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Exercise : Education - Latest Current Affairs
  • Education - Latest Current Affairs
Where were 211 PM SHRI schools inaugurated by Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan and Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Vishnu Deo Sai?
Answer: Option
The inauguration of 211 PM SHRI schools in Chhattisgarh signifies a significant investment in education infrastructure aimed at providing quality education to students across the state. PM SHRI schools are part of the government's efforts to improve educational access and quality, particularly in rural and underserved areas, thereby fostering holistic development and empowering students for a brighter future.

Which Indian state has introduced the 'Bag-less School' initiative?
Madhya Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh
Answer: Option
The Madhya Pradesh government's 'Bag-less School' initiative aims to alleviate the physical strain on students by introducing clear weight limits for school bags. This policy, to be implemented once a week, reflects a proactive approach towards student welfare and holistic development, underscoring the government's commitment to innovative educational practices.

With which e-learning platform did the Andhra Pradesh government partner for higher education courses?
Khan Academy
Answer: Option
The Andhra Pradesh government partnered with edX, an e-learning platform, to offer world-class higher education courses to the youth. This agreement allows over 12 lakh students access to 2,000-plus online courses from top universities worldwide, making it a pioneering initiative in the realm of online education.

Where did the Prime Minister announce the opening of a new CBSE office during the 'Ahlan Modi' diaspora event?
Abu Dhabi
Ras Al Khaimah
Answer: Option
The Prime Minister announced the establishment of a new CBSE office in Dubai during the 'Ahlan Modi' diaspora event held in Abu Dhabi. This initiative aims to enhance educational opportunities for Indian students residing in the UAE and strengthen educational ties between the two nations.

Where was the National Conference on APAAR: One Nation One Student ID Card inaugurated by Dharmendra Pradhan held?
New Delhi
Answer: Option
The National Conference on APAAR: One Nation One Student ID Card was inaugurated by Dharmendra Pradhan, Union Minister of Education, Skill Development, and Entrepreneurship, in New Delhi. The conference aimed to highlight the significance of the APAAR ID (Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry) as a universal student identification document.