a strategic enhancement in India's military capabilities.

On which date did the World Health Organisation (WHO) observe World Chagas Disease Day in 2024?
April 1
April 7
April 10
April 14
Answer: Option
The World Health Organisation (WHO) observed World Chagas Disease Day on April 14, 2024, with the theme "Tackling Chagas Disease: Detect Early and Care for Life." This annual event aims to raise awareness about Chagas disease, a communicable parasitic disease affecting millions globally.

Who has been appointed as the new president of the Indian Vaccine Manufacturers Association (IVMA) for the next two years, effective April 2024?
Krishna Ella
Adar C. Poonawala
Mahima Datla
T. Srinivas
Answer: Option
Krishna Ella, the co-founder and executive chairman of Bharat Biotech, has been appointed as the new president of the Indian Vaccine Manufacturers Association (IVMA) for the next two years, effective April 2024. This appointment marks a significant development in the leadership of IVMA, succeeding Adar C. Poonawala. Ella's appointment reflects the industry's focus on global health, equitable access to vaccines, and adherence to international health standards.